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The New Web-Based Video Content Management Service for Video Professionals

Focus Enhancements introduces the next revolution in your FS DTE™ recorder workflow, a Direct To Web™ solution.  No matter where your clients are located, Focus MediaShare will give you quick and easy review, approval, and sharing of all your video project related assets-with no software to install.  With Focus MediaShare, you can transfer proxies of your recording, complete with metadata, straight to the web where team members and clients can view clips instantly.  You can also upload proxies of dailies, rough cuts and finished projects.  Focus MediaShare has built-in annotation and clip rating tools making project review quick and convenient.  With its Direct To Web workflow and robust browser-based interface, MediaShare reduces production time, increases opportunity for collaboration, and improves productivity-all for a modest monthly fee.

Focus MediaShare Features include:

Instant Proxy Publishing

  • Go from acquisition to sharing with Direct To Web workflow

  • Transfer proxies, complete with metadata, to your MediaShare online workspace

    Online Video Library

  • Store and deliver proxies and source files of your entire library online

  • Use native and user-defined metadata to tag, organize, and find clips in your library

    Sharing, Collaboration, and Broadcast

  • Provide team members and clients with online access to dailies, rough cuts, and finished projects with unprecedented speed

  • Use the annotation tool to add notes to clips; perfect for collaboration, review, clip rating, and signoff

  • Publish reels, clips, and completed content with a simple, flexible multi-clip embed channel or single clip embeds

    Video on the Go

  • Access your video library from any location
  • MediaShare creates mobile-ready proxy files that are optimized for viewing on your iPhone or other smart mobile devices

    Start using the MediaShare Direct To Web solution today to store, manage, share, and broadcast your media.  With no software to install and for the cost of your daily cup of coffee, you are only a few clicks away from a new, improved, and cost-effective workflow that you can use from anywhere.

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