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Citing a source who has been “amazingly accurate”, Boy Genius Report issued a brief note today claiming that Apple’s much-rumored tablet will be announced in January and will carry a 7-inch screen. Most rumors have pointed to a 10-inch screen for the tablet, and while the source does not rule out the possibility of such a model, they can only confirm the existence of the 7-inch model.

It has been widely reported recently that the size of the tablet is 10″, but there was also talk about a 7″ model. Our connect said there is 100% a 7″ Apple tablet, to be announced in January, and whether this is in addition to a 10″ model, they don’t know.

Claims of the smaller screen size, which were sporadic over the past year, appear to be picking up steam in recent weeks, led by speculation that a severe shortage of the screens could only be the result of Apple snapping up supplies.

Excerpt from Mac Rumours


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