Filming a Music Video with the Sony FS100

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I have partly produced a review of the new Sony FS100 over in Arran but came back to the mainland with a major lack of content showing the FS100 not only being used but shots from the camera itself. After a day or two racking my brains my sister Martine sent me an email telling me that her son Douglas had published a new single with iTunes called INSECURE

That gave me an idea, Douglas had been thinking the same idea so we got together to produce a storyboard of Dougies ideas, slow motion, black and white, speed changes he was certainly a focused young man with specific shots in mind.

Things kicked off in Dougies first chosen location a penthouse flat in the centre of Glasgow with it’s Bang and Olufsen LED television that electronically swivels to give you a perfect viewing angle. I am using the new Glidetrack Hybrid slider with a Manfrotto DV head and the Sony FS100.

Dom and Fiona were the central characters and a charm to work with, Dom is in fact a junior surgeon in one of the major Glasgow hospitals and must swoon the nursing staff where ever he goes. Fiona a very pretty young lady who is a marketing manager for a major Glasgow firm.

The Sony FS100 was an absolute joy to work with, once again working outdoors I was using the 4x ND Cokin filter which allowed me enough depth of field without getting carried away.

We arrived at 1pm although the first shot did not kick off till 2pm and as you can see the pictures from the FS100 are stunning, this is a frame grab but the natural skin tones and lack of noise is un-real.

I was ably assisted by my long time friend Stewart who was a good sounding board and came up with some nice lighting ideas. This video grab is from the Sony NX70, I had Stewart record some behind the scene footage which I will edit in the morning.

Dougie was having a ball, basically he played his song via an iPod and mimed in sync to the lyrics, seven hours later Dougie called some of his friends to help us move about 500 yards from one flat to another.

This is Tonys flat, this is where the party was to be held and a further three and a half hours shooting taking us up to 10.30pm

The great thing about the large sensor cameras is your ability to work in either available light or with a minimal bounced ceiling light due the the cameras ability to have up to 15dBs of gain with little to no noise.

The crucial scene being explained to Dom, this video is about female insecurity with her boyfriend, if I were a girl I think I may be a tad insecure working with a modern version of Dr Kildare.

Twelve hours later and we reach the final scene back at flat one, I was shattered by now and just wanted to get to my bed.



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Review of the Sony HXR-NX70

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[xr_video id=”b323a503db8f4b599bde78fb0bb52c60″ size=”md”]

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One Million hits and counting !

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Today sees our 1,000,000 hit or to be precise 1.002,750…fantastic, we have gone from 99 hits a day to 3,000 hits a day in just over the year, now thats the power of the internet.

Thanks again to everyone who looks in daily from all parts of the world.  Whats the secret you may ask, my candidness and sheer honesty about all sections of video production good and bad.

I rattle a few cages but if your blogging is honest and not fabricated people get to trust you.

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FREE Apple FCPX advert

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FCPX-“Everything just changed in post” but NOT for the better !

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I had alarm bells ringing when the genius and advocate of Final Cut Pro, Larry Jordan announced that the new FCP-10 was not ready for professionals, Larry was giving us a heads up but was probably asked politely by Apple to retract his statement.

Larry was 100% correct this new version sucks, Apple have assumed a lot and not bothered to ask the end user about losing important features that are essential for a professional editing environment.

When we first got a sneak peek back in NAB 2011 at the Supermeet the rat was already on the plate when it was reported that FCPX (10) looked a lot like iMovie, that was the first nail in it’s two years waisted development coffin.

A lot of people were very disgruntled at the iMovie likeness and the “best” news of all is the total dismissal off Apple developers that tape ingest was to die along with Soundtrack and DVD Studio 4.

How many edit suites across the planet are totally solid state, never to rely on ingesting tape of any format…it’s a joke. I run a solid state edit suite but must have the facility to ingest tape and have a £2500 AJA io HD box for that very reason.

As yet FCPX can not ingest 1080 50p from a Sony NX70 or a Sony FS100, two of the most up to date solid state camcorders and FCPX renders their footage useless.

Apple in my opinion have screwed up big time and I for one want heads to roll over some of the most ludicrous decisions ever to befall a great program like Final Cut Pro.

The so called chief architect of Final Cut Pro Randy Ubilos should be made to correct this less than useless program or lose his job !

All we wanted was 64 bit and some new bells and whistles not this fanciful bloated version of iMovie…well I for one will be sticking with FCP-7 and my old friends that come with Studio 3 and I am now so glad that I bought Premiere Pro 5.5, I can see many of us migrating to Premiere Pro…at least Adobe know how to treat professional editors.

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FCP-10 on APP store but still not downloadable ?

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2 Cameras 2 Reviews now in the editing stage

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I am now looking through all the footage deciding wether to do a bumper review or to split the footage into two reviews, give me your thoughts if you have feelings either way.

UPDATE : Having cut my FS100 review of the camcorder and its features it lasts 9 minutes alone so I have decided to cut 2 reviews as it would be far to long to include both cameras.

The pictures from both these cameras at 1080 50p are better than cameras 4x their price, they are drop dead gorgeous. The best thing about both these Sony camcorders is that they down-convert to 720p, now you may well ask why drop to 720 when you have such wonderful footage. FCP-7 does not have the ability to edit 1080 50p as yet but you can down-convert from 1080 50p to 720 50p and the pictures look great.

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Larry with egg on his face

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Good old Larry took the bull by the horns and told it as it was…in his opinion…but must have caused a giant wave of horror to flow through Apple headquarters as he announced that Final Cut Pro 10 was “not ready for professional use”.

Larry is the guru of Final Cut Pro 7 and is a great educator for everyone who wants to anything about FCP, he is simply one of the best.

Larry takes up the story…

“There are about 85 emails in my in-box this morning with links to a speech I gave at the April Final Cut Pro User Group about my reactions to Apple’s presentation of Final Cut at NAB.

While I stand by most of my remarks, there was one unfortunate moment where I said, with a special dramatic emphasis for the crowd, that Final Cut Pro X was not ready for professional use.

I believed that then. I don’t believe it now.

When I made that presentation to the LAFCPUG, it was the week after NAB; a week after Apple presented the new version of Final Cut to the world. When I watched that presentation, I was watching it through the prism of my experience with Final Cut Pro 7 and all I knew about the application was what Apple showed on stage in their demo.

How could anything that radically different equal what we already had in Final Cut Pro 7?

I knew this new version was far more than iMovie – but, at that time, I didn’t think it was Final Cut Pro, either.

Its no secret that Apple gave me rare access to the software by inviting me to a demo of an early build of the software in February this year. However, what is not known, is that they also gave me permission to contact their development team to discuss the new version.

After NAB, and after my presentation at that April LAFCPUG meeting, I finally had time to follow-up on Apple’s offer. And I did. A lot.

I peppered them with questions:

• Why did Apple decide to totally reinvent the interface?

• Why did Apple feel they couldn’t simply do an incremental improvement to what we already had?

• Why did they only talk about Final Cut Pro?

• Why did they add the features they did?

• Why did they not mention others?

• What did they view as the future of editing, and who did they see doing the work?

While I can’t tell you what Apple told me until after the NDA lifts with the release of the product, I can tell you that what I learned during those conversations has completely changed my opinion.

Because so many of us base our lives on this software – both creatively and financially – there is a lot of stress whenever a new version comes out. Especially a radically different new version.

I understand, I feel the same stress.

But I no longer feel, as I once thought, that this is a step backward. Based on what I learned during my conversations with Apple, I believe this release provides us with an opportunity for a large step forward.

Now, we just have to wait and see what Apple ships.

For many of us, this will be a giant leap into something truly exciting. There is a lot of news to share and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

That day can’t come soon enough.”

Well done Larry for giving Apple a good kicking, I along with hundreds of Professional editors are getting fed up with Apples insistence on keeping all of us in the dark about FCP-10, we deserve better.

We still do not know the following…

Soundtrack Pro V10 ?

DVD Studio Pro V10 ?

Compressor V10?

Blu-ray support or even DVD support ?

We do know the following…

Final Cut Pro 10 available during June 2011

Motion 4 has been updated to V5

You can see Apples insistence on keeping us in the dark if Abobe had a new version of Premiere on the offering but 5.5 is just out so Apple are playing a stupid and dangerous cat and mouse game in my humble opinion.

Poor Steve Jobs is ill and my best wishes go out to him but his temporary departure does not mean the rest of Apple becomes sick also !

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Last day of filming

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It’s a hard life filming video reviews, or should I say getting harder to come up with original settings to produce my video reviews.

Arran is Scotland in miniature so has a lot of locations that lend themselves to video, today we were filming a section of video for Chris who is producing a 2 minute video about living life to the full.

Gus our diver for the afternoon is just over 70 years old and has been diving for over 20 years.

You will see our exploits in the up and coming video review.



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One review two cameras

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Almost one year later I have come back to Arran to review the new Sony cameras the NX70 and the FS100.
Chris and myself have produced a 3 camera shoot with two NX70s and the FS100.
I am using my iPad 2 for this entry and is not as user friendly as my computer but this at least allows me to update you all on what’s going on.
I will be back tomorrow and hope to edit the review for later next week.

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