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jvc-4k-prototype-camcorderJVC provides an exciting glimpse into the world of ultra high resolution imaging with a live demonstration of its KY-F4000 real-time 4K camera. Live 60p images from the KY-F4000 are displayed on JVC’s new 56-inch LCD panel with 4K resolution. This compact camera features a single 1.25-inch CMOS image sensor of 3840 x 2160 pixels, capable of producing live images with 4 times the resolution of full HD.
The KY-F4000 features ultra high resolution imaging, with a 60 progressive frame live output capability, including HDSDI Dual Link (4:2:2/10 bit 4 ch) and DVI Single Link (4:4:4/8 bit x 4ch). The camera also features a built-in genlock input, HDSDI 1080 (60i/59.94i). Additional specifications include an RGB Bayer color filter, switchable 60p/59.94 frame rate, and for the demonstration, a Nikon F-mount is used.
The two-piece design of the KY-F4000 includes a compact, lightweight camera head at 6.6 lbs, which is ideal for pan and tilt mounting applications. The CCU processor can be separated from the camera head at a distance of 328 feet.Other 4K cameras on the market, such as RED and Arri, are primarily used for cinema applications which do not require live signal output. This makes JVC the unique choice for high-end applications including:
  • Teleconference – Corporate/military conference systems can fully utilize 4K display systems (already installed) with cameras that can bring a new level of realism to remote conferencing.
  • CAD/Design
  • Distance Learning – 4K imaging can provide the ultimate real-time experience in a learning situations especially those involving live demonstrations and procedures.
By including real time output for display or transmission, the engineers at JVC are really thinking ahead,” says Edgar Shane, senior product engineering manager of JVC U.S.A.. “Where other 4K cameras on the market have been designed for cinema and are processing at 24p to 30p, we are offering full 60p output, with live transmission capability, because we believe that’s the future of ultra high resolution.”
With the demonstration of the KY-F4000, JVC is positioned to be a major player in the 4K arena. JVC is currently shipping a 4K D-ILA projector, the DLA-SH4K. The addition of a 4K camera and 4K LCD monitor brings full capture capability and further display options to the product line. The KY-F4000 will be available in April 2010, priced under $200,000.

Ricky Gervais “Are you avin a laugh”….It’s a joke, it must be or have they headhunted the Panasonic design team, who in their right mind would buy a breadbox for under $200.000. JVC have been looking at my “Comic” section and took the “Design” sketch seriously. Poor RED they must be shaking in their boots. PS. Put me down for 12 breadboxes. If this is a genuine prototype it gets my UGLIEST CAMCORDER FOR 2009 AWARD.


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