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ZGrip iPhone from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

Before you ask I don’t know the price nor do I care, Zacuto are renowned for trailblazing expensive grips, loops, camera mounts etc. You also get a lifetime guarantee with all their products. This in my humble opinion is taking things too far, the 3Gs is far from usable as a video camera, let alone warrant an expensive tool like the ZGrip.

The video part of the 3Gs is very basic, fixed lens, in fact the only plus point is it’s ability to instantly send small 47 sec video emails to your friends so why on earth is a company like Zacuto even bothering with it, your guess is as good as mine.

Good luck to Zacuto they seem to have the finger on the pulse but I think they should have waited for the 7Gs with HD before making expensive iPhone handles.


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