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Panasonic has announced the market introduction of the DMR-BS850 and DMR-BS750 Blu-ray Disc Recorders and the DMR-XS350 High-Definition Recorder / DVD Recorder (Standard Def Archiving). All three new models are compatible with freesat+, making it easy to view and capture high-image-quality digital satellite broadcasts.

The continued trend toward Full HD in TV broadcasts, discs and digital AV equipment has spawned demand for innovative digital recorders. Panasonic’s response is the “HD Everything” concept – products that allow anyone to easily control, preserve and share a wide variety of Full HD images. Designed under this concept, the new trio of digital recorders come equipped with functions users will enjoy today and need tomorrow.

BD Live
Programmes that have been recorded and stored in the hard disk drive can be converted to the H.264 format and saved. The H.264 format lets viewers use their hard disk drive space more efficiently or store more TV programmes on a single Blu-ray Disc.

Dolby + DTS-HD
In terms of audio, the new DMR-BS850 and BS750 support the superior surround sound of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-Master Audio Essential on Blu-ray Disc media. Users can connect the recorder to a compatible amplifier and enjoy the stunningly high quality 7.1-channel surround sound of Blu-ray Discs.

Viera Cast
The new recorders also support Panasonic’s VIERA CAST Internet function, so users can easily access Internet content such as YouTube and Picasa Web Albums and view it on a large-screen TV. 

Recording and Viewing Freedom with freesat+ Twin Tuner – With more than 140 digital TV and radio channels to choose from it’s fairly likely that at some point you’ll want to record two programmes broadcast at the same time. The freesat+ Twin Tuner allows you the freedom to do this. 

HD Recording
In DR mode you can record a digital broadcast signal, without the slightest change in quality, directly to your HDD. The precise Full HD picture quality, 5.1ch surround sound, subtitle and audio description, all recorded perfectly and ready to view.

Pause TV
Pause Live TV lets you freeze TV programmes just like pausing a DVD. Select “Pause Live TV” on the VIERA Link Menu and the TV programme is temporarily saved on the hard disk drive. You can watch the rest of the programme, right from the stopped frame, at a later time.

Sadly once again due to a bad call by the design team these “HD Everything Almost” recorders do not allow you to record into the recorder via firewire on HDV…SD ONLY and the HDMI is an output only, so if you were hoping to archive your HDV camera footage DON’T BUY THESE RECORDERS.


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