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maxell-p2-cardAs broadcasters and industry professionals move beyond traditional tape formats to technology compatible with high definition (HD) recording, the new Maxell P2 Card is expected to be the recording standard of next generation formats. Featuring high volume storage capacity and high quality digitalization for HD imaging, the new Maxell P2 Card is available in three storage capacities –16GB, 32GB and 64GB – and has the ability to record up to 256 minutes of HD footage.

The new Maxell P2 Card performs well even in harsh environments with variable conditions, because its compact design is resistant to vibration, impact, and extreme temperatures and humidity. Capable of withstanding 30,000 uses without degradation in quality, the new Maxell P2 Card offers long term performance resulting in great cost savings.                              

As technology shifts from traditional to HD formats, Maxell Corporation of America is prepared with a full line of high quality – and cost effective – professional recording media,” said Pat Byrne, senior marketing manager for Maxell. “Now broadcasters can rely on Maxell’s long-standing history of developing dependable recordable media for emerging formats like HD technology.” 

The Maxell P2 card is full compatable with the Panasonic P2 series of cameras.

Very interesting development I hope this means P2 cards at sensible prices…if these cards are not at P2 ‘E’ prices how on earth are they going to sell ?

Let’s hope Maxell have the balls to compete with Panasonic and finally bring down the vastly over inflated prices of P2.

UPDATE…Speaking to Maxell UK today these cards are not due in the UK till end of June, no confirmed prices yet.


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