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samsung-ledThere can be only one thinnest, clearest, most elegant television. Easily, it’s Samsung’s LED 7000. Breathtakingly thin, it’s designed as one seamless piece of flawless crystal. On its LED screen, vivid details are captured in every frame. Picture edge-blur removed and full, robust colour restored to each pixel. Watch television programs, web content or your own, knowing you’re also being kind to the samsung-led-slimenvironment. It’s a remarkable feat of design, on or off.

For images that are stunningly true to life you need the 3 C’s: contrast, colour and clarity. LED 7000 has them. Its Mega Contrast Ratio feature brings out all the shades of grey as well the shades of amber, fuchsia and magenta. A Wide Colour Enhancer pro with LED gamut ensures every entire pixel is robust and vibrant. Plus our 100Hz Motion Plus technology removes edge-blur. Leaving your picture smooth and crisp. And your jaw, dropped.

Basic Spec…


Video Screen Size 40″
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Feature Game Mode Yes
Input & Output (Back) HDMI 4
Scart 1 (Mini jack)
This is possibly one of the most stunning HD TV/monitors on the market…not only does it look good but it’s 30mm thick. The picture quality is the best I have seen to date.

Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Samsung LED TV/Monitor Series 7 £1599

  1. These new screens do look stunningly thin, however Samsung are a bit cheeky for branding them “LED”, when in fact they’re simply LCD screens with LED backlighting – they even admit that in their promotional video on YouTube.

    Still all the marketing hype seems to have worked. Can’t really see how the other manufacturers can gain any ground, with Samsung’s current dominance in the market.

  2. The Samsung LED edge-lit TV range is very impressive, the improvement over ordinary CCFL backlit LCDs is quite noticable, but its a shame they havent used a full led backlight array in these models like sony have in their X4500 models, which have even greater image quality.

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