Frank Glencairn “His work speaks for itself”

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UNZEIT Directors Cut By Frank Glencairn
View in HD  Download 360p Version  Visit Frank Glencairn’s ExposureRoom Videos Page

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Alternative media storage for Sony Ex-1, Ex-3

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Can I start by putting my hand up to owning two of these cards, two express readers and two Transend 16G SDHC cards (Class 6).  The MxM expresscard/34 will record at 1920 x 1080 mb/s HQ in the same way as your SxS Pro memory card will record. This is the most popular format the majority of video operators will record at. By utilizing a combination of MxM expresscard/34 and a reasonably priced SDHC memory card, film makers and videographers on location can now shoot for days, without the unnecessary and costly need of extra equipment to safeguard their footage to eg laptops or pcs. They can offload at their convenience at a later stage and reduce interruptions during the filming process.mxm-card

Why should I use a MxM card instead of Sony SxS card? 

The biggest consideration to use the MxM cards is the price. To be able to record using a modestly priced adapter, onto commodity priced SDHC cards has dropped the cost per hour of footage to between 1/6th and 1/8th of SxS. This has led producers to be able to complete shoots without the need to offload to Laptop. Some producers are completing several days of shooting and downloading when they return to the studio. Others are handing over the SDHC cards at the end of the shoot, in the same way they did with tape.

Which firmware should I have to use MxM cards? 
An MxM card will only work with firmware 1.11_0531 and 1.12 on EX1/EX3. All cameras produced post August 2008 come with this update. If your camera does not have this update you will have to go back to Sony to have the firmware updated. There are links on the internet which show you how to update manually, but we highly recommend you use a Sony repair centre to complete it.

mxm-card-holderThe company in Australia also now produce very low cost card storage solutions you can buy plastic box holders to keep the dust out and is a pleasant change from the Sony blue box.

So what does it all cost ?

$19 for postage, $45 for 1 MxM card and an orange box (Note. Australian dollars) Around £75 including 16G SDHC card.

The alternative ?

Sony 16G card with blue box CVP price £516.35 (See link)

UK distributer of MxM express cards

H Preston Media have these cards in stock for £50 (See link)

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Sony MC1P (POV) accessories £317

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sony-acc-h1bpA range of accessories useful when shooting with the HXR-MC1P have been assembled into a single accessories kit. Contents:

  • NP-FH70: Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Compact large-capacity battery for extended shooting
  • AC-VQH10: AC Adapter/ Charger
    Battery charger offering quick charge of two H-series batteries, plus AC power output.
  • VCL-HG0730A: Wide Conversion Lens
    0.7x wide conversion lens
  • RM-AV2: Remote Controller
    A remote controller that controls zoom and Rec start/stop.
  • Carry Case
    An exclusive case for efficient storage of the HXR-MC1P and accessories (It’s a pity when you pay £2175 for the camera and recorder that they did not think to include an exclusive carry case !)

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And now for the close up

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If I had shown this to you yesterday (April fools day) you may have seen the photoshop work… EX-3 viewfinder and slots x 2. The main thing would have been the XDCAM EX logo… time was against me and I had to make the logo look convincing without spending time looking for it in my fonts collection so I decided to make the picture smaller. The camera as you will have noticed is in fact a PDW-700. Just after I put this up I emailed Philip Bloom who came in on it which had a remarkable effect, I wasn’t  prepared for Philip to then post this into two forums. Thats when the site went wild we even got posted in Japan so no doubt good old Sony got to see a new camera they weren’t expecting to see…!  If Sony would like to take my idea and produce such a camera I and many others would be delighted.


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Sony XDCAM EX-7 (1st of April Fool Sadly)

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sony-ex-7Finally it’s here just in time for NAB 2009 the all new Sony EX-7 here are a few specs from Sonys pre NAB press release…

The PMW-EX7 camcorder is equipped with three 1/2-inch CCDs – using newly developed “Power HAD™ FX” progressive CCD technology with 1920 x 1080 effective pixels. Breathtaking HD images can be captured by these high-resolution CCDs and the 14-bit A/D conversion and advanced digital signal processing incorporated into the PMW-EX-7.

The PMW-EX7 comes with 4 SxS slots (Please note. This camera will not take MxR or MxM cards) and records from 50Mb/s 4:2:2 through to DVCAM.

The superb picture quality of the PMW-EX7 will increase the appeal for applications such as documentary, European TV drama and mainstream entertainment programmes that require a high quality look. File-based acquisition, with thumbnail and proxy operation is also ideal for fast-turnaround news and live applications where speed of production is a critical requirement.

The suggested price will be around £8700


A new deck the PDW-U75D will have 4 slots and a disc insert allowing you to archive from SxS onto 50Gb discs.  Recording onto Dual Layer discs (50GB) is a feature of a range of new Sony products, including the PDW-F335 XDCAM HD camcorders and full range of XDCAM EX camcorders. (Picture & price coming soon).

PLEASE NOTE…April fools day falls in the UK every 1st of April…one day only !

As Philip Bloom said “The irony is it’s what we all want !!” So if Sony are listening we have supported the hybrid look but a camcorder similar to the Panasonic 301 with 1/2″ Power HAD CCD etc. etc. will make you a fortune.

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Matrox MX02 now even better

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You’ve made an investment in Sony XDCAM HD quality. Now enjoy its full potential while you edit, then output and record to SDI or analog formats without rendering. Matrox MXO and MXO2 are the only portable I/O devices on the market that let you monitor and output your XDCAM and XDCAM HD timelines at full frame rate and full frame size from Final Cut Pro without first transcoding to an intermediate format such as ProRes or DVCPRO. You save time on every project and enjoy a more fluid workflow on your MacBook Pro or Mac Pro.

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Digital Juice Fonts 2

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Digital Juice Fonts, Collection Two takes off right where we left off in the first collection with ten completely new font families and over 500 new DJ Fonts.

Collection Two has more than 60 new textures and each Font Family has more layers to customize than ever before. That means more options, more looks, and more fun.

Each DJ Font Family in this collection is the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking detail work by our illustrators. This effort, in tandem with the endless hours put in by our programming team has provided you with a product more customizable, more powerful, more useful, and more fun than any product we’ve ever released.

Collection Two in the DJ Fonts product line contains 10 unique DJ Font Families, over 400 ready-to-use DJ Standard Fonts, over 60 Font Textures, and an unlimited stream of future font customizations through our My DJ Font and Community DJ Font features.

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SmartSound comes to Final Cut Pro

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sonic-fire-into-fcpSmartSound was awarded a patent for the only known technology that automates the editing of virtually any type of music, both newly composed and prerecorded songs. This combination allows SmartSound to provide a one-of-a-kind music solution that puts the ultimate music creativity into the hands of every Final Cut Pro editor. 

With thousands of music tracks currently available, dozens of new releases every month and a world of millions of potential songs, the SmartSound Music library has everything you need to get the job done today and well into the future. 

Since the music supply is virtually endless, SmartSound is able to bring a steady flow of interesting new music from talented composers and musicians around the world.

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The LED 1000

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1000w-led-v2The LED 1000 from PrompterPeople uses 1000 ultra bright, 5600K LED’s and has an equivalent output of 1000 watts of incandescent light yet draws just 100 watts. The 5600K daylight balanced LEDs offer full spectrum, beautifully soft light.

LED lights offer significantly further “throw” than a comparable fluorescent light. This is because each of the 1000 LED lights has a 30 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward. This beam angle creates a beam pattern that is useful from 1 – 15 feet.

LED lights are ideal for location work because they are virtually shockproof and offer the brightest light in the smallest form factor. In addition, this new version operates on 12v DC or with the included AC adapter. This allows the LED 1000 to run for hours on inexpensive battery belts, Anton Bauer brick batteries or even from a cigarette lighter output. Their power efficient design draws just 100 watts so there is never a concern with blowing a circuit breaker. LEDs give off virtually no heat so they are ideal for use in small confined areas where hot lights would quickly heat up the room. Price £699 plus vat.

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What Recession ?

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moneyProfessional camcorders going up by 10-15% by the 1st of April 2009 (No it’s not an April fool)

This will be the second price hike in the space of 3 months, UK consumers being hit worst due to the falling pound. It’s a joke …we are in a recession yet camera manufacturers seem to think we can stand a further price increase. When I bought my EX-3 at the tail end of last year it cost £6600 today you can pick up the same camera for a whopping £7118 thats over £500 which is £100 per month increase and it’s due to go up again !

I have a pet rant and that is the price of P2 cards, they are holding back camera sales… but even worse is the fact that they have gone up in price by £600 since last summer..I despair. Now this seems to stem from the pound v dollar v yen …look at the car trade sales down by 60% manufacturers have stopped making certain cars for the next 6-12 months.

It’s only logical that if you keep passing on these price increases that we will stop buying camcorders and Sony, Panasonic, JVC and the rest of the team will come to a halt.

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