When an air bag deploys while filming in a car

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Health and Safety especially in a moving car is something most of us don’t think twice about especially if you are filming a section for television, this will make you think twice.

I have produced over 20 DVDs about H&S in factory’s around the UK.

Handheld Filming in Vehicles (Free Driving) from ICG Local 600 on Vimeo.

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Panasonic G9 “major backwards step for video users”

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I was hoping to get one of these for a “B” camera while using video but I could not contemplate this as it stands. What a backwards step by Panasonic making it video time restricted especially when using 4K 50p.

What earthly use is 10minutes to anyone.

I do realise this is promoted as a photographic camera but why have any video features if you are going to restrict it to a stupid figure of 10 minutes, bad call Panasonic.

I thought Panasonic were no longer time restricting their cameras beyond the GH5 because they had learned a lesson with the GH4.

Q. Is this a design flaw or can it be removed with a future FW update.

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Sharp’s Super 35mm 8K camcorder $77,352 USD

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I have never before seen or bought a professional Sharp camcorder yet they have just announced this 8K camera. At $77 thousand US dollars I doubt they will be shifting many units.

  • 1. World’s first camcorder integrating capabilities for video shooting and recording, playback, and line output for 8K (60p).
  • 2. Compatible with 8K (60p) shooting thanks to a large, Super 35-mm-equivalent CMOS image sensor with 33 million pixels.
  • 3. Realizes 4:2:2 sampling*6 and 10-bit recording of 8K (60p) images. A compression method that exerts low burden on the CPU makes editing more efficient and allows approximately 40 minutes of continuous recording (when using 2TB SSD pack).
  • 4. Real-time output of uncompressed 8K (60P) images can be performed simultaneously with recording (equipped with quad-link 12G-SDI output terminal), making possible live 8K transmissions and replay output after recording.
  • 5. Built-in SSD back slot for recording media. Realizes one-person operation at 8K shooting with V-mount battery drive.

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NEW Panasonic G9…with 4K 50p…£1,500 January 2018

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Panasonic’s new Lumix DC-G9 is the company’s first mirrorless camera aimed specifically at professional stills photographers. Geared for high-speed capture at up to 20fps, the G9 offers the same 20MP Four Thirds sensor as the video-centric GH5, but with tweaked image processing for better JPEG image quality. If 20 Megapixels isn’t enough for you, the G9 is able to shift its sensor eight times to create an 80MP Raw image with ultra-high resolution.

The G9’s image stabilization is as good as you’ll find on any interchangeable lens cameras, capable of reducing shake by up to 6.5 stops. Panasonic claims that this system still offers that level of stabilization at wider focal lengths when using non-stabilized lenses, and maintains it at longer focal lengths with those with built-in IS, where it can use ‘Dual I.S. 2

There’s a refined ‘Depth from Defocus’ AF system on the G9, which offers 225 selectable points and improvements in both speed and subject tracking. The camera is capable of shooting bursts at 20 fps with continuous autofocus using its electronic shutter (9 fps with mechanical) and 60 fps with single AF (12 fps with mechanical). The buffer allows for up to 50 Raw images to be captured in a single burst.

Looking at the pins on the top of the camera Panasonic have deliberately not included the gold power pin seen on the GH5 for the XLR adaptor.

The G9 has a sturdy metal body that’s sealed against the elements and freezeproof to -10C/+14F. Direct controls include a lockable mode dial with a sub-dial for drive mode, an AF-point selection joystick and function switch for quickly swapping settings, similar to what’s found on some Olympus cameras. The OLED electronic viewfinder is downright enormous, with a maximum magnification of 0.83x equivalent and a resolution of 3.68 million dots. A 3″ fully articulating touchscreen LCD is also available. The camera has two SD memory card slots, both of which support UHS-II media. Ports include HDMI, microphone, headphone, flash sync, USB 3.0 (Micro B) and wired remote.

On the video front, the G9 can capture UHD 4K video at up to 50 fps, with a maximum bitrate of 150Mbps. It samples the full width of the sensor for all resolutions, which means no crop and higher quality. You can shoot slo-mo video at up to 60 fps in 4K and 180 fps at Full HD. The G9 can use its video capabilities to capture both 6K and 4K stills.

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Finally we get to see some Panasonic EVA-1 documentary footage from Newsshooter

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Here we get a great insight from Matthew Allard (ACS) filming a documentary with the Panasonic EVA-1… great footage.

Matthew “This review won’t be nearly as detailed as I would have liked, because I only had access to the camera for a few days. It is impossible to fully review a camera in a short period of time as you really do need to spend significant time with it over many weeks, if not months, to fully appreciate its strengths and weaknesses. I am, however, going to give you as much information and detail as I was able to get with my time with the camera. My review is based on using the camera in a news, documentary environment, but most of what I say is going to be relevant to anyone else using the camera for other purposes.

On the last day I had the camera I went out and shot a proper story, as it was important for me to see just how well the EVA1 performed in a real-world shooting scenario. Testing a camera under completely controlled conditions is never going to show its true strengths and weaknesses.”

Full story here http://www.newsshooter.com/2017/11/01/panasonic-au-eva1-hands-on-review/

Some Monogatari – Shot on the Panasonic EVA1 from Newsshooter on Vimeo.

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The Panasonic EVA-1 arrives on time

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Today was EVA day though many children would swear it was halloween. As you can see many people are proudly showing off their new camcorders.

With final firmware and production sensor we await a flurry of news and reviews from around the UK and Europe.

Retail outlets have been a bit more conservative with their stocks as many people are awaiting the first reviews, from the lucky first owners.

The extra £329 in September did this camera no favours and not having a viewfinder for critical focus is another bone of contention.

As for me I will gladly wait to see how things go as my Panasonic GH5’s are producing some stunning 4K 50p footage, what more do you need !

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First side by side review of the new Panasonic EVA-1 with production firmware

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Carl “We have an up-to-date, ready to go model, and first things first; we head out to inspect the image quality. Firstly trying out the various Gamma profiles. EVA has 5 different profiles that they call “Scene files” 1-5 and then of course V-Log.

After a quick check for rolling shutter – Barely noticeable, but there in small amounts at high speeds – we test out the Image Stabilisation.  EVA has a 5.7K sensor which it crops into a 4K image, using the extra space to stabilise the shot.  Whilst only making a slight difference during walking shots, the handheld stationary shots proved much more noticeable.

200FPS made for some impressively smooth slow-motion shots, if a little noisy. 100fps was a lot cleaner.”

“You can see for yourself how the picture compares, and – more than ever – we’d love to hear your reaction, if you already own one of these other cameras, how does EVA compare?”

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Panasonic EVA-1 with Production Firmware

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On the day that Panasonic announce that final shipping has begun we take a look at some footage produced by Noel Evans.

This review is meant for the users. It shows B roll style shots typical of documentary / ENG etc shot on latest firmware as at October 9, 2017 and also two sequences that were shot on very early beta firmware (same as other pieces released).

The sequences are virtually identical, however the first is shot very uncontrolled with a basic two light set up. Something like a typical run and gun situation may be like and is what many users asked me for. The second is a full light lock version I’ve called – Light it baby. I have taken a little creative licence with this opting to add a very subtle flaring here and there to suit the mood.

All shots are graded with the standard Color board within FCPX, albeit 7-8 nodes per shot.

We were not provided any resources by Panasonic outside the camera itself and utilising gear provided by Lemac, John Barry Sales, Con Filippidis and myself, put this together very low budget style.

Please remember the sequence shots were very early firmware and where essentially my personal camera tests. Camera I used on firmware just prior to final version was much much better. Many improvements across the board. We also need to keep in mind that this footage is all 150mbps long gop. Yes, it’s 10bit, but it’s hardly the best codec this camera will have come updates early next year. With an all I codec, I wouldnt touch long gop with a 10 foot pole, however it’s good to know it works quite well.

Noel Evans talks about the Panasonic EVA1 from Noel Evans on Vimeo.

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Viral Video Thirds from Idustrial Revolution $39

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XEffects Viral Video Thirds is a set of titles, effects and transitions for Final Cut Pro X that combine to make compelling and eyecatching videos. Big, bold and colourful with lots of movement, this set of 35 plugins is perfectly ‘on trend’ for many uses from broadcast productions to social media posts.

Split media up into vertical or horizontal sections, apply a text overlay and then animate between different stacked thirds.

Keep it simple or build complex layered sections and animate between them with sliding panels or a custom 3D rotating Rubic Cube transition.


– All Transition & Effect Plugins work with video or images
– No cumbersome drop zones for better speed, timing and audio retention!
– Masking plugins to split screens into third or ninth segments automatically
– Built in colour palettes or use your own custom colours
– Resize and colour individual words for impact
– Easy to animate text, choose the in and out direction of travel
– All third transition effects match panels for perfect alignment
– Many different adjustable parameters on transitions such as direction, order, reflections, camera angle & borders
– Pin sharp results even in 4K FCPX timelines.

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New Sony HXC-FB80 4K and HDR ready studio camcorder

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Sony is introducing an accessible camera system for 4K and HDR-ready studio and live production with the combination of the latest HXC-FB80 portable camera and HXCU-FB80 camera control unit (CCU). Based on a 3G-SDI platform with 1080/50p capabilities, the new system is well-suited for live production applications (studios, education, events), where production professionals need a high-quality HD solution with a migration path to 4K and HDR.

Since its debut in 2015, the current HXC series has been adopted worldwide by regional broadcast stations, production companies and educational institutes.  With inputs from these customer experiences, Sony today enhances its range of system cameras to support 4K upscale and HD HDR production in order to widen its applications. The HXC-FB80 has the same choice of configurations as its predecessors – the HXC-FB80H (camera body only) and HXC-FB80K (with 2/3” HD Lens, Portable viewfinder and Microphone).

The HXC-FB80 expands Sony’s HXC product line-up and shares many common features with thecurrent HXC-FB75. The new camera continues to provide signal-to-noise ratio at -60dB with high sensitivity of F13 at 50Hz – ideal for low-light shooting – and a variety of camera painting and processing capabilities.

The CCU upscales HD content to 4K (3840×2160) and provides a 12G-SDI output in addition to a quad-Link 3G-SDI. An HD HDR output supporting Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) will be available in 2018 summerthrough a firmware upgrade.

The camera has three 2/3-inch type CMOS Exmor image sensors and provides 50Hz progressive operation at 1920×1080 between the camera head and CCU using a 3G Platform. The camera also supports 23.98PsF shooting for productions requiring a film-look, including interviews and newsmagazine-type programs along with 25PsF shooting.

Furthermore, the ND filter wheel can be remotely controlled by the newly adopted filter servo motor in the camera head in addition to the electrical CC filter.

Notably, the potential distance between the camera head and CCU is extended up to 600m, while keeping the 10km extension by single mode fibre cable with local power supply. Together with the HXC-P70, the cable length can be extended up to 1,000m with the supplied power from the new HXCU-FB80 CCU. In addition to a Neutrik connector interface, an SMPTE-311M LEMO connector interface is also available for the camera head and CCU.

The HXC-FB80 system can be controlled not only by the CCU front panel operation, but also RCP remote operation as well as PC-RCP (HZC-RCP5) and Master Setup Unit (MSU) system for multi-camera application, which ensures scalability of its system.

The HXC-FB80 camera and HXCU-FB80 camera control unit are planned to be available in January 2018.  Sony will be exhibiting its prototype at the NAB Show New York, booth N401 Hall 3B Level 3, from 18 to 19 October.

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