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Introducing the Humble Monkey Model 360-T2 Camera Truck. Whether you’re doing tabletop product work, adding video to your corporate blog, or producing your first indie film, the 360-T2 will take you far beyond the usual static shots with your hand-held HD camcorder, video-ready DSLR, or professional video camera.

Designed around zero-drag 72mm in-line skate wheels and constructed of lightweight, durable acrylic, the 360-T2 is as easy to operate as it is to carry with you wherever you go. There’s no heavy track to lug, lay and level, no Steadicam to configure or balance, and no additional equipment to rent. If you can set a conventional wristwatch, you can operate the 360-T2. Just mount a head and camera, place the camera truck onto a flat surface, and you’re rolling.

Because each of its three wheel assemblies rotates 360 degrees, it’s easy to do a wide variety of tracking moves with the 360-T2. Set the wheels to the desired position and you can go straight, sideways, at an angle, or curve. Or try aligning the axel of each wheel assembly towards a fixed point and watch as the camera truck tracks around and around that point in a perfect Matrix-style 360. Easy to transport or ship in its own rigid case, the camera truck also works great in places where it would be tough to set up a dolly track, like under cars and furniture. See the 360-T2 in action here.

At Humble Monkey Productions, we understand that video is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives at work and at home. Affordable and easy to use, the 360-T2 Camera Truck makes it easy to do everything from creating dynamic product shots to capturing a baby’s first crawl every inch of the way. Order the 360-T2 here.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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