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jaume-rey-v2Hi There!
As promised, we took the requests about the “Dancing Dots” back to our engineers in EU and Japan.

I just saw the tests of the new 3 files to reduce them. I strongly believe it will satisfy 90% of people. For those who compare HPX301 with Varicam, RED or HPX3700 or any other 2/3″ sensor camcorder my recommendation is they buy any of those high performance camcorders.
But for less than 10K Euros, there is not better Full Size Shoulder camcorder (now even better with the new files).

Keep watching Soon the files will be available.

Regards Jaume

Jaume as far as I am aware the only camcorder people are comparing the HPX-301 to is the Sony EX-3 which sits at virtually the same price bracket. Anyone who compares a 1/3″ camcorder to a 2/3″ needs their head seen to as they say in Glasgow.

Most professional cameramen/women compare like for like. I think it has been Panasonic’s misunderstanding of the marketplace that led you to produce a 1/3″ camcorder when it should have been 1/2″ chips like the EX-3.

Who do you consult when producing the specs for a new camcorder…don’t you look at what the competition are producing. I have been told most manufacturers ask end users their opinions when designing equipment but I think your designers are asking the wrong kind of people. I would be only to glad to help and as you know I don’t mince my words (Glasgow expression). 

That offer goes out to all camcorder manufacturers, if Panasonic had given me a prototype HPX-301 soon enough maybe this conversation could have been avoided. 


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “Panasonic’s Response to HPX-301 noise issue

  1. Totally agree with Philip’s comments. Hopefully Panasonic will update the model with 1/2″ chips by IBC, or at least release an announcement to similar effect.


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