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Here we are once again …week 11 since FCP-7 was available still no drivers for the AJA io HD…this is becoming a joke…if you can’t fix the problem give us all a refund or give us some idea when your so called engineering department will get their act together.

UPDATE…I have spoken to an AJA representative tonight and he did not give me any timeline for these drivers but gave me an indication that Apple and seven AJA engineers are working to make this happen. This unit relies heavily on Final Cut so I take from this that there are bugs with Final Cut Pro 7 that need attending to before the AJA io HD drivers can be finalised.

Having spoken to various members in AJA over the last 4 weeks they have all been very pleasant but due to some legal agreement with Apple can’t divulge the true state of play or give us a timeline for the drivers. This has also been the longest driver update in AJA’s history and it had to be the io HD !

You can be assured that when we see these drivers they will work with FCP-7 & Snow Leopard.


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