Edelkrone’s Povie $29 to whoever will want to buy one

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povie_promo copy

One major problem with this device it uses the less powerful camera on your iPhone to film with and I personally think this is seriously not worth the brain power it took to think it up.

Edlekrone have some fantastic products for the video industry but this insnt one of them.

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NAB 2016…Two New 4K cameras from Panasonic AG-UX180/AG-UX90

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AG-UX180 copy

Successors to the company’s AVCCAM series of professional AVC HD camcorders, the UX premium model (AG-UX180), is equipped with a 1-type MOS sensor, optical 20x zoom and UHD 60p recording capability, while the UX standard model (AG-UX90), features a 1-type MOS sensor, optical 15x zoom and UHD 30p recording.

Both are currently under development, feature a rugged design for heavy duty field use and are scheduled for release in autumn 2016.

“Panasonic is introducing the UX series to make 4K acquisition even more accessible to video professionals,” said Guilhem Krier, Head of Product Marketing & Business Development Europe. “The industry demand for 4K video is increasing fast. The UX camcorders provide a 4K update to our very successful HD models, such as the AG-AC90, providing high-mobility and the same workflow users will be familiar with from our existing professional, integrated-lens handhelds.”

AG-UX90 copy

The UX series will support recording up to 4K (4096×2160, 24p only), UHD (3840×2160) and FHD at up to 120p. The camcorders will use the SD memory card1 as recording media. The UX premium model also supports dual codec recording (UHD2/FHD), IR recording in low light, and 3G SDI/HDMI2.0 output.

The UX camcorders’ 1-type MOS sensor ensures sensitivity equivalent to that of conventional handheld cameras. Variable frame rate (VFR) recording functionality (2-60 fps) is planned in FHD mode.

The availability of the UX models brings Panasonic’s line up of professional 4K cameras to five, including the flagship VariCam 35, VariCam LT and the AG-DVX200.

UX controlls


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NAB 2016… New Blackmagic Duplicator 4K £1,652

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Now it’s possible to distribute and sell Ultra HD content direct to customers at live events!

NAB 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada – April 18, 2016 – Blackmagic Design today announced the new Blackmagic Duplicator 4K, which allows delivery of Ultra HD content to consumers by recording files onto inexpensive SD cards that can be distributed to customers the moment an event is finished. Featuring 25 built in SD card recorders, multi rate 12G-SDI connections and a realtime H.265 encoder, Blackmagic Duplicator 4K is the best way to deliver Ultra HD content that customers can actually view on their 4K televisions and Windows 10 computers today.

Blackmagic Duplicator 4K is available now for US$1,995 and will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2016 booth at #SL217.

The Blackmagic Duplicator 4K lets content creators dramatically increase revenue because it gives them a way to sell content right after a live event, while attendees are still excited about the performance before, and before they walk out the door. Now customers can sell concert videos to fans as they leave the venue, to parents after their children’s latest performance or recital, after sporting events, conferences, sales seminars and more.


HOLDAN are the distributer in the UK

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Sony PXW-FS5 Paid/free FW update €500 to v.2 and FS7 Free upgrade

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FS5 Upgrade

Sony FS5 4K/2K Raw Update:

CBKZ-FS5RIF RAW update for Sony FS5 will cost 500 Euro and is scheduled for release in May 2016.

New Features

  • 4K/60p RAW recording to external recorders
    • Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ via 3G-SDI Single link or AXS-R5 + HXR-IFR5 Sony recorder/interface
  • 2K/HD Super Slow-Motion up to 240fps

Firmware 2.0 for Sony FS5 (Free):

  • Auto ND Function – allowing seamless adjustment of exposure via ND automatically without having to adjust ISO or iris and retain the same depth of field in changing exposure situations.
  • GPS function enabled
  • Expanded Zebra function 

Alister Chapman “Sony’s little PXW-FS5 is slowly maturing. The next firmware version  will add support for automatic operation of the cameras variable ND filter. The Auto ND function can be used in conjunction with Auto Iris to get an incredible automatic exposure compensation range. Great for day to night timelapse etc. The Auto ND function has to be assigned to one of the cameras assignable buttons before it can be used, but it’s a great feature to have.

In addition Zebras will go down all the way to zero. So you will be able to set zebras to 50-55% for log skin tones or 41% for S-log3 grey card exposure etc. GPS will work too!

All of the above will be free. For an extra $600 you will be able to get the raw output option. This will allow the camera to record to an external raw recorder in full DCI 4K (4096×2160) at up to 60fps. Yes, that’s right 60fps! In addition there will be a 4 second HFR burst capability that will allow you to record 4 seconds of 120fps 4K raw. If all that isn’t enough then in 2K you will have high speed recording at up to 240fps. However there won’t be any non high speed 2K modes, so no regular 30fps 2K raw.

Just like the FS700 and FS7 the raw is 12 bit linear, so not as good as an F5 or F55, but still a very nice option to have. All of this should be coming some time in June. Don’t forget for raw you will need an external raw recorder such as the Convergent Design Odyssey or the Atomos Shogun.”

The Sony FS5 and PXW-X70 will also have an optional MPEG-2 HD 4:2:2 at 50Mbps upgrade allowing both cameras to easily integrate into existing broadcast workflow and make the more streamlined for documentary and broadcast production.

The MPEG2 422 upgrade will cost around 500 Euros and will be available in June 2016.



Sony FS7 Firmware Version 4.0 details (Free):

  • Flexible AF Spot – adjustable to any part of the screen
  • True 24p in 4K XAVC – no conversion needed from 23.98 in European cinema productions

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Sonys lame NAB 2016 Press conference

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Sony shocker

Sony have to get their act together, why is Europe seeing this instead of content, this happened last year and I was very scathing a year ago.

They announce one 4K shoulder mount camcorder seen below and a high frame rate 4K camera HDC-4800  for broadcasters. NO new 18-105mm G lens…thanks for listening as usual Sony. A complete waste of time. PS what was the idea of inviting a lot of photographers to this ???



Though Sony’s PR company sent me this last night…

  1. Sony unveils world’s first 4K XDCAM shoulder camcorder with 2/3-type image sensor
  2. Sony Unveils 4K 8x Super Motion Camera System with Replay Server Function, built for sports live production
  3. Sony Professional Europe introduces Media Backbone Hive, its state of the art omni-media network production system
  4. Sony Unveils Second Generation of Optical Disc Archive
  5. Sony introduces the PVM-X550, a 55” quad-view large screen TRIMASTER EL™ 4K OLED monitor
  6. Sony bolsters its ground-breaking, interoperable IP Live Production System with a range of new solutions
  7. Sony goes Beyond Definition at NAB 2016
  8. Sony and Grass Valley collaborate to drive common IP standards in the industry
  9. Sony showcases 4K IP Live and ASPEN interoperability incollaboration with Evertz
  10. Sony takes 4K High Dynamic Range production to the next level

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NAB 2016 Sony’s new 4K XDCAM PXW-Z450

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Sony 450

This is the 4K camcorder that many older pro cameramen have been waiting for, the good old shoulder mount. This will prove popular as a good all rounder for freelance broadcast ENG camera men and women. The price has yet to surface but I don’t think you will get any change from £25-£30K.

The PXW-Z450 is an advanced 4K shoulder camcorder that records 4K QFHD (3840×2160) at 50p/59.94p, as well as a variety of HD formats including XAVC Intra, XAVC Long GOP, MPEG HD 422 and MPEG HD 420. Thanks to a specially-developed 4K 2/3-type Exmor R CMOS sensor, the PXW-Z450 is ideal for a wide variety of 4K operations, allowing you to use a wide range of commercially-available B4 mount lenses without having to use an adapter. The camcorder offers the same advanced features as the PXW-X400 Full HD camcorder, with exceptional weight balance and low power consumption, alongside excellent networking features such as built-in wireless module, embedded RJ-45 Ethernet 100B-T connector and Near Field Communication (NFC) function for easy Wireless LAN setup and operation via a mobile or tablet with Sony’s Content Browser Mobile™ application.

Sony 450 v2


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Our man at NAB 2016…Simon Beer from Production Gear

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Simon v2

Simon has flown specially to see the new kit coming out at NAB and to talk to suppliers, while doing so he will give HD Warrior some exclusive coverage from the shop floor.

I arrived in Vegas on Friday evening after a 3 hour delay on my 10 hour flight.  A brief Mexican meal followed by an early night has set me straight for Saturday and my body and mind are fortunately now working on US time.
Everywhere you turn are familiar faces, the show really had come to town.  Vegas is a vast party town and on these two rest and respite days before the show many NAB attendees seem to be enjoying what Vegas offers.
Vegas is an oasis in the middle of the desert.  A triumph to engineering.  The briefest of drives however takes you back to nature and some truly stunning landscapes.
For me the best part of Vegas (show excluded) is to take the opportunity to head out to the desert and explore.  So at 8am on Saturday after a hearty breakfast myself and a fellow Brit headed back to the airport and for $60 dollars rented what can only be viewed as a American classic – a convertible Mustang.
30 Minutes away is the fabulous Redrock Canyon, the views are breathtaking and are a remedy to the loud, brash place that Vegas is.  Signs warn you not to feed the wild horses and burros and the sharp hazards posed by the hardy desert plants and cacti are all too obvious.
Heading back into Vegas by taxi after dropping the car back off at 7pm we were set to join two more Brits for dinner.  Over a pizza talk turned back to the show and what’s possibly going to be announced in the coming days.
Stay tuned for (hopefully) some exciting announcements…




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Photography from Space by Jeff Willliams

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Space v2 title
Astronaut Jeff Williams aboard the International Space Station highlights a favorite activity of crew members while aboard: Earth photography. On his fourth space mission and third Expedition on the ISS, Williams demonstrates the cameras and lenses used to capture still and video imagery of the station and its various visiting vehicle spacecraft like the Soyuz, Progress and Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo craft.

Pic from space

He then floats into the Cupola – his favorite “window on the world” from which breathtaking views of the Earth are taken and shared with everyone on Earth.


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Marionville Models in Livingston…Six filter ND & PL Osmo set for £99

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Filter set

On Friday we set off to Marionville Models in Livingston to get a cracking set of six filters for my DJI OSMO at the brilliant price of £99 the same filter set is advertised on Amazon for £169.


You will be treated by the antics of the owners Samoid pup on entry. The latest firmware for the Osmo cuts the fan off during filming.






Marionville Models
Unit 2 Eliburn Industrial Park
Appleton Park Way
EH54 6GQ

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm T 01506-429914


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HDR, 8K sensors and UHD Blu-Ray “The next big push from Japan”

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Once again we are about to be told by all the vendors that we must keep up with the times and enter HDR Video or 8K cameras…

Only this week SmallHD are showing off some nice new HDR monitors.


High Dynamic Range to give it its expanded name is the ability of a monitor to show the full spectrum of not only colour but the ability to show far better detail in the overall blacks and whites, giving the viewer a far more realistic picture. Most domestic TVs are around 450nits while the new range of HDR TVs are around the 1000nit mark. A nit is a unit of visible-light intensity.


We now have projected 8K camcorders arriving soon as well as 8K DSLRs, this is the picture Japan wants you to take on board as its their future also. We are all going down the 8K route like it or not.

I can see a great reason for 8k with virtual zoom on an HD camera similar to the feature seen on the JVC LS300 giving you a 4x virtual zoom at 8K.

Premiere_CC_8K v2

Premiere Pro is being upgraded to edit 8K footage, Adobe has revealed new features across its Creative Cloud tools for video editing, motion graphics, audio and collaboration. Media and entertainment companies are combining these advanced content creation capabilities with Adobe Primetime to help deliver TV and video content across screens.

Other feature highlights coming soon to Creative Cloud include:

  • Edit immediately during ingest allows Premiere Pro CC users to get straight to work, while importing their video and audio files in the background.
  • Powerful proxy workflows in Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC enable users to easily work with heavy 8K, HDR and HFR media, so editors can switch between native and proxy formats freely – even on lightweight machines.
  • Enhanced Lumetri™ Color tools within Premiere Pro CC adds HSL Secondaries to expand the editor’s toolkit for making color correction and adjustment easier for all filmmakers.
  • New video and audio preview engine in After Effects CC delivers superior playback of cached frames for a smooth experience.
  • Easier and more efficient Character Animator includes a simplified puppet creation process that enables users to easily tag puppet layers easily and record multiple takes of a character’s movement. Users can animate puppets to respond to motion and trigger animation accordingly.
  • New Essential Sound panel in Audition CC enables anyone to mix audio content with professional results.
  • Quickly find Adobe Stock assets with new filtered search in Creative Cloud Libraries. Licensed assets in your library are now badged for easy identification, videos are displayed with duration and format information, and saved videos are linked to video previews on the Adobe Stock site

Lets hope Adobe update Encore to allow us to burn 4K and 8K Blu-Ray disks.

Panasonic-DRM-UBZ1 copy

We are only this year getting our hands on 4K Blu-Ray players but I have yet to source a 4K BR burner.

Not many people are tooled up for 4K let alone 8K but the numbers keep doubling year in year out even although theres very little use at this time for 8K.

Torture Test – HDR Production Monitors by SmallHD from SmallHD on Vimeo.

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