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This is a very interesting addition to the accessory range from Sony the RM1000. Basically you can plug this into your NXCAM and remotely control all the major camera functions very useful for stage shows, wildlife filming, jib arm control etc. Sony state up to 10 meters away from the camera I wonder if thats the length of their supplied cable or the maximum this remote will work from, I am attending the Great Northern show on the 4th of May 2010, I will ask Sony while I am there.

This in my opinion is what sets Sony aside from other manufacturers and is why they are still the leading selling brand when it comes to video they think like us and our needs. The price of £900 including vat is a tad on the dear side in my opinion and if it had been around £500 I may have been tempted to buy one myself.


The RM-1000BP is a multi-function LANC remote control unit which enables almost total external control of selected HDV camcorders. The RM-1000BP gives remote control of white balance, gain, shutter, zoom, focus, record start-stop, picture profile recall, assign buttons, menu settings and more from up to ten metres away.

Two large, sensitive, dials give control over iris and focus, whilst depressing these dials enables auto-focus or auto-iris. A button next to each dial allows you to toggle between manual or auto operation. A zoom rocker with adjustable sensitivity is operated with your thumbs giving accurate control over the zoom speed.

The RM-1000BP incorporates a number of buttons to give you control over record start/stop, white balance, shutter and gain, as well as giving access to the camcorder menu and picture profiles. Six ‘assign’ buttons reflect those on the camcorder giving even greater operational flexibility.

The RM-1000BP can be handheld, table-mounted or mounted on a tripod and provides enhanced creativity by enabling unusual shooting angles as well as being ideal for use with a jib or crane.

*Please note, the RMB1000BP is compatible with all HVR-Z5E models and HVR-S270E & HVR-Z7E models with the listed serial numbers and higher:

  • HVR-Z7E 214761
  • HVR-S270E 3211696
  • Earlier models will require a firmware upgrade, for more information please contact your Sony Specialist Dealer.


    Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

    4 thoughts on “SONY RM-1000BP remote control £900

    1. Pity it doesn’t control the EX cameras – I wonder if this will come eventually? £900 is just too expensive though.

    2. Concerning the length of the cable. Was the max 10m? Or is the included cable 10m? We need a remote controller that goes further then 10m…

    3. I am interested in acquiring the Sony RM-1000bp LANC controller. Obviously a used unit would be fine, Sony no longer delivers new product.

      Please let me know if you or any of your acquaintances have the RM 1000 and would like to sell it.

      Larry Brewer

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