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One thought on “Apple V3 FREE iPhone software today

  1. Hi there, just in case your UK O2 readers are having problems upgrading their iPhone software, here’s a quick tip!

    Once you’ve downloaded the software upgrade from Apple via iTunes, you’ll get an install dialog, at this point, disconnect your Airport/Wi-Fi connection or hard link to the internet. It will skip the activation link to Apple, which has been timing out for a lot of people and install directly on your phone. The activation link will then run the next time it can connect to Apple successfully.

    In this case, ‘activation’ only means ‘registration’ with Apple, so it’s not a necessary step in the upgrade process.

    Also, once upgraded, remember to text ‘MMS’ to 1010 if you wish to take advantage of the MMS features – this free text instructs O2 to update your MMS settings. Until you do this, you will not be able to send/receive picture messages directly on the iPhone, and there’s a small risk that you’ll be charged for each attempt you make anyway!

    Hope this helps someone out there!


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