GH5 v2 firmware now available

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Sadly there is no indication that the firmware (FW) has completed, I left my camera for at least 10 minutes after installing the FW. In my first GH5 the camera powered off and never powered on again, giving me a very tense 15-20 minutes, I finally decided to switch it off and on and v2 FW was on the body. Second camera worked as Panasonic predicted.

  1. Once the firmware update process is completed, the camera body will turn off the power and turn on again then it will be initial mode automatically.
  2. To verify the version number, follow Step1 at the beginning. Upon the confirmation on the camera body firmware version same to the one you downloaded, the firmware update is completed.
  3. Turn off the power switch.
  4. Remove the SD memory card.
  5. Here is a video produced by Simon Beer from Production Gear, taking you through the upgrade to V2.

    As an added bonus you can now choose from -9 and -12 dB giving you more latitude while filming in sunlight. note you need to have EXTENDED GAIN SETTING switched on before this is enabled.
    This can be found in the spanner with the c beside it then choose EXPOSURE and you will find it in menu one at the top.

    My thanks to Erik Naso for demonstrating how to enable Fn lock

    You can get the FW here…

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ADVERT…Open Day at Preston Media to see the new Panasonic EVA-1

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Discuss part exchanging your old equipment for the new Panasonic EVA-1 available at the end of October 2017. Both John and Andy will be able to give you part exchange details and 0% deals on the EVA-1.

This Thursday only at at Malvern…103, Worcester Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 1EP

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ADVERT…Remember to visit Production Gear today to see the Panasonic EVA-1

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Today, Wednesday is your big day to finally see the Panasonic EVA-1 at Production Gear.

Production Gear Ltd
Units 12 & 13
Wrotham Business Park


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Amazing drone skills but totally illegal

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Captured by master First Person View (FPV) drone pilot Paul Nurkkala, it shows his “flight of the year” in which he flies around, inside, onto, and under a moving train… barrel rolls included.

Nurkkala captured the video using his custom built drone, which is equipped with a GoPro Hero 5 Session and piloted from afar using special FPV goggles.

There are two camps on this one, the first thinks it’s just the coolest footage to ever come out of a drone, because Nurkkala is clearly such a talented pilot. The second is infuriated that he would do something so obviously illegal, post the results online, and receive so much praise and adulation.

The music is a bit repetitive and boring.

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Choose your viewfinder

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The Blackmagic would be $1500 plus $300 for the mod kit from Wooden Camera. The Zacuto requires no modding and costs $1950.

Watch the video below and tell me which VF you would choose, now hats off to Wooden Camera for producing this modification but I think I know which viewfinder I would choose.

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Entry level VAricam 1 the facts

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Firstly the internet is full of speculation and guesswork, so far we have seen pictures from a…

  1. Pre production EVA-1
  2. Unfinished new preproduction super 35mm sensor
  3. Seems noisy at 2500 ISO

Are we surprised we are seeing all these problems with this preproduction camcorder, the answer is in the word “pre production”.

I am not a fan of companies lashing together equipment to “show off” to adoring fans for trade shows etc. I had a pre production Panasonic HC-X1 which turned out to be “faulty”, though no one told me it was a pre production till I flagged up the fault.

EVA turns out to stand for Entry level VAricam or so Panasonic told me earlier on today. Next week the same camera will be touring the UK (not Scotland) to let everyone have a look at it.

I would prefer Panasonic let everyone see a production model due late October, but who listens to me.

All I can say that even the £15K VariCam is noisy at ISO 5000 which is taken out during grading so lets not get too hung up about noise figures till we see a production model.

So far the footage that has been shown on YouTube and Vimeo has looked very good, as usual its internet footage to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Nigel Wilkes (UK & IRE Group Manager, Panasonic) “Panasonic have listened to what our customers would like in a new mid range production camcorder, and we have worked very hard to produce EVA1. The launch of this amazing camera is happening now, but please remember, EVA1 is NOT finished, and it won’t be until the end of October 2017.

We have released preproduction units for you all to see and discuss, but please think about what is being said. The showreel will not be perfect, it’s there to give you an idea about what can be achieved.

EVA1 is going to be amazing; please be patient. It’s coming!”

I will leave you with the last two videos produced on the Panasonic EVA-1.
Firstly by Elle Schneider, a filmmaker, fine art photographer living in Los Angeles. Photos have been featured in exhibits in Los Angeles at the Happening Gallery and Milan by Vogue Italia, films have played internationally….Near to Superstition in 4K

Shot on EVA1 | Short film “Near to Superstition” from VariCam & EVA1 on Vimeo.

“Radio 88” by Johnny Derango features a lot of shots at night, but in controlled lighting environments. A lot of the exterior night shots were taken at the 2500 base ISO. For the interior shots Johnny shot mostly at 800 ISO…Vimeo version in 4K

Radio 88 from Johnny Derango on Vimeo.

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URGENT ATTENTION…My GH5 micro jitter has returned with my newest 12-60mm Leica lens

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My GH5 is now displaying the micro jitter problem again as I reported back in March 2017. My GH5 has ver 1.1 firmware and my lens (Leica 12-60mm f2.8-4) has the updated ver 1.1 firmware.

I only noticed this today after filming my friends son outside my house using my GH5 handheld in 4K 50p mode. I will run more tests in the morning.

Having had a look at V2 FW info this issue has not been addressed but once again I will enquire about this tomorrow.

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IBC 2017 Day TWO

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My thanks to Simon Beer for sending these pictures live from the show floor.

Man gets attacked by an 8K seagull

The Sony PXW-Z90 receiving a lot of attention.

Meanwhile back at the JVC stand the game has just started.

IDX have brought out these cute V lock batteries almost half the size of other makes of V lock batteries. The IPL-98 packs are 93Wh capacity into a slim form factor weighing just 1.3 lbs.

Canon had the C200 on show.

Panasonic were very busy showing off the EVA-1 camcorder.


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IBC 2017 NEWS…New LED lighting from Litepanels

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Cracking new LED panel the Gemini from Litepanels. The Litepanels Gemini provides a beautiful wide soft source of color accurate illumination. Staying true to the Litepanels legacy, the Gemini has accurate full spectrum daylight and tungsten lighting.

Gemini allows quick and easy adjustment with three full featured lighting modes to adapt to any lighting situation today’s cinematographers and lighting professionals will find themselves in.

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NEWS from Amsterdam IBC 2017…Day ONE

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Sony announce 3 new 4K camcorders…plus a new 3rd generation radio mic system.

The XDCAM PXW-Z90, NXCAM HXR-NX80 and the Handicam FDR-AX700

Sony PXW-Z90… Capture broadcast quality 4K footage in XAVC QFHD at 100Mbps, with responsive Fast Hybrid AF that tracks fast-moving subjects with ease. Shoot, edit and view HDR content in HLG without the need for additional colour grading. Professional connections integrate seamlessly with your SDI production infrastructure.

The PXW-Z90 camcorder supports an instant HDR (High Dynamic Range) workflow, enabling users to produce breath-taking HDR content with minimum post-production to suit a range of content creation scenarios and applications.

The Fast Hybrid AF system ensures highly accurate focusing and tracking during shooting, delivered by 273 phase-detection AF points that cover approximately 84% of the shooting area, high-density placement of autofocus points and a newly developed AF algorithm. This reduces the burden of focusing, especially when accurate focusing is required for shooting 4K2 films. In movie recording mode, the appearance of phase-detection AF frames indicates the focused area and easily allows users to monitor a subject that is in focus. The new camcorder features a high-resolution OLED viewfinder (0.39-type OLED, 2,359k dots) and advanced touch screen operation, on the 3.5-type large LCD screen (1,555k dots), to allow users to quickly switch focus from one subject to another, while the AF Drive Speed, Tracking Depth Range and Subject Switching Sensitivity can all be configured as required for different subjects and content styles.

The PXW-Z90 supports 4K HDR recording with HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), offering an instant HDR workflow. This enables users to reduce the post-production work and produce high-quality HDR content without grading, which usually requires a highly skilled technique and specialist knowledge.

The camcorder also has the following key technology features to support versatile shooting, including;


  • 4K full-pixel readout without pixel binning, using an enhanced BIONZ X image processing engine
  • Super Slow Motion recording up to 960fps, which is industry leading among palm categories and Slow & Quick Motion Full HD recording up to 120fps
  • S-Log3/S-Gamut capabilities for users to create and work with images as they desire.
  • 29mm7 (35EQ) wide-angle ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 12x optical zoom lens and 18x Clear Image Zoom
  • Less image distortion (rolling shutter phenomenon), in comparison to conventional models when shooting subjects in motion



The HXR-NX80 offers professional quality 4K with advanced features such as high-speed Auto Focus, Instant HDR Workflow, up to 960fps* Super slow motion and streaming at 2.4GHz.

* 960 fps (NTSC). 1000 fps (PAL).

Amazingly fast precision auto focus

The HXR-NX80 incorporates an advanced Fast Hybrid AF system, alongside face detection and lock-on auto focus technology, making it easy to focus and track a subject while filming.

First NXCAM professional palm camcorder with 4K HDR

The HXR-NX80 is the first professional palm-sized camcorder to deliver stunning 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) content with Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) file-based workflows. S-Log3 is also supported, enabling you to create beautiful imagery with a wide colour gamut and colour range.

Super slow motion up to 960fps* and S&Q motion up to 120fps**

High Frame Rate shots can turn everyday actions into slow motion ballet and the HXR-NX80 delivers a stunning 120 frames per second (fps) in Full HD XAVC S 10bit 4:2:0, giving you continuous 5 times slow motion expression. Higher frame rates up to 960fps using S&Q motion cache recording are also possible for even greater creative flexibility.

* 960 fps (NTSC). 1000 fps (PAL).

** 120fps (NTSC)/ 100fps (PAL).

Versatile connections for professional workflows

The camcorder features a Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe, HDMI and Remote interface to connect with and control remotely a wide variety of compatible Sony accessories, including creating a simple live solution when connected to the optional MCX-500 Multi Camera Live Producer and RM-30BP Remote Commander.




The Sony DWT-B03R Transmitter is an ideal choice for live sound applications including theatre and concerts, as well as studio based TV production and ENG/EFP.

Light and compact (27% smaller than its DWT-B01N predecessor), the DWT-B03R features a tough magnesium body that’s resistant to rain, spray and sweat.

Sony’s advanced digital audio processing, encryption and RF transmission technologies assure secure, stable transmission and reception of very high-quality audio with low latency.

The DWT-B03R is ideal for use in large-scale multichannel productions, supporting up to 21 simultaneous channels per 8MHz TV band.

The DWT-B03R is compatible with Sony Wireless Studio control software for PC (Ver 5.0 or later), allowing flexible remote operation. Remote control of up to 82 transmitters is possible using the Cross Remote™ function combined with the RMU-01 remote control unit (available separately).

The small, lightweight and sweat-proof bodypack transmitter is ideal for theatre, drama and movie production. It offers a remarkably low audio latency of 1.2ms1, with 148MHz wideband operation. It utilises a rechargeable Li-ion battery that equips users with many hours of battery operation time.

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