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Writer/director Noah Kadner provides training and workflow presentations for moviemakers at all levels. He has worked at Apple, testing future versions of Final Cut Studio as part of a special internal production team. Noah hosts and produces Call Box, a series of digital filmmaker training courses on DVD; he works as a forum administrator for, and, and is an kadner_noah_cApple Certified Trainer. He also writes for publications such as 3D World and American Cinematographer. Noah was an early adopter of RED and has owned two RED cameras since October 2007.

Excerpt from Noah Kadner’s book…

“Configuring a RED ONE camera package can be a challenging prospect because of the sheer variety of choices. Hundreds of accessories are available from a number of manufacturers, including RED, such as batteries, mounting hardware, onboard monitors, an electronic viewfinder (EVF), and two sizes of camera-mountable LCD monitors. RED also offers its own branded set of prime and zoom lenses designed for the camera. The camera is also compatible with many preexisting 35mm optics and accessories as well as new products designed by third-party manufacturers especially for the camera system.

So, what do you really need in a RED package—and what’s nice to have if you can afford it? In this chapter, we’ll look at the major categories of equipment and accessories and I’ll offer my own personal recommendations. Then you’ll learn about assembling RED packages at specific price points and for specific purposes.”

The RED ONE is an amazing piece of kit but you need a PHD in Mecanno to build the thing and an engineering degree to make it happen so if you are contemplating using a RED ONE for your next production make sure your cameraman has read this book at least 10 times !

Peachpit Press Book form $49.49    Adobe Reader $39.59


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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