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The name of this interesting App is 1st Video; it was designed by startup company Veicorder Technology Inc.. It was realeased yesterday and costs $9.99 at the App Store.
I had the opportunity to review Vericorder Technology’s apps at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas. As matter of fact, I downloaded their Showcase app and produced a few field reports on the RTDNA conference and the Showcase app itself. I was, indeed, impressed with Showcase, which can produce video slideshows using the iPhone’s still picture camera and microphone.
With 1st Video, you can shoot and edit video and audio right on your iPhone. Your video can be posted or shared on blogs, YouTube, and even newsrooms; all of this using the 3G network or an internet connection.

For on-the-spot freelance news coverage is beyond great. 1st Video’s President and CEO, Gary Symons, told me that they are developing a system that will allow freelance reporters to subscribe their services to a computer intereface allowing major news networks to pinpoint through GPS the freelancer’s location. What does it mean? It means that in breaking news situations or stories in remote locations demanding immediate attention, a freelance reporter can be located and hired on the spot, and reports can be filed using a data network.
For instance, if there’s a flash flood in Iowa and network reporters can’t make to the scene for any reason, a registered freelance reporter in the affected area can be found with the help of GPS, and hired to produce a news report about the flood using her/his iPhone.
I purchased yesterday 1st Video – Consumer Edition and gave it try. The interface was easy to use, the real-time response was impressive, and the tools provided by the app to edit video and audio were more than I thought was possible in an iPhone. I put together a simple piece of video and exported it to YouTube directly from my iPhone. Here’s the final result:

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