The DJI Controller “Possibly the weakest part of the chain” till now !

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Amazingly I was all set to write how much I do not like the “Heath Robinson” Mavic controller that works with the iPhone when DJI decided to bring out a dedicated Smart Controller.

When you arrive at your position it takes forever to setup the controller making sure you have the lightening connector correctly positioned then scrunching the phone into position and lastly showing the iPhone X your face this all takes a horrendous amount of time.

The wiring from the controller to the iPhone is definitely a weak spot and the iPhone perched on two rubberised posts is asking for trouble.

Now this looks a lot better and your not relying on an Apple iPhone, scrunched either side. Plus DJI claim its twice the brightness of a smartphone so viewing the live feed should be far better. At £579 its not cheap but for budding pilots like me its well worth the money.

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The first few days with the DJI Mavic 2

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Having piloted for a total of 1h 43m its still a steal learning curve every time my Macvic 2 goes up.

Firstly I couldn’t find tripod mode till someone on the DJI forum pointed out you must enable Multiple Flight Modes in the DJI GO 4 APP.

Then you get the ability to switch on and off Tripod mode from the controller itself, very useful. For people not up with the terminology Tripod mode makes the drone move at about 2mph allowing very smooth dolly shots.

Since speaking to my friend Chris I have bought myself a set of extended landing gear from Kingwon (£14) as the Mavic sits ridiculously far too close to the ground making grass landing almost near impossible.

Simon taking the Mavic 2 Pro out for its first spin

I am indebted to my friend Simon for getting me started as he usually fly’s a Boing 737 for a living.

This morning I was flying and got an alarm from the controller, my battery was low. Panic don’t panic, I was like corporal Jones from Dads Army, making a lot of flying errors trying to land the drone in a hurry, another learning curve and totally my fault for not flying on a fresh battery. This was the shot I sent my Mavic to capture.

I will leave you with a tutorial from Dylan Young a chap who shows you how to return your Mavic to home.

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A Happy New Year to all my readers and a healthy 2019

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DJI Mavic 2 PRO my first steps and learning curve.

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I finally got a drone just before Christmas and just for extra luck and safety I got my first training by Simon an aircraft pilot who actually flies a Boeing 737 for a living.

My Mavic 2 PRO with guide stickers still attached was a dream to fly but not without its problems. One thing I was not prepared for was a dog barking at the drone that was running out of battery power and needed to be brought down ASAP. After I told the dog owner our problem she grabbed the dog and all was fine but a moment I was glad to have alerting me for dogs in future flight.

My friend and seasoned drone pilot Chris told me the drone gives off ultrasonics that annoys animals. As a further example of how things can go wrong we put the drone down on the grass and some of it got tangled in the rotors so we had to dismantle one set of blades to untangle it but that’s all part of the learning curve.

Me and Simon during my first solo flight

I have admired my good friend Philip Blooms drone footage for many a year and it gave me the inspiration to have one myself. This is not my first drone as I did buy a DJI Phantom 4 a couple of years ago but I was far from happy with it and sent it back. The Mavic 2 is far superior in all ways especially the smoothness of its flying and it also gives you a lot of confidence with so many health and safety features built in.

Hampden Park, Glasgow

We were photographing a place called Cathkin Park which is a stones throw from Hampden Park. Before the Mavic was aloud to fly we were told via the DJI Go 4 APP that we were near a restricted flying area and had to send my mobile phone number and co ordinates to register ourselves before we were allowed to fly, this told me it was not a DJI drone that was involved at Gatwick last week.

Cathkin Park home of Third Lanark

This was the shot we came for a great overhead shot of Cathkin Park the second home of Scottish football. I would like to thank my good friend Simon for teaching me the basics of flying and always to keep your eyes on the drone whilst flying. As a seasoned aircraft pilot he was very impressed with the DJI Mavic 2 PRO and how steady it was. I also wish to thank Chris from Arran who gave me a lot of hints and tips.

To keep up my flying hours I sent the Mavic up beside my house today and got a wonderful picture of the surrounding area.

I will leave you with Philip Blooms inspiring footage with his review of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

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Don’t be caught out by the Christmas period for all your accessories etc.

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Make sure you get all your accessories before the Christmas close down

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DJI Osmo Pocket “Review coming soon”

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Is it worth the £329 and what’s the 4K 50p picture like, all will be revealed next week. I want to use it in anger before producing a report.

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Original battery grip for a Lumix GH4 (Mint) £55 plus postage

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A bargain for anyone with a Lumix GH4 this mint condition battery grip for sale at £55. PayPal only. Send me an email

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NEW DJI Osmo Pocket 4k 50p Price £329

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The world’s smallest three-axis stabilized camera is made for your travels, family events and adventures

November 28, 2018 – DJI, the world’s leader in creative camera technology, today announced Osmo Pocket, a highly compact three-axis stabilized camera created for everyone. Designed to be incredibly easy to use, Osmo Pocket offers a host of intelligent features to help capture creative videos and photographs in a portable form factor.

“Innovation is at the heart of every product we create and DJI Osmo Pocket is here to change the way photos and videos are captured, not just by professionals but by parents, couples, adventurers, travelers, and everyone in between,” said Roger Luo, President at DJI. “Osmo Pocket is a portable personal camera crew and we can’t wait to see how people use it to capture their stories and share them with the world.”


Small yet powerful

At just over 4 inches tall, Osmo Pocket is DJI’s smallest three-axis stabilized camera. It redefines DJI’s family of handheld gimbals offering features never before seen in a product this compact. A 1/2.3-inch sensor records 12-megapixel photographs and 4K video up to 60fps at 100Mbps in stunning detail. Osmo Pocket also uses built-in dual microphones and advanced noise-canceling algorithms to ensure you capture high quality audio to match your footage. Furthermore, a battery life of up to two hours shooting video in 4K, 30fps means you can always rely on Osmo Pocket to capture your story no matter where you are at the very best quality.

Smooth, stable video

Building on DJI’s experience creating gimbal technology, Osmo Pocket helps capture stable video for all of life’s moments. The state-of-the-art three-axis mechanical gimbal compensates for movements and smooths these motions so you can focus on composition and subject matter. Whether you are taking videos of your vacation or documenting special holiday moments, Osmo Pocket helps ensure your video comes out smooth.

Simple and smart

Designed with ease of use in mind, Osmo Pocket doesn’t just let anyone shoot cinematic footage; it empowers creativity. The gimbal camera uses a 1-inch integrated touch screen that provides a high quality live view as well as the ability to toggle through the various shooting modes, adjust settings, review footage and gain access to a full suite of creative features including:

  • ActiveTrack- DJI’s image recognition algorithms allow Osmo Pocket to recognize and follow subjects of your choice, perfect for capturing family moments easily with the tap of your finger.
  • FaceTrack– FaceTrack takes ActiveTrack one step further. With enhanced ActiveTrack algorithms, FaceTrack automatically recognizes a human face and locks the subject in center of the frame at all times. It does not identify individual faces, but keeps the camera centered on one. To initiate FaceTrack, simply select selfie mode and the camera will detect your face.
  • Timelapse & Motionlapse– If you’re looking to turn minutes into seconds, Timelapse is perfect for capturing unique content with the effect of the world moving faster around you, while Motionlapse adds the dynamic element of camera movement to your Timelapse.
  • FPV Mode– FPV Mode lets you capture your greatest adventures by recording video from your perspective. Instead of locking the gimbal to maintain the horizon, FPV tells the camera to follow your every tilt and lean, shooting dynamic footage exactly as you experienced it.
  • 3×3 & 180° Panorama– For capturing breathtaking wide-angle photos, Osmo Pocket offers two Panorama modes. 3X3 takes an expansive 9 images in total while 180° mode captures 4 images. Osmo Pocket software stitches them together automatically so you can focus on the framing of the scene.

Unlock the full power of Osmo Pocket

A universal port under the touchscreen allows users to connect their mobile devices that use iOS Lightning or USB-C. Upon connection, the new dedicated DJI Mimo app will automatically open and serves as a monitor, while in-app menu offers a variety of intelligent features and recording modes:

  • Story Mode – Bring creative editing to your video with a host of preset music, video transitions and coloring. Choose one of 10 fun templates and Mimo will handle the camera movement for you. After finishing, Mimo automatically generates your very own short story, ready to be shared.
  • Pro Mode – If you want even more control over your content, “Pro mode” gives you access to camera setting adjustments and exposure settings to let you create exactly how you want, from rich video in bright conditions to a perfect handheld long exposure photo at night. Whatever you want to shoot, Osmo Pocket and DJI Mimo let you explore and expand your creativity. Osmo Pocket automatically detects and illuminates low-lit scenes into bright photos. This helps eliminates the need for a tripod, and you can rely on the gimbal to keep the camera still for a shutter speed of up to three seconds. Illuminate the dark, or capture the movement of light in a “light painting.” You’re only limited by your imagination.

A versatile tool with a range of accessories

An ecosystem of accessories unlocks the potential of Osmo Pocket:

  • Accessory Mount- The accessory mount makes Osmo Pocket compatible with action camera accessories so you’re able to capture your adventure footage, such as when mounted on a helmet, backpack or your wrist.
  • Wireless Module- The wireless module supports Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth transmission between Osmo Pocket and your smartphone, providing remote access to the camera feed and control of Osmo Pocket; perfect for setting up a Timelapse or Motionlapse on a busy city street.
  • Controller Wheel- The wheel allows you to precisely control gimbal movement (left-right or up-down) enabling you to easily adjust the composition of your shot. Re-center the gimbal or switch to selfie mode easily with dedicated buttons on the handle.
  • Expansion Kit- The expansion kit includes the Accessory Mount, Wireless Module and Controller Wheel.
  • ND Filters Set**- Specifically designed for Osmo Pocket, ND filters attach to the front of the camera to reduce the amount of light entering the sensor. The ND Filter Set offers several levels of filter darkness and allows for more control over the camera’s aperture, exposure time, and sensor sensitivity settings.
  • Waterproof Case**- Bring a unique underwater perspective to your footage using the Waterproof Case which can be placed at a depth of 60 meters.
  • Extension Rod**- The Extension Rod attaches to the Lightning or USB-C port and provides 31 inches of reach to Osmo Pocket, opening a world of new creative angles that are normally difficult or impossible to get. A gimbal control joystick and camera button on the handle were designed for remote control when using the Extension Rod and a tripod was added to the bottom for expanded use cases
  • Charging Case**- This dual-purpose case not only protects Osmo Pocket while in transit but charges it as well. Dedicated sections were added into the case for your MicroSD card and ND filters so you can quickly grab your Osmo Pocket and know you’re ready to capture those moments and adventures.
  • 3.5mm Adapter**- The 3.5mm Adapter allows you to connect an external microphone if you prefer to capture audio using a separate device.

**coming soon

Price and Availability

Osmo Pocket retails for $349 USD or £329 and will be available for pre-order at, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retailers and additional retailers beginning today, November 28th 2:15 PM EST. Pre-orders will start shipping in December. For more information on all the new features and capabilities of Osmo Pocket, please visit

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