SONY NX-5 Buffer Overflow problem

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The NX5U is not a tape camera as you already know. The NX5U delivers AVCHD files. The BEST option for you is to purchase either FAST SONY DUO cards or a lesser priced alternative- SDHC CARDS. Make sure your SDHC cards are CLASS 6 and above. Purchase a fast USB card reader. Place the USB cable into your unit from the CARD READER and OPEN up a PROJECT designated as HD. Use a card reader instead of the camera’s USB jack. Reported sporadic incompatability with other systems when using the USB jack directly from the camera.

The NX cameras are having a problem, it is called a BUFFER-OVERFLOW when using BOTH internal and external drives in tandem. SONY are working on a firmware update. However, be careful not to blame your unit if you have a problem with the card. There are reports of individuals losing their work due to the BUFFER problem.

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Philip Bloom working with Lucasfilm on “Red Tails”

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Behind the Scenes on Lucasfilm’s Red Tails with the Canon DSLRs from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Well done Mr Bloom…not only has he pitched himself as the HD SLR Guru but landed a job with Lucasfilm doing what he has always wanted to do…be part of a big budget film. Things are certainly hotting up in the shallow depth of field camp with both Sony and Panasonic producing film like SDoF camcorders due late 2010. It does bode the question…where is RED in all this…so much hype yet nothing but vapourware, such a shame.

Philip Bloom “Red Tails” is George Lucas’ long time pet project. Based on the real life Tuskeegee airmen, the only African American fighter squadron in the US military. This is a fictional story with a nice old fashioned war film feel to it. This isn’t Saving Private Ryan! It has a great cast….Cuba Gooding Jr, Terrance Howard, Method Man, Tristan Wilds from “The Wire” (who owns a 5d!), David Oyelowo, Nate Parker, Ne-Yo and many more.

Before I flew out there I liaised closely with Lucasfilm’s Rick McCallum. We had to make sure we had everything we needed. We researched all camera and lens options. Would we shoot Canon L series? PL? 1DmkiV? 5DmkII etc… accessories, monitors. You name it…we talked about it.”

Speaking to Phil…”At the beginning we all had our own ways by the end we were all filming as an integrated team which was a big learning curve for all of us”.

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Sony unveil an APS HD Camcorder due out 2011

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Before you are all going crazy in this one, I have to stress that Sony did not gave ANY information at all on this “black” Camcorder… However during the Alpha NEX series presentation Sony show a slide giving us the very basic on their future Killer Camcorder.
Schedule to be launch later next year, this full HD AVCHD based camcorder will feature an Exmor APS HD CMOS and interchangeable lenses compatible with Sony line-up (with or without the need of an adapter)… So who knows, maybe we will have the chance to learn more about this baby at next CEATEC or CES.

Looks like Sony have woken up to the HDSLR threat with this further film like SDoF camcorder due  out early 2011. It looks a bit top heavy for me but it’s a further nail in the coffin for the HDSLR that’s for sure !

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3DHealth Issues

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Three-dimensional TV is being introduced into the marketplace with very few short-term studies and no long-term studies about the technology’s effect on the health of viewers.

Last month, Samsung issued a warning about possible health effects associated with 3-D TV, including altered vision, lightheadedness and even stroke or epileptic seizure. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Washington have published papers that found that visual disparities in 3-D TV images can put physical strain on viewers.

Many questions remain regarding the one-size-fits all approach that has to be taken for mass audiences to enjoy the 3-D experience, Jannick Rolland, a professor at the University of Central Florida’s School of Optics, told EETimes. Rolland is known as a pioneer in virtual reality studies.

Rolland said those unanswered questions include: Can the 3-D glasses accommodate an interocular distance between eyes that is much less or more than average? Will adaptation to visual disparities interfere with vision after a movie? Will extended exposure permanently change brain functions in unsupervised children who watch for hours on end?

To find out the answers to these questions, some labs are already doing research. However, the TV industry is racing forward with the technology, assuming any health issues will be minor.

The University of Southern California Entertainment Technology Center will research reports from consumers regarding adverse reactions in the coming year as 3-D TV sets enter the marketplace. Engineering refinements to 3-D technology, however, could be required if even a small percentage of users suffer from health problems related to viewing.

“I think it will be safe,” Rolland told the magazine. “It’s challenging, but I think developers are on the right track; it’s just a matter of finding the best implementation. 3-D TV is such a fantastic technology that it is going to succeed, but you are using your eyes in a different way than you do in the real world; you are focusing and converging your eyes at different locations, which could put a strain on your eyes if the system is not well-implemented.”

Taken from

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DIY DSLR Wooden Shoulder Rig from Sweden

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DIY DSLR Wooden Shoulder Rig from Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist on Vimeo.

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Samsung 55″ Full 1080p 3D HDTV

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Who is kidding who…a 3D TV that needs glasses to watch the 3D…will no doubt be a great picture but I don’t think this is going to take off, after all there is little interest in HD let alone 3D.

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Apology for lack of content

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Sorry for lack of content recently but I have a trapped nerve in my right shoulder which is affecting my hand making computer work very painful so if you don’t mind I will need to give it a rest for a week or two…

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Volcanic ash and irritated eyes a warning for camera operators

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Strange but my mother started last week having very irritated eyes (not hayfever), this week I had what I put down to hayfever but my left eye became infected then to cap it all my friends husband who is a GP has an irritated left eye. That’s two people who don’t suffer hayfever having irritated eyes plus me.

As a cameraman I need my eyes to be A1 for obvious reasons but I do think there may be some milage in an upsurge of irritated eyes being down to fine volcanic ash. I would be interested to hear from any other UK or European cameramen/women with similar findings.

I now wear a set of clear lens BLOC glasses when I am outside to prevent pollen/ash entering my eyes.

It does mention the following warning in the NHS UK website…

Is anybody at special risk from the ash?

People with existing respiratory conditions, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma, may feel the effects more than others. In affected areas, they are recommended to carry inhalers or other medication as a precaution.

People who wear contact lenses may want to avoid wearing their lenses in areas with ash fall.

How do I know if there is ash in the air?

The HPA says that if people who are outside notice symptoms such as “itchy or irritated eyes, runny nose, sore throat or dry cough, or if they notice a dusty haze in the air or can smell sulphur, rotten eggs, or a strong acidic smell, they may wish to limit their activities outdoors or return indoors”.

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No one want’s to be left behind in 3D

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From the vendors selling 3-D equipment to buyers on the fast track to purchase it, NAB came back to life this year after last year’s economic meltdown. Whether 3-D succeeds in the long term or not, major broadcasters are fearful of being left behind.

One example is Turner Broadcasting, who is “moving full speed ahead” on 3-D technology, said Ron Tarasoff, Turner’s vice president of broadcast technology and engineering. He said Turner sees 3-D as a viable way of transmitting TV in the future.

Today, most of Turner’s work involves equipment testing as the 3-D standards bodies consider setting future standards. “There are many different possibilities in how you produce and distribute content in 3-D,” Tarasoff said. “We need to look very carefully at what will help us with 3-D delivery. We’re almost at the same point we were many years ago with HD. There’s this big push toward 3-D, and there’s very little 3-D equipment out there. There are still many different possibilities in how you produce and distribute content in 3-D.”

Also checking out 3-D gear was ESPN, who is committed to airing 85 events this year. Kevin Stolworthy, the network’s senior vice president of technology, said that at NAB he was looking for vendors with whom he was not familiar. “We think there’s going to be a lot more people out there with new 3-D equipment, software and production tools,” he said.

CBS’ Bob Ross said his network is also evaluating 3-D gear, though he’s not worrying yet about storing and playing 3-D programming. The network broadcast the recent Masters Golf Tournament in 3-D TV (distributed via cable operators across the country, thanks to Comcast Media Center in Denver), and it was shown throughout the convention and received overall positive reaction from viewers.

On the manufacturing side, there were many new 3-D products at the NAB Show, and several key strategic announcements as well.

Miranda Technologies announced a licensing deal with 3-D compression specialist Sensio Technologies to develop a line of 3-D playout products. The first product of the collaboration, shown at the show, was the Densité 3DX-3901 stereoscopic 3-D video processor module, which provides high-quality conversion of multiple 3-D formats.

Sensio is also collaborating with Grass Valley to include Sensio’s 3D Encoder IP Core software with the Grass Valley ViBE EM3000 H.264 HD encoder for program contribution and consumer satellite TV applications.

Panasonic announced the first customer for its AG-3DA1 dual-lens 3-D HD camcorder, which it unveiled last January at the Consumer Electronics Show. Rental house Video Equipment Rentals (VER) has purchased 10 of the integrated HD 3-D camcorders and will receive them in the early fall. Los Angeles-based VER will rent the products from its locations in major markets throughout the United States, which include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, among others.

Elsewhere on the 3-D front, Panasonic will work with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) to create a 3-D production studio at AEG’s L.A. Live complex in Los Angeles. The company also will collaborate with the University of Southern California Entertainment Technology Center to study the psychophysical effects of 3-D viewing in the home and create production guidelines for 3-D content.

Sony introduced a concept of a 3-D camera it co-developed with Discovery International at NAB during the Digital Cinema Summit. During his keynote speech, John Honeycutt, executive vice president and head of international business operations for Discovery International, called it the “camera of the future” and revealed it would include one 3in CMOS sensor per eye, HD (1920 x 1080) capability, interchangeable lenses, convergence control and metadata support. Field tests are scheduled to start in July.

At another point in his speech, Honeycutt held up the new Panasonic 3-D camcorder and described it as a tool to be used extensively (and cost-effectively). He also outlined plans for a 3-D channel from Discovery, Sony and IMAX slated to launch this year. The channel’s target audience is primarily men ages 25-49 who are tech savvy and likely to be early adopters of the technology.

“We think there is a real audience for this channel,” he said, adding that the “deep reservoir” of content that would be available on the channel includes Sony movies, Discovery TV content and IMAX films.

“We only have one opportunity to impress consumers,” he said. “We are not going to skimp on quality.”

Honeycutt said he was optimistic about 3-D TV set sales, although he cautioned that “approximately 12 percent of all people have issues with their binocular vision, making 3-Dviewing extremely difficult or impossible.”

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Have the codes of conduct changed in television news !

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As a cameraman I am very disappointed in todays “let’s trap the celebrity” culture that we seem intent on breeding. It’s all about the”exclusive” and less about the person’s rights you are abusing. Filming news ten years ago as a freelance cameraman we had two codes of conduct when filming celebrates which included politicians…

1st code was to remind the person wearing a radio mic that it was still live and NEVER to record private conversation.

2nd code was never to ask for their autograph.

Once again we see a politician caught with an open radio mic and broadcast for all and sundry. Gordon Brown had been asked if he could keep the radio mic on by Sky Television as things were hectic and it would save time between stops.

Sky in my opinion have breeched an unwritten code of conduct by recording albeit by mistake Gordon Brown talking to his aide in complete confidence or so he thought. This does nothing but harbour total distrust between celebrities and the media to the point that they have the right to demand no radio mics in the future, spoiling it for everyone else.

We the lesser mortals who have nothing to do with television still adhere to those unwritten codes and what is recorded by mistake remains a private laugh on the cutting room floor AND THAT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE !

UPDATE : Listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning not one mention was given to the fact that Sky were totally out of order recording this let alone playing it back to world wide media.

I also got a very good comment reminding me that… “Lets not forget that Bskyb and The Sun are owned by the same person who is trying everything to get Brown out.” It’s a disgrace…just in case you are wondering I am no big fan of Gordon Brown let alone politics in general but I do not tolerate unfairness and Sky have a lot to answer for in my opinion.

I think Gordon Brown has a strong case for abuse of his rights and should take this up with OFCOM…there is a clear understanding between a broadcaster who tells a client to keep a radio mic on “TO SAVE THEM TIME” that they will not abuse this very sensitive position by recording once the client is clearly OFF CAMERA.

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