New Panasonic colour viewfinder AJ-CVF100G

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pana-viewfinderPanasonic debuted a new color viewfinder, the AJ-CVF100G, for its premium quality P2 HD and DVCPRO HD solid-state and tape-based production cameras. Incorporating LCOS display technology, and such invaluable features as a built-in heater for operation in low temperatures, the AJ-CVF100G far exceeds the performance of competitive models.The CVF100G is designed for operation with Panasonic’s P2 VariCam series (AJ-HPX3700 and AJ-HPX2700), the AJ-HPX3000 and AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD camcorders, and the AJ-HDC27H VariCam and AJ-HDX900 DVCPRO HD camcorder. 

Utilizing a one-inch diameter imager system, the high-performance CVF100G affords cinematographers color accurate viewing, which minimizes the possibility of misdirected shots. The color viewfinder can accommodate larger cine-like lenses. Prevalent in HD projectors and rear-projection televisions, LCOS technology offers the advantages of fast motion response, excellent resolution, and smooth pixel edges for a natural look and feel. Eliminating the color wheel used by other technologies, this LCOS viewfinder reduces eyestrain by delivering a complete RGB image to the shooter. 

The CVF100G offers exceptional performance and versatility. Its built-in heating function improves response speeds at low temperatures. The shooting formats the viewfinder supports include 1080/23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 30PsF, 50i, 59.94i, 60i and 720/50p, 59.94p and 60p. 

The AJ-CVF100G will be available in the second quarter of 2009 at a suggested list price of $8,495.

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Photique Images…”release your digital pictures”

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photiqueIntroducing the future in wall art, step forward the Photique product range

Crystal clear digital photography mounted on to a compressed wooden frame using the latest digital printing technology.

The Concept

Photique Images™ allows you to create your own, unique masterpiece
for your home but without the hefty price tag. Using leading digital technology, thePhotiquebloc™ re-energizes a classic in interior decoration by mounting crystal clear printed artwork on to a compressed wooden frame in place of canvas.

As simple as it sounds, this patented technique is set to revolutionise
the homeware market, creating personalised and affordable wall art to
enhance any living space

The Product

  • Crisp, crystal clear digital photography mounted onto a compressed wooden frame using the latest digital printing technology
  • photobloc-v2Lifetime Guarantee
  • Patented Framing Technology
  • State of the art colour reproduction
  • Treated with a scratch resistant laminate
  • Versatile, capable of free standing or easily mounted on a wall
  • Various product specifications and sizes available to suit customer needs
  • Any copyright approved image or photo can be reproduced onto a

If you live in the UK and think you could use this service drop me an Email and I will give you the username and password for the professional part of this web site.

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AJA Express

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Two years ago AJA released the Io HD, which provides almost every input and output that you could possibly want with direct-to-ProRes capture. The Io Express offers a similar (but smaller) feature set for portable capture to a laptop or (optionally) to a desktop on both OS X and Windows. Unlike the Io HD, the Io Express does not convert to ProRes in hardware. It sends uncompressed video to the laptop via a ExpressCard interface, like the Matrox MXO 2.

Io Express Features:

aja-express• Interfaces with MacBook Pro and Windows laptops for input/output of popular file-based formats

• HD/SD SDI input and output

• HDMI 1.3a input and output, with Deep Color support at 30 and 36 bit per pixel

• HD/SD Component video output

• 2-Channel RCA audio output

• LTC I/O (selectable LTC Input/Reference Video Input)

• RS422 machine control

• Powerful and proven KONA or XENA drivers

• Compatible with Apple Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS4, and more

• Small, highly portable case design, one rackunit tall, half rackunit wide

• 4-pin XLR power for AC or battery operation

• 3-meter PCIe tether cable

• PCIe Mac Pro / workstation interface option available

• AJA 3-year international warranty

The Io Express will be available in Q3 of 2009 for $995.

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FREE…32GB P2 ‘E’ card with selected Panasonic P2 camcorders

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p2-e-cardPanasonic Broadcast and IT Systems Europe (PBITS) will reward buyers with a free 32GB E-Series P2 Card (AJ-P2E032XG) when they purchase either the AG-HPX301E, AG-HVX201AE or AG-HPX171E special promotional kit. Each camera recorder unit comes equipped with a 32GB P2 Card (AJ-P2CO32AG) and the additional free 32GB E-Series P2 Card will be shipped to the buyer’s preferred delivery address once purchase and registration is complete. 
This offer, valid from April 20th 2009 until 31st May 2009 through authorised participating dealers, coincides with the global launch of the new E-series P2 cards announced at NAB 2009. 
To receive the new E-Series 32GB card, customers will need to register at the dedicated special promotion page available on website. 
The E-Series card is compatible with Panasonic’s full line of P2 camcorders, recorders and workflow tools. The P2 cards can store content in the complete range of P2-supported frame rates and formats, from high definition to standard definition and from DVCPRO to AVC-Intra 100.   
“Panasonic is committed to making P2 technology more accessible to all users so they can take advantage of the benefits on offer,” said Carmen Mendoza, PBITS European Marketing General Manager. “With the launch of the new E-series cards we reinforce this commitment by providing the best solid state memory solutions on the market today. The new E-Series cards come in addition to our existing P2 cards and both with be available in parallel in the marketplace.” 
Promotion terms and conditions and a list of authorised participating European dealers can be found at 

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1st Winner of the HD Warrior ‘Most welcome announcement for video professionals’ at NAB 09 is Panasonic Broadcast

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A 30 x 40cm ‘photiquebloc’ of the above graphic is being printed by ‘photique images’ and will signed and dated by myself, then sent to Panasonic Broadcast headquarters in due course.

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NAB Round up…plus Philip Blooms NAB Video Blog

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Bloom’s Blog: NAB Part2 By Philip Bloom
View in HD  Download 720p Version  Visit Philip Bloom’s ExposureRoom Videos Page

NAB 09 was interesting…The company to bring out the most interesting products and a major surprise was Panasonic. 

1. Panasonic P2 ‘E’ card was the major announcement at NAB bringing down the price of P2 by 66% making P2 far more affordable and in my opinion long over due.

2. The new camcorder HPX-301 has already been upgraded with a new firmware announced at NAB.

3. A new 16 input HD-SDI vision mixer the HS450

4. The HMC-41 an AVCHD mini 3 chip camcorder.

5. The HMR-10 POV camera with detachable video cable.

Sony on the other hand brought out some Hi end cameras for the broadcast market and a Hi Rez viewfinder HDVF-C30WR it was hinted that they would bring out an EX-5 but that in my opinion would have been stupid as too many updates to the EX range too soon would alienate hard core Sony customers.

JVC brought us the GY-HM700 and the GY-HM100 solid state camcorders pre NAB so that left JVC with no new goodies to announce.

Canon have gone into hibernation…we were hoping for their professional solid state HD camcorder but not a tweet.

It was rumored that Apple would preview their new operating system “Snow Leopard” and it was hinted they might show a sneek peek of Final Cut Studio 3 but as far as I am aware this did not happen. There seems to have been a fair commitment to Blu-ray throughout NAB which must be giving Apple some heartache as to date Apple have not publicly endorsed Blu-ray and in my opinion falling way behind market leaders like Adobe.  

So my NAB 09 winner for the most welcome announcement for video professionals goes to Panasonic for their introduction of the P2 ‘E’ card. 


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Sennheiser Optical microphone

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General Description

sen-optical-mic1Operating Principle
In the optical microphone, light from an LED is directed onto a reflective diaphragm via an optical-fibre cable (transmitter optical waveguide). The membrane reflects part of the light into a receiver optical waveguide. If the diaphragm is moved by sound signals, a displacement of the reflected light beam occurs, with the result that more or less light is coupled into the receiver waveguide. At the end of the receiver waveguide, a photodiode converts the light intensity variations into electric signals. 

The optical principle is the only microphone principle in which the microphone head and the electronics can be located far away from each other. 

The component parts of the MO 2000 H acoustic-optical microphone head (external diameter ½”) are made of a plastic material that is suitable for use in areas with aggressive substances (gases, salts, humidity) and radiation. All components of the microphone head, including the optical waveguides, are free of metal; no electric current flows. 

These advantages make it possible to use the optical microphone in areas in which other microphones are not suitable.
For example, the optical microphone can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as for the acoustic monitoring of gas drying plants in natural gas production (IAS MO 2000 SET). In this case, the microphone can “hear” slow leaks, which, due to their small size, cause neither a pressure loss nor an alarm message in the other monitoring systems. 

In medical applications, the microphone is ideal for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), for example to maintain communication with the patient during MRI scans or to achieve active noise cancellation in MRI. The optical microphone does not disturb the imaging process and is itself not influenced by the strong fields inside magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

In measuring technology, the microphone is ideal for use in EMI/EMC laboratories, as it does not influence the electric field. In this case, for example, it functions like an “ear on a mobile phone”. 
A further application possibility is in the field of undetectable acoustic monitoring.

Delivery Includes
  • 1 optical microphone with MO 2000 H optical cable (3 m)
  • 1 MO 2000 CU central unit
  • 1 power supply with various adapters (EU, UK, US)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 operating instructions

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Compositors Toolkit from Digital Juice

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Compositors Toolkit from Digital Juice By Philip Johnston
View in HD  Download 288p Version  Visit Philip Johnston’s ExposureRoom Videos Page

compositors-toolkitThe secret to pulling off great effect shots and motion graphics composites is using great tools. Not just software tools but also the visual elements you have to work with.

The more realistic and high quality your elements and footage, the more believable your final composite will be.

With Compositor’s Toolkit, Digital Juice has gone through painstaking lengths to capture the essence that only real live effects can deliver.

Imaginative limits are boundless with this artful collection of high resolution, ultra slow motion effects.


As Digital Juice aims to broaden its product line up in order to attract new types of media producers, we also recognize the need to train our existing base on the power and possibilities.

By clicking on the training tab you’ll see a collection of step-by-step tutorials created to break down some of our industries best kept secrets.

For seasoned pros in this field, this may serve as inspiration.

For others, this training will serve as a launching pad to further your skills and shine some light on certain techniques that may have seemed out of your league or just show you how to navigate through software that your not familiar with.

Our goal is to educate and inspire, and our commitment to all of our customers is still Digital Juice’s highest priority.

Be prepared to have the Compositor’s Toolkit change the way you look at producing, editing and especially compositing.

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NAB NEWS 09-Sony SRW-9000

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swr9000In 2000, Sony introduced the legendary HDW-F900 – the first model in Sony’s “24P-capable” CineAlta™ lineup. Since then, the HDW-F900 – and its successor model, the HDW-F900R – have been satisfying the demand for high level picture quality and creative versatility in primetime TV production, commercial production, and movie making.

sony-srw900Now, Sony has taken the next evolutionary step with the next generation 24P camcorder, the SRW-9000 HDCAM-SR™ camcorder. This inherits many of the excellent qualities of the HDW-F900/F900R, plus it offers incredible operational mobility – even in harsh shooting environments – thanks to its one-piece body, and outstanding picture performance from the HDCAM-SR recording format.

In standard configuration, the SRW-9000 is capable of top-quality 4:2:2 Y/Cb/Cr 10-bit recording at 1080/23.98P, 24P, 25P, and 29.97P, and 1080/50i and 59.94i. In addition, the SRW-9000 can record 4:2:2 720/50P and 59.94P signals, which can be used for DTV programming and transmission applications.? For users who require further creative performance, a variety of option cards can be added, allowing you to benefit from full-bandwidth 1080 RGB 4:4:4 capturing, SR Motion™ variable frame rate capturing and recording, S-Log Gamma, and additional signal inputs and outputs.

Providing improved operational flexibility and cost benefits, the SRW-9000  is the perfect choice for anyone in the broadcasting industry seeking HDCAM-SR picture quality and a high level of creative freedom. Both now and into the future, the SRW-9000 will help ignite a passion for stunning visual productions in digital cinema, commercial programs, TV dramas, and documentaries.


srw9000-picBreathtaking HDCAM SR Picture Quality

The SRW-9000 is a one-piece HDCAM-SR camcorder that delivers full HD resolution images and employs 2/3-type IT CCD. Combining this CCD with a high-precision 14-bit A/D converter and digital signal processing, the camcorder is able to capture and reproduce stunning-quality 1080/60P and 1080/50P images with low noise and high sensitivity. Furthermore, Sony’s BP-GL Series of on-board batteries can be attached to provide an additional power supply. With its self-contained recording media (based on the HDCAM-SR format) and compact one-piece design, the SRW-9000 delivers powerful mobility and comfortable shooting – both indoors and outside.

Full-bandwidth RGB 4:4:4 Digital Image Capturing

With the addition of the optional HKSR-9003 RGB 4:4:4 Processing Board, the SRW-9000 offers a full-bandwidth digital 4:4:4 high-definition Red, Green, and Blue signal processing and output capability for highly demanding picture productions. ?The SRW-9000 also offers S-LOG Gamma with the same optional board, allowing users to flexibly adjust images in the post-production process.

Variable Frame Rate Image Capturing

By adding the HKSR-9002 Picture Cache Board, the SRW-9000 is capable of recording images at a variable frame rate from 1 fps to 60 fps in 4:2:2 mode. And by combining the HKSR-9002 with the HKSR-9003, it can perform the same function even in 4:4:4 mode.

Wide Choice of Viewfinders

The SRW-9000 accepts three types of viewfinder, including the HDVF-20A/200, HDVF-C35W, and HDVF-C30WR. The newly introduced HDVF-C30WR is especially suited for use with the SRW-9000, offering improved focus assist functions, a color brightness level indicator, and numerous other beneficial features. Moreover, with pre-installed viewing LUTs (look-up tables) for S-Log Gamma, this viewfinder provides users with easier focus adjustment and a more intuitive photo-shooting operation.

Versatile Gamma Settings

Including unique S-LOG Gamma (HKSR-9003), HyperGamma, and customizable gamma curve (standard).

Picture Cache Re-recording Capability

Everything captured up to a maximum of three seconds before the REC button is pressed is recorded to HDCAM-SR tape when the camcorder is in stand-by mode.

I/O Expandability

When using the HKSR-9001, additional dual-link HD-SDI outputs and an additional AUX input port are provided, allowing the camcorder to be connected with an external audio multiplexing device.

Wide Range of Accessories

The SRW-9000 is compatible with a wide range of accessories for the HDW-F900, F23, SRW-1, and ARRI.


“A breathtaking price no doubt… just in case you rob a bank or win the lotto or get fed up with your EX-3. Next year this camera will be superseded by the SWR-90000 “.

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NAB NEWS 09-Maxell P2 cards

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maxell-p2-cardAs broadcasters and industry professionals move beyond traditional tape formats to technology compatible with high definition (HD) recording, the new Maxell P2 Card is expected to be the recording standard of next generation formats. Featuring high volume storage capacity and high quality digitalization for HD imaging, the new Maxell P2 Card is available in three storage capacities –16GB, 32GB and 64GB – and has the ability to record up to 256 minutes of HD footage.

The new Maxell P2 Card performs well even in harsh environments with variable conditions, because its compact design is resistant to vibration, impact, and extreme temperatures and humidity. Capable of withstanding 30,000 uses without degradation in quality, the new Maxell P2 Card offers long term performance resulting in great cost savings.                              

As technology shifts from traditional to HD formats, Maxell Corporation of America is prepared with a full line of high quality – and cost effective – professional recording media,” said Pat Byrne, senior marketing manager for Maxell. “Now broadcasters can rely on Maxell’s long-standing history of developing dependable recordable media for emerging formats like HD technology.” 

The Maxell P2 card is full compatable with the Panasonic P2 series of cameras.

Very interesting development I hope this means P2 cards at sensible prices…if these cards are not at P2 ‘E’ prices how on earth are they going to sell ?

Let’s hope Maxell have the balls to compete with Panasonic and finally bring down the vastly over inflated prices of P2.

UPDATE…Speaking to Maxell UK today these cards are not due in the UK till end of June, no confirmed prices yet.

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