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4 thoughts on “Have Sony left the others out to dry ?

  1. I have to agree with this one £14K is not the figure I was quoted when this camcorder was announced…sadly as I have said before this camera is firstly positioned at the broadcast and rental market. Those of us with EX-3s looking to jump have a vast cavern to cross. With the 2/3″ chips they are looking at a different end user which is sad as many EX-1/3 users would have loved to own this camcorder and Sony should have rewarded their loyalty but then the only loyal Warrior left on the planet is right here…HD Warrior.

  2. Puhhh …
    Even 12k£ would bee too much.
    4:2:0 not even 4:2:2
    8 Bit no 10 Bit
    SD is an option, extra at cost ….
    So, what is really worth the price ?

  3. The SD option is a joke when you get this as part of the package with the lesser EX-1R. You can get 4:2:2 direct from the HD-SDI output using a Nanoflash but once again at an extra cost of £2700.

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