Our new educational DVD on Type One Diabetes

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DVD title

Finally after almost 3 years in the making we have a finished DVD on type one diabetes. This DVD has gone through many stages to get here but the final 50m video is a testimony to the Canon C300.


Initially I postponed the shoot till I had the C300 as its cinematic qualities were at that time..second to none.


The Canon C300 is the prime interview camera with a lovely shallow depth of field and no grain.


I used many lenses during the shoot but some of my favourite shots were with the Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 USM Macro lens.


The Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG HSM, Canon fit was used for the majority of interviews.


There are 2 DVDs one about the clinical side of diabetes and one called Mini Features, covering various topics from Holidays to Ramadan. The dual DVD costs £15 plus £3 post and packing within the UK. If you know anyone who would like a copy you can email me at smallvideo@mac.com

Diabetes DVD banner Ud


I am in the process of designing a new word press site to sell our educational DVDs on diabetes.

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The Wee RED REC button for the Sony A7s (£5)

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I developed this brilliant solution for the Sony A7s while looking at a $20 American alternative…my solution not only looks the business but is a lot cheaper.


The stupid design of the A7s record button makes it very hard to make a positive connection with your finger causing no end of problems from camera movement to unwanted recordings.

My solution brings a positive feel to the record button giving you a direct on and off….simple but effective !

I will supply 4 WEE RED REC buttons for £5 which includes 2 spare and UK postage…send me an email (hdwarrior@me.com) and I will send you a PAYPAL request…shipping worldwide.

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User Review of the DJI Ronin M

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I received my Ronin M just under 2 weeks ago from Production Gear, I was promised one of the first into the UK as I was producing a  video review.


We were filming part of an advert for the Harley Davidson Street Glide… 1,690cc four-stroke V-twin, six-speed transmission.


We had various cameras with us from two GoPro’s to the Sony PXW-FS7. I favour the Panasonic GH4 on the Ronin for practical reasons i.e. You don’t need to drill down menus to get settings like ISO etc.


This unit is caller RotoR which allows for some interesting selfies as it rotates. This was shot at Errol Aerodrome in Perthshire, Scotland, see details below.


Don, Gerry and Scott posing for a crew picture.


The interview was done with a Sony PXW-FS7 with a 10mm Sony lens.


Miller the cocker spaniel having a good look up the end of my 12mm f2.8 Lumix lens.


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Converting HD to SD via the Sony FS7 for a live link

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Recently we were sent to Edinburgh to meet up with MP Norman Lamb as part of a live insert for Channel 4 news talking about the late Charles Kennedy.


Fortunately the Scottish weather was kind to us and a BNC SDI cable was fed out of Scottish Televisions truck to my Sony FS7.


The Sony FS7 does not have any facility to feed an SD signal direct… so I had to use my Datavideo down converter the DAC-70 powered by a 12v “V” lock power supply.


On the back of the FS7 I also used the new small HD 502 1920 x 1080 field monitor. I used the HDMI socket from the FS7 as I wanted to keep my second SDI socket free in case of any problems.


This is not only a cracking unit but acts as a studio monitor on the back of my Sony FS7.


As you can see the FS7 has its loupe down to check focus, whilst I can confidently monitor pictures from the small HD.


The satellite engineer from Scottish Television, Alex was a great help and between us Channel 4 News were not disappointed.

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NEW camcorder from Sony…the HXR-NX100 (October 2015)

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The HXR-NX100 features a 1.0 type Exmor® R back-illuminated CMOS Sensor with 20 megapixels. The sensor, which is approximately the same size as a Super 16mm film frame, delivers high resolution, low noise and stunning picture quality even in low light conditions, as well as offering more depth of field control as demanded by today’s diverse shooting requirements. Stunning picture quality is further ensured by a fixed Sony G lens, offering 12x optical zoom from 29mm angle of view at wide end that can be increased to 24x with Clear Image Zoom, while retaining full resolution thanks to By Pixel Super Resolution Technology. Furthermore, zoom performance can be doubled at any point with a Digital Extender by up to 48x. These features, combined with built-in 4-step ND filter, mean the HXR-NX100 is well prepared to capture quality content in any environment.

The HXR-NX100 is ergonomically designed to give a lightweight and easy-to-use form factor that ensures quality, reliability and peace of mind during any type of shoot. Three independent manual lens rings give simple access to zoom, focus and iris functions. The camcorder also provides a wide variety of connectivity options including HDMI, Multi/Micro USB, XLR terminals, REMOTE, Composite (BNC) and Multi Interface (MI) Shoe, which allows for a wide range of accessories without the need for cables, such as the HVL-LBPC Video Light and the UWP-D wireless microphone series.

Further extending the recording flexibility of the Sony NXCAM range, the HXR-NX100 is able to record in AVCHD, DV and XAVC S 50Mbps for multiple choices and high quality images. Operational flexibility is maximised by recording onto affordable and readily available consumer memory cards. The HXR-NX100 features dual media slots, which enables recording onto two memory cards either simultaneously or via a relay mode, where recording automatically switches when the first card is full.

“The HXR-NX100 brings the very best in resolution, depth of field control and low light performance thanks to its big 1.0-type Exmor R CMOS sensor, allowing content creators to capture beautiful images in any environment,” said Robbie Fleming, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and the ability to record in XAVC S 50Mbps means the camcorder delivers quality content across a range of shoots, such as events and corporate videos. In the HXR-NX100, professionals have a versatile camcorder that lets them concentrate on doing what they love, with minimum hassle.”


Key features of the HXR-NX100

  • 1.0 type Exmor® R CMOS Sensor and Sony G lens for stunning picture quality.High sensitivity and fantastic resolution with 20 megapixel sensor and sophisticated Sony G lens deliver striking detail, colours and wide dynamic range, even in low light conditions (minimum illumination 1.7 Lux *)

* NTSC model: 1/30 second shutter speed, Iris and gain Auto.       PAL model   : 1/25 second shutter speed, Iris and gain Auto

  • Maximum 48x zoom for wide range shooting.The lens offers a 12x Optical Zoom from 29mm angle of view at wide end, which can be increased to 24x with Clear Image Zoom while retaining full resolution thanks to By Pixel Super Resolution Technology. Zoom performance can be doubled at any point with a Digital Extender up to 48x.
  • Three independent manual lens rings, built-in 4-step ND filter and other professional functions.Manual lens rings ensure intuitive control of zoom, focus and iris and the built-in 4-step ND filter helps to control exposure in bright scenes. Other professional features include 0.24 type 1550K dots EVF and 3.5 type 1550K dots LCD for easy monitoring, and a wide variety of professional interfaces, including HDMI, Multi/Micro USB, XLR terminals, REMOTE, Composite (BNC) and Multi Interface (MI) Shoe, delivering a seamless integration for video light and wireless audio.
  • Breadth of recording format capabilities.  The camcorderprovides multiple choices including AVCHD and DV which are suitable for conventional workflow, and newly implemented XAVC S 50Mbps which delivers better image quality especially for professional needs.
  • Dual media slots for recording flexibility.Two memory card slots enable various recording options such as backup, simultaneous,relay and independent recording. The camcorder is compatible with SDXC and SDHC cards as well as Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2)and Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo. “SIMUL” mode permits simultaneous recording to two memory cards, while “RELAY” mode automatically switches recording from the first to the second memory card when the first is full. The user can also use buttons on the camcorder to independently start and stop recording on different memory cards.


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Oversized lapel mic used on a BBC FIFA story…A Sennheiser MKE40-4

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Saw this interview during the FIFA scandal and was taken aback at the sheer size of this lapel mic…this is the kind of lapel mic on offer during the 1970s when miniaturisation was not possible.

Does anyone know anything about it as I am sure it was being used for a very good reason.


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The Saramonic SR-AX107 Audio Mixer Overview

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The Saramonic SR-AX107 is a practical no nonsense audio mixer for your DSLR. Important for me is the ability to use phantom powered XLR microphones and the Saramonic has 2 XLR inputs.


Beside the XLRs is the 9v battery compartment, that was a surprise for me as I have not had to use a PP3 (MN1604) battery for a few years and had to fly to Tesco to get one.


The control panel is simple with various switches and the left and right rotary knobs are very positive using a stepping motion.


The LCD is clean and does the job.


Both sides have the ability to hold a hot shoe “spade mount” to hold other accessories, personally I would have preferred 1/4″ screw mounting holes.

I took the SR-AX107 along to my friend Gerry Bayne a broadcast sound engineer to have a listen to it.

GubbinsWe decided to have a look at the inside and were very impressed with the overall build quality and the PCB layout.

Gerry-WSGerry used various types of microphones from AKG C 460 B shotgun to the older classic “Elvis” Shure 55SH Dynamic vocal mic.

ShureGerry was impressed with the Saramonic SR-AX107, it sounded very clean, adding no noise that was detectable by ear.

For £200 the Saramonic gives you a great 2 channel field sound mixer especially useful with a DSLR, my only negative is the anchor point for the DSLR itself, the big thumb screw is great but my Sony A7s had a tendency to move, but this is a problem that most of these single 1/4″ screw mount DSLR audio units suffer.


My thanks to Ianiro for giving me the Saramonic SR-AX107 to review.


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Small HD 502 Field Monitor with a 1920 x 1080 LED screen… £760 plus vat (Production Gear)

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This is one of the best 5 inch LED screens I have seen, the picture you see is not a photoshop job its a still from my Sony A7s taken on a job yesterday.


This is a 50% enlargement from the screen…absolutely fantastic. The SmallHD 502 has both SDI and HDMI in and outs. I will be using the screen with my Ronin M next week at an airfield…more about this next week.

The ‘SmallHD 502 Field Monitor’ which has both SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs (with cross conversion) and currently lists at £895 + vat (Holdan, CVP prices) but is listed elsewhere at lower prices showing as £760 + vat at one of our site sponsors Production Gear.
Anyone needing only HDMI connectivity can save some more money by opting for the ‘SmallHD 501 Field Monitor’ which is otherwise identical but forgoes the SDI connections and lists at £675.00 + vat (Holdan, CVP prices) (£621.00 + vat at ‘Production Gear’).
Adding the ‘SmallHD Sidefinder’  (£215 plus vat) allows either of the above monitors to be used as a high quality EVF.

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AJA reduce the price of the CION to $4995 a drop of $4000 !

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AJA Launches “Summer of Savings” Promotion for CION and Select Ki Pro Products
Amazing New Pricing for the CION Production Camera, Ki Pro Quad, Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro Recorders

Grass Valley, CA (May 26, 2015) — AJA Video Systems today launched the “Summer of Savings” promotion, reducing pricing for the CION production camera, Ki Pro Quad, Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro recorders. The price for CION is now $4995 US MSRP, which reflects a $4000 price reduction. Ki Pro Quad is now $2995 US MSRP, Ki Pro Mini is $1495 US MSRP, Ki Pro is $2495 US MSRP, and Ki Pro ND is $2295 US MSRP. AJA customers who purchased the CION production camera before May 26, 2015 will receive two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free, directly from AJA (valued at $2495 MSRP).  

“CION already offers so much in terms of cinematic image quality, functionality, workflow flexibility, and with this new lower price we’re completely removing the barrier to entry for so many in the indie and commercial filmmaking market,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “Our Ki Pro products were the first to deliver hardware ProRes recording in a portable device, and this price promotion is designed to get this proven performance into even more customer’s hands.” 

AJA’s “Summer of Savings” begins today through the end of summer 2015. Current CION owners can submit their request for the free Pak media drives to cionpromo@aja.com . For more information about AJA products please visit www.aja.com

About CION
Ergonomic and lightweight in design with unparalleled connectivity, the CION production camera is capable of shooting at 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD resolutions. In-camera recording directly to the Apple ProRes family of codecs, including 12-bit ProRes 444, enables incredible image quality capture to cost-effective AJA Pak SSD media at up to 4K/60p, and offers compatibility with a wide range of post production applications. CION can also output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120 fps via 4x 3G-SDI or up to 4K 30 fps via Thunderbolt™. 

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User Review of the Ronin M coming soon

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This is a tool I have had my eye on for a while now and the newer, lighter Ronin M is right up my street. I intend to use it with my Panasonic GH4, Sony A7s and my Sony X70.

I need a wee bit of time to get to know it but first impressions are very encouraging.

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