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The AG-AF100 is a professional AVCCAM Series HD camera recorder equipped with the Micro Four Thirds optical system commonly used in digital single lens still cameras. It directly accommodates Micro Four Thirds digital single lens still camera lenses, and an adaptor can be used to mount 35 mm film camera lenses and prime lenses. This lets you capture a wealth of film-like images with distinctive lens characteristics, like a shallow depth of field and an attractive soft focus. Designed for stable camera work, the AG-AF100 is packed with functions and specifications that combine comfortable operation with superb images and extended recording times. It features HD-SDI output and mic input, remote control terminals, and versatile system interfaces that you normally find only on professional camera recorders.

The AG-AF100 also offers PH mode recording to deliver optimal AVCHD image quality in multiple HD video formats — including 24p and 30p. The variable frame rate enables slow/quick motion recording. Use the AG-AF100 to produce videos with stunning image quality, such as music, promotional, TV commercial and other short productions.

A 4/3-inch Image Sensor with Digital Still Camera Technology
The same digital single lens still camera technology that’s gathering widespread attention for its innovative motion image techniques, has been applied to this camera recorder.
The 4/3-inch MOS image sensor, with an imaging area similar to that of 35 mm movies, lets you easily shoot film-like movies with the shallow depth of field and soft focus of a film camera lens.

Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount
A wide variety of lenses for Micro Four Thirds standard digital SLR cameras can be used for shooting movies. With the mount adaptor, it is also possible to mount

Extended Recording in AVCHD High-Quality PH Mode
The AVCHD recording format used by the AG-AF100 includes a professional PH mode with maximum AVCHD bit rate for stunning image quality. Two SD card slots allow continuous recording for up to 12 hours* in PH mode and up to 48 hours* in HE mode with two SD (SD/SDHC/SDXC) cards on board.
*Using two 64-GB SDXC Memory Cards.
Multi HD Format and Multi Frame Rate
SDXC Memory Card (64GB)
Comparison of image sensors Left: 4/3-inch, Right: 2/3-inch
35mm film camera lenses and prime lenses, to render images that maximize lens characteristics.

Multi HD Format and Multi Frame Rate
SDXC Memory Card (64GB)
Comparison of image sensors Left: 4/3-inch, Right: 2/3-inch
35mm film camera lenses and prime lenses, to render images that maximize lens characteristics.

The AG-AF100 records in 1080:59.94i/50i/29.97p/25p/23.98p or 720:29.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p with its multi HD format. When recording in 720p mode, you can render movie-like images with effects like slow and quick motion. The Dynamic Range Stretcher, Gamma Select and other image features have also been inherited from previous Panasonic professional camera recorders.

A Professional Design with HD-SDI, XLR and Other Interfaces
The AG-AF100 features HD-SDI output, XLR audio 2 channel input, and other interfaces that are typically found on professional camera recorders. Time code recording also supports precise video production. In addition to its compact, lightweight body, the AG-AF100’s professional camera recorder design with grip, handle and large viewfinder firmly support reliable camera work.

HDW : This is the business… finally we get a preliminary spec sheet for the AG-AF100 FilmLike camcorder from Panasonic, this spells the death of the limited love affair some of us have had with HDSLRs and I take my hat off to Canon etc…that without their intervention camcorders like this would not even be on the drawing board let alone available later this year. Personally I think this will be a biggie for Panasonic and they should be diverting all their efforts to this camera and away from 3D. The 3D market is tiny compared  to the FilmLike market which has swept the world…but beware Panasonic do not get greedy and set the price of this too high or you will loose out on a very lucrative market.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News “Panasonic AG-AF100 AVCCAM film like camcorder”

  1. Yeah but it’s the ugliest camera on the market (sorry but it is!), and 4/3 is still not 35mm, either Motion Picture or full frame. A lot of people are still eschewing the 7D in favour of the 5D because of the crop factor. This is yet another crop factor on top of that.

    And we have to wait and see what the pictures and price are like. Any word on the colour space and bit rate of the AVC Codec?

  2. I’d be really surprised if this Panny isn’t a whole head and shoulders above what the GH1 can do. The bit rate will be 50mbps or above and the circuitry will make moire and aliasing a thing of the past for large sensor video. If it’s just a 4/3rd’s cam with all the same issues, it’ll struggle to justify it’s obvious price hike over the DSLRs. I think Canon will wade into this market in late 2011 with something similar, but hopefully with the 5D MkII’s sensor.

    Fingers crossed. In the meantime i’m very happy with the results i’m getting from my Canon.. moire isn’t much of an issue when you know it’s a potential problem and shoot to avoid it. I know it’s not perfect, but we’re talking sub £1k for these cams…

    Bring on the future!

  3. Sean, I have no doubt that this camera and the one due from Sony will kick ASS when it comes to performance against the DSLRs…but as you point out sub £1k prices for cameras that seem to give you what you want will be a hard price to beat…should quality be compromised by price, not if you are looking for a tool that performs unlike the DSLR…a good idea compromised by design !

  4. Fantastic stuff….. the great points in your blog post certainly made this segment excellent…..I am greatly enjoying of it myself.There is much more latest informations are available in this post and the video clippingsa are excellent….. Thanks for the latest useful update.Keep it up!


  5. Why would you want the 5D MkII’s sensor? It’s horizontal 35mm (photography) full frame. It’s much more like VistaVision, not a typical motion picture (vertical 4 or 3-perf 35mm) frame. Seems silly. Unless you came from photography, cinema lenses will behave and look MUCH different on such a sensor. An 18mm will suddenly be MUCH wider than if you were, say, shooting with Panavision or Arri.

  6. I’ve been following this closely, and am encouraged by the developments. I am also really disappointed in the datarate. If Panny had taken the 10-bit, 100 meg codec from their 300 and put it in this, it would really rock. As it is, even the uncompressed SDI out is 4:2:0. That doesn’t give anyone much to work with in post. From what I can tell, I might be better off with a GH-13. Maybe there’s an AF-250 in the works?

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