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iSlate IKONiSlate is exactly as it says on the tin, it’s a slate or clapperboard, so what use can this be in the age of digital camcorders.

I have found this application very useful for identing my SDHC cards when filming with the Sony EX-3.

As you may know the Sony EX-3 takes 2 SxS cards or 2 MxM (SDHC) card holders.

To give me an archive and save a pot of money I use the 16Gb Transend Class 6 SDHC cards.

The main problem with these cards is you have no way of writing on them so you have to ident them electronically, this is where iSlate comes in.

iSlate-exampleAs you can see from the picture on the right PROD is the production name, DIR in this case is used for the type of camera, recording format in this case 720p and the dedicated card number and the day it was shot.

The timecode is free run as we call it, so you are always given the present time of day. I don’t use it as a slate but more a card index. The other feature it has, is the ability to resize the wording to fit on the one line, this is a great feature, how many times have you bought a phone, start to type in someones details for the line of text to run out leaving you one letter short.

This APP is Highly Recommended by HD Warrior for video use.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “iSlate £1.79 for Apple iPhone or iTouch

  1. I’m still waiting on a app that will let me edit video that I shoot with my iPhone, right on my iPhone. But hey, if FCP can’t edit h.264, y would the iPhone….

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