URSA deal of 2017 saving over £2000

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URSA to URSA Mini Pro upgrade saving over £2000 and you get to keep your original URSA.

All existing URSA customers have the chance to upgrade their URSA to the NEW URSA Mini Pro.
For the customer to qualify we will need the following:

  • A photograph of the customers URSA serial number from the camera body (not the box)
  • A copy of the customers original purchase invoice
  • Offer only valid till 31st March 2017
  • You get the URSA mini pro for £2860


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ADVERT …Sony OPEN DAY at H. Preston Media this Wednesday 8th March 2017

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We have a Sony Open Day on the Wednesday 8th March (this Wednesday 10 am to 4 pm. Come and see the New Sony PXW-FS7k mk 2 with the New Sony Lens 18-110mm f4.

Address for H. Preston Media is 103, Worcester Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 1EP


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Just when you thought timelapse does not get any better

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I am a film-maker specializing in time-lapse cinematography. In 2009 my photography-career started with the first timelapses created in my free time.

With growing expectations to quality and composition motion-control gear became quickly a main focus of my work. I started developing and building sliders and jibs to create more dynamic shots than it was possible before.

Tech is always a driving factor behind my work. With sensor-technology quickly evolving, new lens-designs and new post-production techniques I currently specialize in ultra high resolution visuals in 4K and 8K resolution.

My goal with time-lapse-photography is to capture what can’t be seen by the human eye in combination with the most beautiful landscapes and impressive cityscapes to create immersive experiences.

Capturing high resolution time-lapse visuals in some of the most remote places of New Zealand came with a lot of challenges for men and equipment. Nature made clear who the boss is by destroying two of my cameras. A very strong Mag 7.5 earthquake hit the Kaikoura region about halfway into the trip. Spring weather was very unsettled so it surprised me even more to capture one of the most perfect nightsky reflection scenes I have ever done.
Wanting to capture the essence of an untouched wilderness often comes with an accessibility problem too. But I had great help from many awesome people I became friends with.

Getting a plane-ride to Stewart and landing on pristine beaches was only one of the many highlights of the trip. Taking a boat to discover the mysterious lakes of Fjordland, crossing freezing cold streams to reach hidden canyons or exploring the magnificient underworlds of New Zealands glowworm caves where incredible experiences that came along capturing the natural wonders of one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

NEW ZEALAND ASCENDING | 8K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

New Zealand Ascending | Behind the Scenes from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

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BlackMagic’s GH5 Spoiler ?…not at £4,919

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I thought BlackMagic Design were onto a GH5 spoiler with this latest URSA Mini Pro but at £4,919 less viewfinder it’s not even close to a GH5 in price.

Introducing URSA Mini Pro, a professional digital film camera that combines the incredible image quality of URSA Mini 4.6K with the features and controls of a traditional broadcast camera! You get a massive number of ergonomically designed controls on the side of the camera so you can adjust most settings by feel, and without ever having to take your eyes off the action. URSA Mini Pro also features built in ND filters, a status display and a revolutionary new interchangeable lens mount that lets you change between EF photographic lenses or PL and B4 lenses. URSA Mini Pro records up to 60fps and features dual C-Fast 2.0 recorders as well as dual UHS-II SD Card recorders. URSA Mini Pro is lightweight and comfortable enough to use all day, has controls that are extremely fast to use, and image quality that’s far superior to broadcast cameras costing ten times more!

URSA Mini Pro is “three cameras in one” because it combines high end digital film quality with the ergonomics and features broadcasters need. It’s ideal for any kind of work from high end feature films, television shows and commercials, to independent films, broadcast news, and even studio and live production! URSA Mini Pro features beyond Ultra HD 4.6K resolution plus 15 stops of dynamic range, all with a super wide color gamut and DaVinci color science so you always capture cinematic quality images. The super compact body features broadcast camera ergonomics and advanced operating software that make it faster to set up and use than any other camera! Whether you’re on set, on location or shooting run and gun, URSA Mini Pro has the image quality and features you need to work on any type of project!

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Samsung filmed this commercial for the 2017 Oscars with Casey Neistat

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This was an add for Samsung that was aired during the Oscars to show off the YouTube community to a major US TV audience. I don’t think this hits the mark, personally, as its not what Casey is all about. I think people who over treat concepts like this should be rained back, as there was far too much money spent for a concept that could have been done in half the cost and crew.

Casey is noted for many things but mainly his daily YouTube blog that is up to 6 million subscribers, although he no longer blogs daily he is still producing his own style of content on YouTube.

This is an advert that I think would have worked better.

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The 4 main cameras that won the 2017 Digital Oscars

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Four cameras earned recognition for helping to usher in the digital age of filmmaking…

ARRI ALEXA was honoured for the pioneering design and engineering of the Super 35 format Alexa digital camera system.

Red Digital Cinema received an award for the the RED Epic thanks to its upgradeable full-frame sensors.

Sony for the development of the F65 CineAlta camera with its unique sensor design and ‘true’ Raw recording capability.

Panavision in conjunction with Sony for the design of the Genesis digital motion picture camera, which allowed for it to become one of the most widely adopted digital cameras for cinematography.

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“Be My Eyes” You can help a blind person…NOW !

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One of the best APPs on the iPhone store to date, “Be My Eyes”. As cameramen and women we all use our eyes daily to produce fantastic footage.

Where would we be without our eyes…

Not all blind people get guide dogs, in fact there are not enough qualified guide dogs to go around.

To be fair this is not an app to replace guide dogs in fact its to help blind people see simple things like colours of clothes or is the milk out of date.

My late grandmother was blind as you can see by her white stick but it never held her back and not a more positive person you could wish to meet.

Join me by being a volunteer with an amazing app that keeps you anonymous but gives a blind person a lot of comfort knowing you are at the end of a phone call. Watch the video below…

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BVE 2017…Show offers announced

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Here we go again, BVE 2017 will open at the Excel Centre in London on Tuesday the 28th of February.

One of HD Warriors blog sponsors Production Gear will be at BVE, visit their stand and get 50% off the 7″ Black Magic Video Assist

50% off the seven inch  Black Magic Video Assist is a bargain, I bought one last year and it was a bargain.

Sadly I won’t be there this year so poor Bradley at Production Gear can’t photobomb me like he did last year.

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GH5 open day at H. Preston Media

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Today was the turn of H. Preston Media to hold an open day with almost 100 pre-orders for GH5s things are looking well for this family business in Malvern.

Here we see Dan Wheeler from Holdan showing off the Lumix GH5.

Preston’s are one of the few video retailers giving customers excellent trade in prices for their good condition second hand camcorders.

So thats the end of another open day at Malvern with a further 7 orders in the bag for GH5’s.


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Why I choose the micro 4/3 system

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Lets start with lens cost, with the Sony FS7 I had a bank of Sony lenses that covered me from tight to wide but the servo zoom lens 28-135mm f4 was not wide enough.

With much criticism Sony finally brought out the 18-110mm f4 lens at a cost of £3,299.

So what eventually put me off the FS7, not the quality, but its sheer weight, having used it on the Gadget show hand held, I was knackered after one days shoot.

I looked into getting an Easy Rig but decided the extra expense and the amount of use it would get was not worth the money.

If truth be told, I could not wait for this 18-110mm f4 Sony lens to appear nor was I able to finance it, plus the older you get the less weight you want to carry on your shoulder plus my recent stroke played a big part in my decision.

My options were Sony E mount or Panasonic micro 4/3…as I was already using two GH4s  for photographic and video work it was an easy choice…stick with one lens system…micro 4/3.

Thats why I got the JVC LS-300 as it natively took micro 4/3 lenses but remember its got a super 35mm sensor.

I also got a sniff of the GH5 running at UHD 50p which is going to be the camera of 2017, don’t take my word for it, Panasonic have already mentioned how overloaded they are with pre orders to meet the initial demand.

All my lenses bar two are now micro 4/3. I have the 18-35 f1.8 Sigma Canon fit Art lens and a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens both lenses are great for shallow depth of field and low light videography. I use the Canon to M4/3 Metabones Speedbooster on my GH4, and a Metabones straight adapter (EF-M4/3) for my LS300.

The JVC LS-300 also has VSM (Variable Scan Mapping) allowing me to match the lens with the super 35mm sensor.

The VSM comes into play when you have full frame lenses like the Irix 15mm f2.4 its a lot more noticeable on the GH4 as you don’t get as wide a shot as the lens is capable of.

I am currently reviewing the Irix on the JVC LS-300 and using a Nikon to M4/3 adapter from MTF. This allows me to dial in more of the wide angle thanks to the variable scan mapping and the super 35mm sensor on the LS-300.

The Sony FS7 was the first camera to produce 4K 50p video which was its major attraction, once the GH5 appears 4K 50p is part of the deal as is HDR in a firmware upgrade during July 2017.

5 Axis stabilisation is also a deal breaker as is the weight of the camera, no servo zoom like the FS7 but there has to be a compromise somewhere down the line.

Another major deal breaker was the full size HDMI and the dual card slot on the GH5, micro HDMIs are less than useless.

Panasonic has admittedly come late to having the on camera XLR unit as seen above but I gave it the once over with Marise from Holdan switching from auto to manual, something you can’t do with the GH4.

Times are a changing and so is my outlook as is my business, the need for expensive larger video cameras is a thing of the past.

Finally we have quality at a reasonable cost with quality glass that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Why would you need a run and gun camcorder today ? A question I will answer in a future blog post with a pleasant surprise for Sony !

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