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It can’t be difficult to make it happen…the all new Canon 21MP full frame CMOS sensor CF35…

I am not a big fan of cross pollination yet Canon have decided that almost all DSLRs are going to have the facility to record in HD. Why not go the whole hog and produce a full frame film look camera that would satisfy the hunger for a growing band of video/film makers who need the Shalow Depth Of Field (SDOF) that the 35mm sensor gives along with 35mm Canon lenses with the need for more professional facilities like XLR sound inputs etc.

This is my photoshop prototype of the Canon CF35…A 21MP full frame CMOS sensor camcorder from Canon, with dual compact flash slots, takes all Canon 35mm lenses, full 1920 HD and 720P, takes 15MP photographs while filming, dual XLR connectors, HD-SDI output, new LCOS hi-rez viewfinder and optional EHDZ-9P hi-rez camera/field monitor with built in CF recorder.

Canon would like a better hold of the marketplace over the likes of Sony, JVC and Panasonic. So far we have seen full 1920 HD camcorders or 35mm still cameras with HD recording and 3.5mm jack mic inputs (EOS 5D Mk11). Canon you have the top hand you know all about video and 35mm digital, now more than ever is the time to produce a proper solid state film look (SDOF) camera at a reasonable cost say £6000.

“You saw it here first”


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “The all new Canon CF35 full frame SDOF concept camcorder…

  1. Love your website but one thing is bothering me and others. You are using the word “Film” when you actually mean other things, like “taping” or “Recording”. As in the headline “The all new Canon CF35 full frame film camera…”. This is not a “Film” camera and people using such a device are not “Filming”. Tape is tape. Film is film. And solid state recording is just that – recording.

    Thanks for the great info, as always, but this takes away from your otherwise accurate reports.

  2. Relying to Steve : You have video cameras for filming video productions. You have video cameras that have cine gamma to give you a film effect. You have camcorders that use 35mm adapters and use 35mm prime lenses to give you a shallow depth of field film look.
    With the ‘conceptual’ Canon CF35 you would get a 35mm digital camera in a video body that cuts out the need for using 35mm adapters giving you a good shallow DOF therefore giving you a film look rather than a video look. Personally I think we are splitting hairs the camera does not even exist. I will change the title to save a slight possibility of confusion. Thanks for pointing this out Steve.

  3. Ok, guys, how about lets use the term Digital Film Camera.
    What do you think.

    Could you post a larger picture of the mock up for our Desktop picture?

  4. I would buy something like this in a flash.Putting a 1/3 inch chip to record HD is dum.12 megapixels would be plenty and give even more low light capability.At 21 megs why not record 2156×4160 and bring out 4K resolution and match the Red cameras.

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