ADVERT…Canon C300 Mk11 now in stock at H Preston Media at £9499 incl. vat

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C300 in stock

Special price on the Canon C300 Mk2 @ £9499.00 inc vat call John or Andy at 01684-575486. Remember. Preston Media are the only UK dealership that takes good condition part exchange video cameras to offset your initial purchase.

Canon C300 Mark II Australian Release 4k from B R E T T D A N T O N on Vimeo.

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Treating gun violence as an infectious disease

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Physician Gary Slutkin spent a decade fighting tuberculosis, cholera and HIV/Aids epidemics in Africa.

When he returned to the United States, he thought he had escaped brutal epidemic deaths.


But then he began to look more carefully at gun violence, noting that its spread followed the patterns of infectious diseases.

Slutkin’s theory is revolutionary because it is among the first to treat gun violence not as a moral or political problem, but as a medical issue to be solved using scientific methods.

Join Dr Slutkin in Chicago to meet the “violence interrupters” – many of whom are reformed criminals – working to end gun violence on their streets.

Cure V

Jonathan Richards (above left) DOP “My latest AlJazeera film is now being broadcast this week on Freeview 132. Not awfully helpful UK times, so feel free to take a look online here. It’s only 10 minutes long so it’s an easy watch. It’s about one doctors’ idea on how to ‘cure’ gun violence. It’s based in Chicago, the old stamping ground of AlCapone and still a hot bed of gang violence. Hope you like it ? ”

“I must also pay tribute and offer thanks to Caroline Radnofsky and Mark Kensett for their help in the making of this film. Mark as Camera 2 and Photographer and Caroline as producer.”

During his stay in Chicago Jonathan met up with Colin Hinkle from Soaring Badger Productions, a full service production company located in Chicago, Illinois. They provide ground and aerial video throughout Chicago, the United States and the world. Specializing in aerial drone videos where they can create a bird’s-eye view of any location upon the request of a client.



Colin got special permission from the mayor of Chicago to fly his Inspire drone over the buildings and has some fantastic stock footage as used by Jonathan in the video about “treating violence”. Soaring Badger Productions was the first FAA exempt Chicago based drone production company and now the only company allowed to film on closed sets for movies and television in Illinois.


The film was shot mainly using his new Sony PXW-FS5 as seen above. Below is Jonathan’s 10m documentary, well worth a watch.

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USA price increase by 100% for PXW-X70 4K upgrade (UPDATED)

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Price 100

On the 9th of June we reported how unfair it was that those in the UK who had the Sony PXW-X70 had to spend £446 when B&H had the same software for £193.

Since our report B&H have now raised the software upgrade to £387 a 100% increase since June 2016. This camera was a great wee tool when it first appeared but most users have off loaded them for NX100’s or Z150’s…so why the price hike on such an old camera ?


Great news for X70 users finally sense prevails…CVP have reduced this upgrade to £235.20


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NEW Firmware for the JVC GY-HM660 v1.02

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JVC 660


JVC cameras have become the standard for fast paced ENG leading the industry in on-board streaming and IP connectivity. The GY-HM660 is JVC’s latest and most advanced handheld mobile news camera. Small and light enough to be used anywhere, this camera surpasses the performance of many traditional ENG style units and offers reliable, high quality streaming without the use of a backpack or external encoder. Dual codecs make it possible to record full HD on solid state memory and at the same time stream the footage for live broadcast.

The GY-HM660’s long (23x) wide angle lens is perfect for fast paced ENG. The camera offers superb low light performance with F12 sensitivity at @2000 lux

The GY-HM660 has JVC’s latest streaming engine employing Zixi or SMPTE 2022 forward error correction (FEC). And it’s the world’s first camcorder with a built-in IFB audio channel. Zixi advanced streaming is included and provides forward error correction, automatic repeat request, and adaptive bitrate control. Multiple Zixi enabled cameras are easily managed with the optional ProHD Broadcaster (BR-800). The camera also provides an RTMP stream for content delivery networks such as USTREAM and YouTube. Transmission at selected resolutions, bitrates and formats is possible independent of the recording mode. Stream 1920 x 1080 (3, 5 or 12 Mpbs), 1280 x 720 (1.5 or 3Mbps) or 480i (0.8, 0.2 Mbps).


New feature…

  • Added the IFB return audio feature. The firmware gives users two channels of Interruptible foldback (IFB), one for the camera operator and a separate feed for the talent. This allows news teams to communicate with the studio while streaming live HD reports from the field. 

New software from here …

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Rick Young’s further thoughts on the JVC LS300

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Rick loves his JVC LS300 so much so he has produced this update video with some extra thoughts from guest camera operators. On location in Hawaii this video shows 3 professionals onsite, working extensively with the JVC GY-LS300, and reporting of their experience using this camera in a professional environment. Plenty of examples of footage filmed with the GY-LS300 is shown, along with the commentary of those who have worked with this camera.

300 from top_HDR v2

I reviewed the camera twice, once when it was just announced and once when they updated the FW to V2. The GY-LS300 Super 35mm camcorder records to non-proprietary SDHC and SDXC media cards in a variety of image formats including 4K Ultra HD, full HD with 4:2:2 sampling, SD and web-friendly proxy formats. It features JVCs 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor combined with industry standard Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount. JVCs unique Variable Scan Mapping technology maintains the native angle of view for a variety of lenses, including Super 35, MFT and Super 16.

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The Daily Vlogger with Casey Neistat

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Casey v2

I saw this chap by pure chance while browsing and I like his style..fearless towards his new drone, DJI Phantom 4 and a very interesting take on his first flight.

You can catch more of his exploits here…

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NEW Fuji X-T2 with NO headphone socket or does it (£1399 body only)

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Why are manufacturers insisting in bringing tools to market with no headphone sockets. This camera is 4K and full HD yet only useful for product shots and shots that do not require sound. 4K up to 10m is also a joke comparing it to an older Panasonic GH4.

  • 24MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor
  • 325 AF points (169 of which offer phase detection)
  • AF point selection joystick
  • 2.36M-dot OLED EVF with 0.005 sec refresh time (60 fps or 100 fps in boost mode)
  • 3″ 1.04M-dot articulating LCD
  • 4K UHD video at up to 30 fps for up to 10 min (30 min with booster grip)
  • F-Log flat profile and 4K out over HDMI
  • 8 fps continuous shooting with AF (11 fps with booster grip)
  • 5 fps continuous shooting with live view updates between capture
  • Dual SD card slots (UHS-II compatible)
  • USB 3.0 socket


Just been informed if you spend a further £300 and buy the booster grip you indeed get a headphone socket, but I would prefer this to be on the camera itself.


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Canon announce a £2000 reduction on the C300 Mk11… (Now £7995 plus vat)

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2K off

Canon have announced a massive £2000 +VAT price drop on the incredible C300 mark II Cinema EOS camera. Canon C300 mark II – Now £7995 +VAT

The C300 II delivers stunning pictures and colour reproduction, wide dynamic range, high data rate 4K recording and external RAW output.

C300 Mk11
A native EF lens mount accepting EF and EFS lenses combined with exceptional dual pixel auto focus sees this amazing tool excel above the competition.

Check this camera out in our north London showroom, call for details – 020 8275 1070



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Social Media for FCPX…Offer $49 till end of July

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Social Media

XEffects Social Media for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)


BUY NOW FOR $49 (Normal price $99 – on offer until July 31st)

XEffects Social Media is a set of over thirty professionally designed templates for Final Cut Pro X that emulate popular social media posts and webpages.

Facebook better

Templates include all the elements for single posts or webpage construction of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Vine accounts.

All the information, avatars, text and of course images or video for the drop zones are all customisable. All elements are built with vectors – zoom into the GUI as close as you like.

Get sharing!

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Sony PXW-FS7 new firmware V4

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FS7 FW v4

Contents of update to Sony’s PXW-FS7 firmware v4

1. Support for Flexible Spot in Focus setting.
2. Support for XAVC-I 4K 24.00P.
3. Display for Video Signal Monitor is improved.
4. Operability of S&Q setting by assignable button is improved.
5. Remove Basic Authentication from items saved in all file.
6. Auto knee stability is improved.
7. Overall stability and operability of the camera is improved.

My thanks to Rose Jennings for spotting this.

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