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Apple “Citing surprisingly strong US demand, Apple has officially delayed the international launch of the iPad. The device will, as a result, only go on sale in foreign countries towards the end of May, instead of late April as planned. Pre-orders however should open up on May 10th, at which time Apple says it will also reveal pricing in local currencies.”

Tell me Mr Jobbs…the only American I can think of who would get this so wrong is Homer Simpson…you don’t bother telling us what price to expect in Europe and now the iPad is to be delayed till you play catch up with your home market.

“Surprisingly strong US demand…DOH !”  That statement tells me you were not expecting a strong uptake possibly due to a very poor press and surprise, surprise…we see the sneek peek of OS4 for iPhone, iTouch and iPad which addresses the main “BAD PRESS”…muli-tasking.

I reckon no one is playing ball in Europe due to the very negative iPad reviews and Apple are struggling to get the same uptake as they have in the US market, which is why we were given the SNEEK PEEK of OS4….MULI-TASKING….iADD…major tent poles to attract European uptake.

The iPad has been very ill conceived from day one in my opinion…to make a product that looks exactly like an oversized iPhone fit for Desperate Dan is asking for ridicule…and now Europe gets shunted a further month down the line and no pricing is outrageously poor marketing not to mention a public relations disaster !


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