EXCLUSIVE “The LUMIX GH5…Everything You Need To Know For Video” £1699 body only

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Its been a long time coming but the new GH5 will be available at the end of  March 2017, this really is a killer 10bit 422 DSLM with 4K 50p and no more 29minute record restrictions. The good news is it still takes the same batteries as the GH4.

Full size HDMI socket…………..Credit Brendan Nystedt

The new Lumix GH5 which is 10% bigger as we now have a dual SD card slot and a full size HDMI socket, I shook Mr Uematsu’s hand when I found out about the full size HDMI socket for monitoring and outputting to an external recorder the full size HDMI is long overdue.


Me with Richard Payne from Holdan

December 13th 2016…Tuesday morning at 10am the first person I bump into at Panasonic’s headquarters in Bracknell was Richard Payne, Head of Technology at Holdan. We all sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which means I can’t tell anyone about this meeting till today.


Left to Right…Barnaby Sykes (Panasonic UK), James Miller (Shooter), Mr Michihharu Uematsu (Panasonic Japan), David Shapton (Red Shark), Helen Wilson (Panasonic Press office)

We met a few big players from Panasonic, Barnaby Sykes, Head of Imaging Marketing and Mr Michiharu Uematsu, Adviser for Technical PR from Japan.

I had a play with the new joystick and it makes a lot of sense when you are hunting through the menus.


Here is the list of new features for video filming…

  1. The GH5 will record 4K 50p at 400mbps in a firmware update in the summer.
  2. 1920 x 1080 50p is 10bit 422
  3. A new high resolution viewfinder 3680 k-dot OLED (2360 GH4)
  4. Full size HDMI socket plus cable lock holder (included)
  5. 5 Axis stabilisation with certain lenses.
  6. Records continually (No more 29m restriction)
  7. V-Log and LUT display available as a paid firmware upgrade
  8. Live output via the HDMI socket (i.e. Your LCD screen won’t go black as it does in the GH4) and internal recording at the same time
  9. Better tracking via a new AF system…225 focusing points
  10. Two SD card slots capable of relay recording or back up onto 2 cards at the same time.
  11. Same battery as the GH4
  12. A new top mounted XLR unit costing £350
  13. Customisable AF (4 sets)
  14. New joystick control added on the back of the GH5
  15. Wave Form monitor has been added
  16. Luminance level for 10bit has been added
  17. Slow motion at 25p up to 180fps
  18. Autofocus Transition has been added (Pull focus)
  19. 4K Video in 4:3 Aspect has been added for shooting with anamorphic lenses.
  20. Hybrid LOG Gamma will be added in summer 2017 (FW update) for 4K HDR footage.
  21. 709 Like & Knee control suppress overexposure by high luminance video signals
  22. Summer 2017 brings a firmware update giving you 4K 4:2:2 10bit at 400Mbps
  23. Higher ISO up to 6400 ISO…a lot cleaner than the GH4
  24. 4:2:2 10bit output & internal recording


April 2017 (NAB) FHD 4:2:2

Summer 2017 (June-July) …4K 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra…  FHD 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra…  High-resolution Anamorphic Video Mode…  Hybrid Log Gamma for 4K HDR Video


The firmware (FW) update assumes the FW will be available from today.


Venus Engine improvements achieve “Natural Texture Expression“, Improved Resolution, Multipixel luminance generation and intelligent detail processing realize natural, high-resolution expression and improve color moiré suppression.

Rich Color Expression, three-dimensional color control improves color reproduction of bright and shadow areas, natural and True-to-life Image Natural image from low to high sensitivity.

1.3 times faster processing by 5 Core Codecs realizes and no cropping 4K 60p/50p video and 30fps 6K PHOTO (HEVC / H.265).


A first in the field of hi resolution view finders an amazing 3680k-dot OLED colour VF with 0.76x magnification just when you thought your GH4 viewfinder was good.



Sadly the GH5 XLR unit for the GH5 won’t work on the GH4, I asked this very question to Mr Uematsu the engineer from Japan. While we are at it the YAGH for those hanging onto them won’t fit on the newer GH5 as its 10% bigger to accommodate the dual card slots and the full size HDMI socket.

I am a big fan of the micro four thirds system which is why I already have a GH5 body on order. I love all the new features especially the sharper viewfinder, dual card slots, full size HDMI its a camera that keeps on giving to quote Richard Payne. 422 10bit is major for me as well as 4K 50p, not to mention 180fps slow motion in full HD and lastly the £350 professional XLR unit.

Richard Photobombing

This will vastly improve any video production worthy of 4K or HD and I look forward to producing an in-depth user review of the GH5. I must thank Richard Payne for getting me an invite to this meeting at Panasonic HQ as it was well worth the 800 miles of drive from Glasgow to Bracknell and back again.

Here is a video I produced at the meeting…

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Teaser…Big announcement tonight on HD Warrior (Time 18:45)

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Apple G5 late 2008 running FCPX and Sierra with no problems

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Just goes to show you how people experiment with older…redundant equipment like a late Apple G5 and get not only Sierra 10.12.2 to work against all odds and with the addition of a second hand GTX680 graphics board and a slot in Black Magic video I/O card.

We are made to believe by Apple that FCPX 10.3 won’t work with certain recent MacBook Pros but my friend Norrie has the proof that there is a fair bit of kiddology when it comes to what certain hardware, Apple software works with.

He knew that his G5 as it stood would not work with FCPX so he changed the graphics board for a 2nd hand GTX-680 and downloaded a copy of Sierra 10.12.2, to his amazement it all worked fine apart from his WiFi board which he retcons he could update for a few pounds but as he never uses WiFi it was pointless.

E-Sata works a treat as does USB-3 on a slot in board but the main finding are how it compares with his MacPro.

Apart from HDMI out and Thunderbolt there seems to be little in it and Norrie should know he has been building and repairing all sorts of video computers for over 15 years now. He was astounded by his findings and proves one thing you can’t always take what Apple say as RED.

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A Happy New Year 2017 from all at HD Warrior

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2016 has been a funny old year, I hope this new year will be a full on year health wise. I hope you all have a great 2017.

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This years new cameras for the second half of 2016

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JULY 2016

The AG-AC30 is a handheld camcorder with superb low-light characteristics and many professional features and tools, enabling the user to capture beautiful zoom shots and large groups thanks to its wide focal range (zoom 20x and 29.5 mm wide angle).

Its LED video light with 2 light filters included allows reliable shooting even in night-time scenes and dark places as the color conversion filter adapts color temperature whereas the diffusion filter softens the light source. The outstanding low-light characteristics of the camcorder is a result of the built-in, newly-designed 1/3.1-type BSI sensor which achieves a high image quality of 6.03M effective pixels. This enables bright, beautiful shots even in dark places.


The HXR-NX5R is the ultimate Full HD handheld camcorder. A feature packed successor to the best-selling HXR-NX5 and HXR-NX3 with XAVC S recording, 3G-SDI output and wireless workflow. You can trust in this multi-purpose workhorse for everything from corporate video to education, live events to weddings. It is designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently, the NX5R’s advanced three 1/2.8-type Full HD Exmor CMOS system can be relied upon to deliver sharp, cleanly focused imagery in almost any shooting scenario. Recorded images are remarkably lifelike in texture and detail, while shooting is fast and hassle-free with all the NX5R’s key functions right at your fingertips. Including direct Menu options display on-screen, so shooting parameters can be changed quickly and conveniently without taking your eyes off the action.

Featuring a 30-megapixel CMOS sensor, maximum ISO sensitivity of 32,000, and an expanded 61-point AF system, the weatherproof Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Digital SLR Camera is capable of capturing fine detail even in tough conditions. 4K video can be captured at 30fps, whilst HD video can be captured at 120 fps for slow-motion effects. Additionally, WiFi and NFC connectivity are available.

Today, NHK will use six cameras at Yankee Stadium to record the first-ever baseball game captured in staggering 8K resolution. The cameras being used will be the Ikegami SHK-810 8K. The SHK-810 is the world’s first hand-held 8K ultra HD camera system and employs a single 33 million-pixel Super 35 CMOS sensor. While the game will not be broadcast, Major League Baseball and NHK will have the media view the game on 8K monitors in Yankee Stadium during the game. The recording of the Yankees game follows the successful use of the Ikegami 8K cameras at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015.


With a 20x optical zoom lens, a 1.0 inch MOS sensor and unlimited 4K video recording in MOV/MP4, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 Digital Camera is a high-performance hybrid bridge camera that is sutiable for both semi-professional videographers and photography enthusiasts. Constructed 16 elements in 11 groups, the f2.8-4.5 lens delivers a high-quality optical performance with little ghosting

The Sony Alpha A99 Digital SLT Camera sits at the top of the Sony range with its 24.3 megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor, Dual AF system and pro-style video features. The Sony Alpha A99 is the successor to the flagship a900 DSLR and the first to include the revolutionary SLT (Single Lens Translucent) technology into a full-frame body. The BIONZ image processor combined with the SLT technology work together to drive the world’s first dual AF system with 19 sensors (including 11 cross sensors) and 102 AF points to ensure lightning fast and accurate focusing. Crafted for videographers, the Sony A99 offers full-frame full HD 50p/25p (switchable to 60p/24p) progressive video shooting with non-stop continuous AF and audio features. The A99 with its magnesium alloy body and weather seals is the optimal fusion of super-sonic performance and exceptional image quality and yet features one of the lightest bodies amongst full-frame digital cameras.

Perfectly balancing high performance and small size, the Canon EOS M5 delivers the speed and quality of an EOS DSLR. It features a powerful DIGIC 7 image processing and APS-C 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, and its Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus ensures DSLR-level autofocus speeds and offers precision subject tracking when shooting Full HD 60fps video. Enjoy an authentic EOS experience with the Canon M5. (Note: the Free EOS M Lens Adapter does not include a tripod mount)


A brand new addition to the Canon Cinema Camera family, the Canon EOS C700 is a flexible, robust and highly capable primary 4K camera. An ideal solution for dramas, independent film and documentary that is configurable for various production workflows, so no matter how you do things, the Canon EOS C700 is the camera for you. It even includes support for HDR monitoring.

The Canon EOS C700 offers two sensor design options; Canon’s Super 35mm 4.5K CMOS sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range, offered in both the PL and EF mount versions, with the EF mount featuring Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology. Canon EOS C700 GS PL benefits from global shutter technology, which is ideal for sports, quick action, live concerts and events; where the ‘wobble’ effect is eradicated.

Compact and discrete featuring 4K UHD/Full HD internal video recording with professional XLR audio that is easy to use, with footage that can be seamlessly integrated with other professional Cinema EOS cameras. In addition to the new C700 (EF Mount and PL Mount), Canon are also launching the XC15 which will sit alongside the XC10 in the pro-video range of products. Compact and discrete, this camera enables 4k shooting internally with the addition of XLR audio.

4K UHD Wide-angle 10x Zoom Lens with Image Stabilizer

The Canon XC15 4K UHD Camcorder incorporates a Canon 4K video lens that leverages proprietary Canon optical technologies derived from years of experience in developing Cinema, Broadcast and EF Series lenses. This 10x wide-angle optical zoom lens offers a focal range of 24.1–241mm for photos and 27.3–273mm for movies. The use of UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) and Hi-UD lens elements helps compensate for chromatic aberrations and provides a compact size ideal for on-the-go reporting and recording. An innovative retractable lens barrel structure integrating internal guide bars helps facilitate precise lens movement during zooming, while only extending the lens barrel by a mere 36.2mm.


Building off the success of the popular Sony A6300, the Sony Alpha A6500 Camera combines the world’s fastest autofocus speed and highest number of autofocus points with in-camera 5-axis image stabilisation, touchscreen autofocusing, and a 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor. Able to shoot 4K video, this flagship mirrorless camera is a powerful, high-quality camera ideal for both amateurs and professionals.


FS7 II dramatically improves the experience of shooting with Sony’s ultimate documentary camcorder and simply one of the world’s most versatile Super 35mm camcorders. A host of enhancements, from an all-new lens mount to world-leading Electronic Auto Variable ND system and enhanced ergonomics, transform the possibilities of what you can do.

Shoot and move. Handheld, shoulder-mount or suspended from a gimbal. FS7 II delivers the spectacular imagery you expect from Sony.

So thats a look over a years worth of cameras, sadly nothing sticks out from 2016 but the big announcement coming early January 2017 will be the final specs on the long awaited Lumix GH5…keep reading !!!

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This years new cameras from the first half of 2016

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Sony came out with this very commendable 4K camcorder the PXW-Z150 10 bit 422. The Z150 is designed to provide true broadcast quality performance for both 4K and Full HD productions, recording with the advanced XAVC Long GOP 100Mbps codec for brilliant 4K QFHD imagery and flexible workflows. XAVC Long’s higher bit rate produces outstanding images with more details and less noise to create the number one 4K picture quality in its class. For even more flexibility in workflows, the Z150 is switchable between PAL and NTSC operation.

Panasonics Varicam LT was announced with a super 35mm image sensor, which is the same imager as VariCam 35, features wide dynamic range, an expansive colour gamut, and high sensitivity for 4K image acquisition. It has dual native ISO settings of 800 and 5000. The native 5000 ISO allows for clean shooting in very low light situations. Its size and design facilitate a wide array of shooting styles including comfortable ergonomic shoulder mounted operation or use on gimbals and drones.

Sonys A6300 was also available during February 2016 which has now been superseded by the A6500.


Billed as Nikon’s flagship full-frame DSLR, the Nikon D5 is for professional photographers and enthusiasts who can’t settle for anything but the best. Equipped with the latest imaging innovations, including an FX-format 20.8-megapixel CMOS sensor, new EXPEED 5 image processor and Nikon’s next-generation 153-point AF system, the D5 is set to deliver exceptional image quality and detail, thanks to its low light capabilities with sensitivity up to ISO 102,400 (exp. to 3,280,000), precise AF detection and tracking, and blazing fast 12 fps continuous shooting. And for the first time in a full-frame DSLR, filmmakers can record stunning 4K UHD video and time-lapse in-camera to dual CF memory cards.

Canon also arrive with the EOS-1DX Mk11 with a 20MP sensor running 4K 50p.

MARCH 2016

The Sony RX10 v3

A Panasonic PX-230 the smaller brother to the PX-270

April 2016

Another new camcorder from Panasonic the AG-UX180 and the lesser spec AG-UX90

The surprise of the Panasonic camcorder line up came in the guise of the HC-X1 a camera that is the same camera as the UX180 less SDI and timecode in at £1000 less.

This strange wee camera came from Canon the ME200S-SH HD camera. The ME200S-SH Multi-Purpose camera delivers the high quality video and versatility needed for a wide range of professional video production applications. The camera’s modular design allows you to connect only the components you need, depending on how you want to use the camera- making it easy to incorporate into a variety of camera systems. An HDMI terminal allows for connection to compatible third party external displays, and 3G/HD-SDI terminals allow for connection to compatible third party external displays and recording devices. The camera is compact (4.0″ W x 4.6″ H x 4.4″ D) and lightweight (2.2 lbs), helping to broaden the range of applications.

The first rumours came out about a new Lumix GH5

With an ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 409600*, the UMC-S3C captures crisp, clear 4K/29.97P/25P colour video and low-noise 12 megapixel still images in minimum illumination conditions of 0.004 lx.

The 35 mm full-frame Exmor sensor captures significantly more incident light than conventional cameras, while the image processing extremely enhances the high sensitivity with very low noise. Area-specific noise reduction selectively divides the image into areas based on patterns (such as edges, textures and evenly coloured areas like blue skies) to efficiently reduce noise and improve image quality. Detail reproduction technology helps to accurately depict details with a more natural sense of dimension.

*Standard ISO 100–102400, expandable to 50–409600

Finally Sony produce a shoulder mounted 4K camcorder the PXW-Z450. The PXW-Z450 is an advanced 4K shoulder camcorder that records 4K QFHD (3840×2160) at 50p/59.94p, as well as a variety of HD formats including XAVC Intra, XAVC Long GOP, MPEG HD 422 and MPEG HD 420. Thanks to a specially-developed 4K 2/3-type Exmor R CMOS sensor, the PXW-Z450 is ideal for a wide variety of 4K operations, allowing you to use a wide range of commercially-available B4 mount lenses without having to use an adapter. The camcorder offers the same advanced features as the PXW-X400 Full HD camcorder, with exceptional weight balance and low power consumption, alongside excellent networking features such as built-in wireless module, embedded RJ-45 Ethernet 100B-T connector and Near Field Communication (NFC) function for easy Wireless LAN setup and operation via a mobile or tablet with Sony’s Content Browser Mobile™ application.

JVC brought out the GY-HM660 camcorder. The new GY-HM660 will allow reporters in the field to communicate with the studio through IFB (interruptible foldback) while streaming live HD reports from the field. JVC has also added SMPTE 2022 forward error correction for increased stream reliability. The camera also includes support for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), which allows a direct connection to a number of content distribution networks (CDNs) including Ustream and YouTube, together with compatibility with Streamstar’s range of streaming production tools.

JUNE 2016

Last but not least the 50MP monster from Hasselblad X1D. At less than half the weight of a conventional digital medium format camera, the mirrorless X1D is a game changer in the world of photography. Inspired by our iconic design heritage, the camera is ergonomic and compact, offering a handling experience unlike any other. Handmade in Sweden, the X1D combines Scandinavian sensibility with beautiful performance. Small enough to take anywhere, powerful enough to capture anything. Mainly a photographic tool.

Rental only…say no more.

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When your GH4 file turns to toast…when you see a .mdt file

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This was brought to my attention over the last two days. If you are filming with your GH4 and you get a power failure the file you were recording turns into an unusable .mdt file. I saw this online and decided to record an experiment myself. What you see is from my SDXC card recorded tonight. During recording I deliberately removed the battery and caused a corrupt file. We are no strangers to this phenomenon at HD Warrior as that was why the “Z” test was invented. The Sony MC50 was an early adopter of corrupt files if it had a hint of power failure but I am surprised that we are still getting this 5 years later.

“A file with the MDT file extension is a Microsoft Access Add-in Data file, used by Access and its add-ins for storing relevant data.

Although Microsoft Access uses both file types, an MDT file shouldn’t be confused with the MDB format that Access uses to store database information, unless your particular MDT file happens to be an old Microsoft Access 97 template file.”

This is a good reason to record important one off filming like a children’s event, onto an external recorder. Will the GH5 suffer this problem, we can only wait to see if the designers have included some form of buffer between the media and the camera.

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Syncing perfect Timecode on your GH4 cameras

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I did not realise you could do this on your GH4 camera. It makes timecode syncing easy.

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Casey is at it again for Christmas 2016

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Just when you thought Casey Neistat had departed You Tube he is back with a Christmas special…Unfortunatly I don’t have time to produce Christmas videos like this but I will be bringing my review of 2016. Have a Merry Christmas to all my readers and see you all in the new year with an exciting exclusive video and blog post on the ? January 2017. (PS Very near the beginning of the month.)

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WARNING : Counterfeit Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II DSLR lenses

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Canon USA… It has come to our attention that there are instances of counterfeit EF 50mm f/1.8 II lenses for digital SLR cameras being brought into Canon service centers for repair. These counterfeit products have neither  been designed nor manufactured by Canon, yet they fraudulently display the Canon logo and other Canon trademarks, and, as illegal products, they infringe on Canon Inc.’s trademark rights. Canon has taken a strong stance in eradicating these counterfeit products which infringe on the intellectual property rights of our company.

While the exterior of the counterfeit EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens elaborately imitates the exterior of the genuine lens, the parts and electric circuits used inside the counterfeit lens are different from the those used inside the genuine lens. As such, these counterfeit products do not satisfy the safety standards of various countries and the safety/quality standards of Canon. Please note that Canon cannot be held liable for any malfunction, phenomena, damage or injury that occurs due to the use of these counterfeit products, so please exercise caution when making your purchase.

See above for the differences between genuine and counterfeit products that have been confirmed as of now and that can be identified by customers.

Please review the location of the Company Name on the mount with the lens cap removed as indicated in the image above.

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