HD Warrior in far flung places “The Power of the Web”

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Sometimes its fun just looking at various referrer web sites, these are logged by Word Press when you have traffic from anywhere in the world, usually someone leaves a web link for others to follow. This is a web link from filmmaker.cn which is from somewhere in China.

That’s the power of the web you can be transported all over the globe and why television is loosing advertising. If you have an idea or new product these days you can bet it’s on every specialist web blog within seconds that beats paid advertising to your local TV station hands down.

Viral advertising relies on that very same concept…the best viral advert happened by pure chance early on this year when an unknown Scottish singer walked onto a stage in Glasgow, by the next day everyone on planet earth new the name of Susan Boyle, that was the power of the internet no amount of television advertising could have projected Susan into global stardom so quickly…and well done Susan a true star in the making.


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NY International Film Festival “Call for entries 2010″

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LA Festival screenings will take place exclusively at the Regency Fairfax Cinema located at 7907 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 in February 2010 .

***All NYIFF films are screened in REAL movie theatres in NYC and LA! This is your chance to see your film on the Big Screen***

Latest Festival Success Stories:

The War on Kids (2009 Best Educational Documentary) is currently receiving its theatrical run in NYC. Marathon was just picked up by ITN Distribution & Breaking Glass Pictures.Moonlight Sonata was picked up by Wonderphil Productions. Moviehouse Entertainment picked up Crooked Business.


The New York International Film Festival just wrapped its 2009 festival in NYC. Film screenings were held exclusively at the historic City Cinemas Village East.

During the festival’s opening weekend, Peter Greene, Steven Bauer, Clem Caserta (NYIFF Best Actor in a Short Film & Best Director of a Short Film),Kathrine Narducci, Ray Abruzzo and Vinnie Vella came out to support indie film and attended the World Premiere of “The Last Gamble”(NYIFF Best Drama) and “Mafiettes” (NYIFF Best Comedy-Drama Short). French actors Pierre Richard (NYIFF Lifetime Achievement Award) andSylvie Testud were present at the World Premiere of “A Happy Man”(NYIFF Best International Feature Film). Talbot Perry Simon’s film “Still the Drums” (NYIFF Best Feature Film & Talbot Perry Simons-Best Actor in a Feature Film) had it’s New York Premiere before a sold out audience with a private after-party that followed.

The Festival’s highly-anticipated closing night was well-received. “Marathon”(NYIFF Best Cinematography & Best Screenplay), produced by Richard Harteis, inked a distribution deal through ITN Distribution & Breaking Glass Pictures after the film’s World Premiere. The film explores the relationship between Harteis and William Meredith, former US Poet Laureate and winner of the 1988 Pulitzer Prize. Garry Pastore’s directorial debut “Waiting For Budd” screened before a sold out audience and Pastore picked up Best Directorial Debut of a Short Documentary. The NY Premiere of the multiple award-winning indie gem “Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!” (NYIFF Best Ensemble Cast & Audience Award) closed the festival and several of the films stars (Jai Rodriguez, Vincent Pastore) were spotted at the private after-party at Popburger.

A complete list of award winners will be posted soon on www.nyfilmvideo.com . Photos from the Festival will be posted on www.nyfilmvideo.com . Also, videos/interviews will be posted soon on the Festival’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/nyiifvf

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2009 AWARDS…”8 Days to go”

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Canon announce new 5Dmk11 frame rates 1080 24/25i and 720 50P

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Interesting bit of news via Philip Bloom’s blog is that the 5Dmk11 firmware update (no date as yet) seems not only to have 1080 24/25P but 720 50P as well which will be a welcome surprise to everyone who owns a Canon 5Dmk11 stuck with 1080 30p.

These are far more usable frame rates and may even bring a smile to an old grump like me who has been less than favourable towards the DSLR camp.

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Sony PXUMS-240 SxS back up £1200

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During the Sony Seminar last Thursday Alister Chapman was comparing the new Sony PXUMS240 and the NexTo Di NVS-2500. Basically they are external storage devices to store SxS footage freeing your SxS card for more filming during a shoot. Alister has already produced a full reviw of the NVS-2500 which you can see here…http://www.hdwarrior.co.uk/2009/11/21/alister-chapman-reviews-the-nextodi-nvs2500

The comparison was mainly about the portability of both units and his conclusion was that the Sony was better suited as a base unit…in other words if you have various cameramen filming SxS they could come back to base and transfer their material to this unit it copy’s and verify’s on the way in. Note a 32GB card would take 20 mins to copy. Another thing to consider is the Sony unit only copies SxS cards while the NVS-2500 can copy various cards formats.

The NVS-2500 is smaller and better suited to out in the field though it does not verify the material on the first pass ie. when copying from SxS to the NVS-2500.

This is Sonys highlights on the PXUMS240…

  • Record Time Per HDD Cartridge: HQ Mode: More than 13 hours / SQ Mode: More than 17 hours
  • One-Touch Copy to HDD Cartridge: COPY ONLY: ~600Mbps (10min for 32GB card or approx. 10x real time). COPY & VERIFY: ~300Mbps (20 min for 32GB card or approx. 5x real time)
  • High-Speed SxS Read Transfer Function: e-SATA Interface to connect with PC (Max. 800Mbps read transfer speed). Estimated Single Cartridge Ingest Time is less than 1 Hour (up to 17 hours per cartridge @ 35Mbps)
  • Internal shock absorbers. The cartridge has an internal HDD which is suspended inside the PXU-HC240 chassis by four specially engineered dampers that help protect against shock.
  • 3G shock detection. As in a laptop PC, this system senses a potential shock and temporarily “parks” the read/write heads away from the hard disk surface, to help protect the disk from damage.


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Glasgow Sony Seminar with Alister Chapman

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Today I went up town to Glasgow city centre to meet some good friends of mine Alister, Colin and Phil who were holding a Sony seminar at the Malmaison for a unique hands on event.

Alister was his usual informative self, what he doesn’t know about Sony kit is unreal, he is very technically astute, people were firing questions at him and not missing a beat Alister had a reply for all of us.

The best part of the day for me was picture profiles for both the Sony EX-1 and EX-3. Most of us including myself do not dare enter the hidden secrets of the Matrix. Just when you think you know a camera and how to get the best out of it along comes someone who not only uses the camera but has an inner knowledge to adjust the settings making the camera less noisy.

I would love to share the profiles with you but I forgot to ask Alisters permission plus he still has two Sony shows to cover so I don’t think he would be to enamoured if I gave away his Piesse de Resistance.

Sadly I had to leave at lunchtime but can I thank Colin from Mitcorp, Scotland for the invite and Alister and Phil for their time, expertise and in depth knowledge…a seminar well worth attending.


One bit of inner knowledge I received from Alister about the new Sony PMW-350 shoulder mount camcorder is that it is far less noisy than the EX-3 and is two stops better in low light than the EX-3…this makes this camcorder quite remarkable indeed.


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Scarlet GU interface

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OK so once again this looks like a Photoshop job but it looks cool and if implemented into Scarlet would have all the information needed right in your viewfinder.

Thanks to Ben Cain/HD Cinema and originally Graeme Nattress for this picture.

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Are Canon working on a DSLR based video camera ?

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It’s a pretty sketchy rumor, but we’re hearing that Canon’s working on a pro video camera based on a 12.1 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor similar to the one in the Rebel XSi. That makes perfect sense to us, actually — DSLRs with video capabilities like the 5D Mark II and the new Rebel T1i have definitely shaken up people’s expectations of prosumer video, and Canon’s sitting on a well-regarded camcorder division primed to pounce on a new market. According to CanonRumors, the new pro cam will look similar to the XL H1 pictured above with support for EF and EF-S lenses, sport fully manual controls as well as autofocus, and shoot 720p/30/60 and 1080p/24/30/60 to 56Mbit/s MPEG-4. Sounds pretty good, but aye, there’s a rub: word is that Canon’s DSLRs won’t ever get similar video features in order to protect this cam’s high-end $8,000 price tag — which sucks, but also makes perfect (if annoying) sense to us. It’s all rumor for now, but we’ll see how it pans out — the pro and prosumer video market are about to get crazy interesting…

HDW… Interesting but as one commentator said in a recent comment “VAPORWARE”. Don’t get me wrong no one would be happier if this were fact and there still mat be a grain of truth in it.

I do find it hard to believe that Canon Photo would be embargoed by Canon Video not to further enhance the video features on their DSLRs though it may bring back a sense of normality splitting the two camps back where they belong.

The 56Mbit/s would bring this camera up to broadcast spec and that would negate the need for 3rd party units like the NanoFlash.

As I have said before Canon Pro Video have not brought out a pro camcorder for over 17 months so we are due a solid state camcorder relatively soon. This would indeed affect the likes of Scarlet as Canon have far bigger manufacturing resources than the likes of RED…”THE RACE IS ON”.

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Scarlet 2/3″ 8x Fixed lens pricing $4750 “Amazing”

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Well once again the boys at RED DIGITAL CINEMA have done it again and set the cat among the pigeons for the amazing price of £5000 (UK conversion) you can own a RED SCARLET camera which will be a far better investment for everyone who likes the film look than tinkering with any HD SLR. This in my opinion spells the death nell for what has been an interesting but stupid phase in global HD development. If you add in the price of an HD SLR plus a couple of  Canon ‘L’ lenses you are past the £5000 mark !


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Exploring Motion 4 and the basic 90˚rule

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Nothing exercises the mind more than delving into Motion 4 with a complex animation in mind. I needed to show fire exits from a building starting with the back of the building sweeping round to the front.

My main problem was lack of basic knowledge of how you should approach the 3D buildings. I thought you could just add various shapes to build up the scene then look at them from various angles. That approach does not work, Motion 4 needs you to apply rectangles, boxes all on the same plane otherwise you get a peeling apart effect as soon as you move away from your scene.

After pulling my hair out I emailed Mark Spencer of Ripple Training who looked at my first example and told me that all my rectangles were not on the same plane I did not understand at first then it clicked…everything must be at 90˚ to each other as shown below.


Once you get your head round the 90˚ rule the rest is plane sailing…or not…as soon as you start to add lights to your project it starts to look sexy but sexy at the cost of rendering, without lights your 3D subject can take an hour or so…add three lights and you are looking at 3,4,5 hours or more. One initial project was taking so long that I abandoned it 6 hours later !

I am about to do some sexy 3D photo frames today I will post you the results once I have something worth showing. PS. Maths was one of my worst subjects at school and working with lots of rectangles in a 3D environment brings it all back…who said you don’t need maths once you leave school…me !!!

I want to thank Mark Spencer for his invaluable input.

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