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[xr_video id=”5846f496287541c8b40485c8c96ad6c8″ size=”md”]Gee wiz this took a lot longer to put together than I was expecting but we got there, the Sony PMW-350K is a great piece of kit and as I noticed on the box it’s only 1kg heavier than a Sony EX-1R (8kg)…the PMW-350 being 7.5kg, remembering that’s before the ‘V’ lock battery !

It runs just over 21 mins hope you like it.

I have uploaded it onto my VIMEO site as well, if you have problems watching the above video please click here…(Link now updated)


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

9 thoughts on “Sony PMW-350K “Video Overview for H Preston Media”

  1. Just a wee comment – the 12V Hirose power connector on the back of this camera will not be able to power a NanoFlash, as it’s fused at 0.5A and the NanoFlash can take 0.54A in normal operation so would blow the fuse.

  2. Thanks for the review Philip, nicely done and you have confirmed that I now need a good reason not to buy this camera!

    One thing – you say it weighs 9KG – I thought it was nearer to 7KG including Lens/VF/battery and 3.6KG for the body only?

  3. You are probably correct the weight was marked on each cameras box so the packaging material must come into the equation.

  4. Thanks for putting this video together. I’ve been reading & enjoying your blog for a couple of months. One request – can we see more examples of the camera’s images? I understand why guys shoot resolution charts, colour charts (and dolls!), but I think it’s fair to say many folks like to judge a camera by the images it can produce of “life in motion”. Alister Chapman’s airshow footage seems all that’s out there at the moment. Web video will never show a camera’s capabilities to the full, but they do give filmmakers an idea as to whether they can produce the kind of aesthetically pleasing images they are after.
    That’s not knocking your good work, just a greedy request for more. Thank You

  5. Hi Jude,
    Some good points, like Alistair it’s all about the time you have with the camera…4 days in my case plus you still have to produce work for paying clients…you don’t get a clear 4 days solid plus two of those days are dedicated to editing ! I would have preferred a lot more moving shots myself but opportunities to such filming is not always possible plus the snow.
    At least 3 pieces to camera were done with the 350 as well as the short interview which was a lot more than other reviews but I will take you comments on board for the EX-1R.
    PS. I am down to get a 350 at the end of January so I will shoot some further footage and post it early February.

  6. Alister Chapman REPLY “I power my NanoFlash from the camera’s D-Tap light socket, the 12V Hirose will not power it and will blow the cameras internal fuse which is costly to replace.”
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  7. Thanks for taking time to reply. I fully appreciate the time constraints you must have shooting and editing these pieces. Looking very much forward to EX1R review…

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