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We are getting packed up to head to NAB and thought we would drop you note about the new products we are introducing. This is our first time exhibiting at NAB— actually it’s our first time exhibiting anywhere. It should be fun, but we have no idea what to expect. If you or any of your friends plan to attend, please drop by booth C11124 tucked behind B&H. (Hey, at least we are not in the parking lot).

Over the past year, we have received tons of feedback from customers like you and have spent hours pouring through user forums to help guide the direction of our future products. As a result, we believe SmallHD will once again redefine state-of-the-art, small, on-camera field monitors with the introduction of the DP-SLR.

This monitor was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the HDSLR videographer. The DP-SLR measures 4”x6”x1” and weighs in at only 10oz (284g). This small, lightweight package makes it very easy to shoot on the run without first taking a bodybuilding course.

Within the small 5.6” diagonal screen the DP-SLR packs a whopping 1280 x 800 resolution. At 270 pixels-per-inch (ppi), this translates into near laser printer quality. To put this into perspective, the new 27” (2560 x 1440) iMac runs about 109ppi. The DP-SLR has over 2.5 times the pixel density. It is hard to describe how this looks. Hopefully you will be able to see for yourself at NAB. We thought about providing pictures, but you literally don’t have a computer display that would do it justice. You’d be like my grandma watching Blu-ray on her 4×3 SD TV… just wondering what all the fuss is about. (As a side note, we did have one customer return a DP1 because it was “too sharp”— He will definitely hate the DP-SLR).

The baseline DP-SLR’s HDMI, Component and Composite interfaces can ingest a host of signals. So far it has been compatible with every camera tested. Hopefully we will get to test a lot more cameras at NAB.

3G HD/SDI comes on the upgraded model and maintains all the features, inputs and specs of the baseline DP-SLR (with the exception of a few grams of weight).

We maintained our commitment to strength and style with solid aluminum construction and four tapped ¼-20 mount points. However, we continue to explore every possible way to lighten the package. This process is ongoing as we continue to push the manufacturing envelope.

A monitor is not much use without portable power. The DP-SLR can accept voltages from 5v to18v, which opens the door to virtually any DC source. By only consuming 6 watts, the DP-SLR runs up to 4 hours on the standard SmallHD battery. Activated at the touch of a button, the on-screen battery-life indicator will give you confidence that your monitor won’t die in the middle of a shot.
The DP-SLR’s patent pending button interface will be familiar to anyone who has shot with a DSLR camera. The recessed scroll/click-wheel located on the top right part of the monitor gives you a natural, single finger control of all menu functions. Next to the click wheel is a programmable button that allows you to instantly access/toggle your favorite function, like “1:1 Scale” or “Battery Life”.

The natural placement of the chick-wheel control allows you to operate the DP-SLR with the patented snap-in sun hood attached at all times. Gone are the days when you had to back away from the screen to figure out which button to press or knob to adjust. Just lose yourself in the amazing image you are about to capture and navigate the menus with a single finger.

Here are a few of the software features included with the DP-SLR.
· Battery Life Indicator
· One-to-one
· Image Flip
· Freeze Frame
· Blue Gun
· Camera Presets
· and many more

We will be announcing a special NAB “show only” pre-order discount. The NAB discount will be available to you as well. It would be nuts to treat show attendees better than our existing clients. We really do appreciate your business.

We expect to begin shipping near the end of June. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The SmallHD store will be open for DP-SLR orders on April 12th.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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