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One thought on “Panasonic Reply to HD Warrior “EXCLUSIVE”

  1. Hello, I want to cut right to the point. These “dancing dots” are present in the USA models at 0dB and even -3dB. I have started up some controversy on a popular on-line forum stating that they need to implement a fix via firmware, or take back the cameras to fix this in their repair centers. I can post footage and settings to backup my claim. On the USA side of things I keep getting a almost angry side of Panasonic stating that there is nothing wrong, and the users don’t know how to use the camera… Yet there is someone who DOES know how to use the camera, his name is Philip Bloom, we all know him. Although personally I do not like his style of shooting, I know he does know what hes doing.

    That said I have his footage from the camera, setup properly and shot some great images. He was at 0dB and WOW there are DANCING DOTS EVERYWHERE. This clip can be downloaded from the popular video site

    . On the bottom right hand corner of that page there is a link to download the ORIGINAL 1080p uploaded file. Once downloaded I viewed on a native 1920×1080 LDC HD Monitor. Black Dancing Dots everywhere. Why are people acting is if this isn’t a problem? See for yourself, I have no need to make this stuff up.

    Anyway I was hoping to find some help on the European side of this, I have been told my writings and complaining here in the USA has been sent to Panasonic on the European side. I just hope they stop treating it as something that’s ok, and start treating it as, wow we should fix this and make our loyal customers happy. This isn’t a camera for people in the “pro-sumer” world. This IS a professional camera at a cheap price. Don’t treat professionals as if there is nothing wrong. I have shot music videos for LARGE name artists, as well as major corporations and companies. I am hired because I know what I am doing and I do it well. I have shot with the Panasonic Varicam for MANY of my projects and that was my workhorse for many years. I know what a good camera is, and I know what makes a good image or a bad one. Yes this camera has potential, but my lord, this needs to be addressed.

    Is there any advice as to who to talk to? I keep getting answers that are “work-arounds” to fix this, but they don’t do a thing. They say lower the master pedestal, put at -3dB, and a bunch more things that only make the image darker and “hiding” the dots. They are STILL there. You are just making the overall picture darker. Heck I would disappear in the shot if you keep making it darker, doesn’t mean its not in the shot when you do color correction…

    What can be done? Am I just kidding myself and wanting to see a “cheap” camera be something its not? Or do I actually have something right here? These people are making me feel like I am the crazy one and seeing things that aren’t there…. as you have shown, its there, and its even there at 0dB. Help, we are looking at using this camera, it has GREAT potential, but we also want to see this be handled properly.

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