GenusTech Rig Review coming soon

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New Panasonic AG-AC160 arrives in Glasgow

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Just out of the box the Panasonic AG-AC160…I look forward to producing a full in-depth review of this fantastic AVCCAM camcorder, the first of a new breed of solid state cameras from Panasonic.

I have had very little time to play with the AC160 today but here are a couple of frames from me messing about this evening. Firstly the camera copes very well in mixed lighting, the shot above has 5000K LED down lighters giving an almost daylight light, the fridge light on my wifes face is as good as 3200K.

I caught the coloured fridge door magnets and was pleased to see how natural the colours were especially is such mixed lighting. I have done some preliminary low light tests but nothing very scientific so I will refrain from comment till I have done further testing.

I hope to give the camera a thourough run-through over the next few days and produce a video review by the end of the week. We hope to have a bit of a coo by interviewing an old Celtic Lisbon Lion player as part of the review.

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redrock… “first on the market with a Canon EF solution”

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The Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT™ is the first active lens adapter that enables Canon EF lenses to be used with any micro four-thirds (mft) camera, such as the Panasonic AG-AF100, Panasonic GH1/2, and Olympus Pen cameras.

Canon EF lenses require power and electronic controls in order to adjust the lens’ aperture. Without power and control electronics, The aperture of the EF lenses are stuck wide open, severely limiting the usefulness of the lens. The Redrock LiveLens mft active lens adapter solves this problem by providing power to the EF lens and a control pad to adjust the lens aperture. With LiveLens mft you can set the EF lens’ aperture to any stop in increments as small as 1/3 stop. It works with just about every lens available today, including variable aperture zoom lenses, prime lenses, consumer-level lenses, and professional L-series lenses. It also works with most third party EF-compatible lenses. There are some limitations to please make sure to read Technical Details.

The Redrock Micro LiveLens mft is the solution for using sharp EF-mount lenses on Micro Four Third bodies without sacrifice. Where standard “dummy adapters” just physically mount EF lenses to the Micro Four Third body, the Redrock micro LiveLens MFT talks to the lens, giving you the ability to adjust your aperture without the need to use time consuming workarounds on set. Don’t work around the ability of your lenses; make your lenses work for you, starting today.

How does LiveLens mft work? 

The LiveLens mft is a lens adapter that fits onto any micro four-thirds camera body, and provides a Canon EF lens mount on the other side for attaching any EF-compatible lens. an on board computer and electronics power a small control panel that allow you to adjust the aperture of the lens, open or closed, in 1/3 stop increments.

Does LiveLens do what I need it to do? 

Absolutely. LiveLens technology has been used by many professional productions for over three years, demonstrating the reliability and capability of LiveLens. With a few exceptions it works with most EF-compatible lenses.LiveLens mft uses true active EF lens control technology, not fake extra iris, mechanical-only lens mount, or other non-performing poor quality “solutions” found on the Internet today.

How is it powered?

The LiveLens mft is powered by an external 9v battery, which can be switched on and off.

How long does the 9v battery last?

The 9V battery can power the unit for about 20 hours depending on how frequently aperture is adjusted .

Will this adapter work on all of my lenses?

The Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT will work on most Canon EF Lenses. However, there are a few exceptions. LiveLens mft does not power focus by wire lenses like the 85mm f/1.2 and 300mm f/2.8. It also does not work with Canon or third party teleconverters, extenders, or macro tubes.

How would I support long or heavy lenses?

If you plan on using long or heavy glass, we’d suggest a microLensSupport to ensure the lens is secure and properly supported.

Can I use the camera to control aperture?

Currently the lens aperture is controlled only through the LiveLens control pad, not the camera.

Will this power the image stabilizer of my IS enabled lenses?

Currently the LiveLens MFT powers only the aperture control of the lens, and does not provide power for image stabilization.

How does this differ from the LiveLens for the M3?

The underlying control technology of the LiveLens MFT and LiveLens for M3 is identical. Where the LiveLens MFT differs is it’s custom-built flange that attaches the unit to the Micro Four Thirds lens mount. LiveLens for the M3 has been proven to work for over three years in production environments and gives LiveLens mft this proven reliability.


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Great Manfrotto deal

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Kevin is stepping down after 17 years with the IOV

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IOV seeks new Administration

Having successfully provided the administrative backbone to the IOV for the past 17-years, IOV Focus Ltd has announced that it will not be tendering to renew its contract when it expires in October 2012.

Having fulfilled the role of Executive Administrator since 1995, Kevin Cook, Managing Director of IOV Focus Ltd, feels that his place in the IOV has come to a natural conclusion. Kevin said, “Whilst there is a big part of me that is very sad about this change, I wholeheartedly agree that this is the right thing for both the IOV and for me at this point in time. We both have extremely bright futures and exciting times ahead of us.”

IOV Chairman, Ron Lee, added, “Whilst the management of the IOV has always been a collaborative effort, no one could deny the enormous impact that the team at IOV Focus has had on our association. Virtually every positive development has been a result of their vision, determination and enthusiasm in building the IOV into a truly worthwhile and well-respected trade association. Having quadrupled in size since 1995, the IOV has become a substantial and influential part of the industry.

Whilst the current agreement does not expire until October next year, both parties want to move on and implement changes without delay. The IOV has therefore taken ownership of the entire shares of IOV Focus Ltd and from now on will gradually route its business activities through the IOV. For the immediate future Kevin will continue to act as Executive Administrator as an employee of the IOV until a suitable alternative is found. It is also hoped that Kevin will continue to be involved in the IOV at Executive level so that the organisation can continue to benefit from his extensive experience.

Ariane Nombro, the IOV Membership Secretary, will also continue in her role as an employee of the IOV until the new administration is in place.

Kevin added, “I am extremely proud of what we achieved with the IOV over the years and really appreciate the help, encouragement and support offered by the membership over this time. Many of you have become, and I hope will continue to be, very close friends. It has been an honour to serve you all and, in particular, the IOV’s past and present Executive Committee for the best part of my working career. I’m sure the next administration will enjoy the same support and encouragement that I have.”

Going forward the IOV is now actively seeking interest from a replacement company or individual/s that can take the IOV forward and spearhead the further development of the association and build on its many successes. The IOV Executive has a description of the tasks involved and the expectations, qualities and requirements of those who will be fulfilling these important roles. They are willing to consider either entering into a new arrangement with an external contractor or employing a person or persons to deliver these tasks.

In the first instance, applicants should email to express their interest and request the job/role descriptions. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Issued on behalf of the
IOV Executive Committee

HDW…Having known Kevin over the majority of his service with the IOV I am surprised it’s taken so long for him take his creative skills else ware, he has given a good part of his career to the IOV and they are the better for having had Kevin for so long. I was a Fellow/committee member a few years ago but my own work had to come first and started to clash with my IOV duties so I resigned.

On the whole no one makes any money working for the IOV in fact Kevin because of the full time commitment to their “Focus magazine” was one of the few full time paid members.

It will be interesting to see how the magazine progresses, time will tell. 

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P2 v SxS v SDHC “The price of this media is affecting sales”

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As we await the new Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2 camcorder I thought it would be a good time to compare the two dominant solid state professional formats.

As you can see there is nothing in it these days price wise between P2 and SxS but if Panasonic wanted to seriously dent the sales of Sony’s XDCAM they need to get the price of their media down again.

For all it’s reliability both cards are excessively priced compared to SDHC or SDXC cards which are a fraction of the cost and are pushing many price conscious professionals away from both P2 and SxS.

We are living in hard times and clients are cutting budgets back all the time, cameramen/women are less likely to upgrade to a system that comes with the burden of having to buy £1000 upwards of media when the alternative SDHC is not a million miles away in quality.

There are a growing number of SSD recorders coming onto the market like the Ninja using relatively cheaper solid state memory e.g. 128GB SSD is only £135 that’s four times the capacity of your P2/SxS 32G card and at 4:2:2.

Panasonic and Sony have to re-think the cost of this media, Sony have already bowed to the cheaper SxS adapter by bringing their own version out so I think Panasonic should consider doing the same or slash the price of P2 to a more affordable price.

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Panasonic AG-AC160 due this week

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I have been informed that the Panasonic AG-AC160 is due to arrive next week and I should get a camera to review soon, the one thing that struck me about the 160 during IBC was the quality of the picture.

Since the AF101 Panasonic have been listening to their end users and producing a cracking range of non shoulder mount camcorders from the 10bit 4:2:2 250 down to the AVCCAM AC-130. We are now being treated to camcorders that are fit for purpose rather than those teetering on the edge of even being semi professional.

The AC160 sits plumb in the middle and is the most sought after at it’s price point of £3000 plus 20% vat and the major fact that it by passes the expensive P2 card system that the 250 uses.

With the 160 you get a lot of camera for your money here are just a few of it’s highlights…

1. AVCHD in PH mode 21 Mbps (VBR)

2. 22x optical zoom lens f1.6-3.2 (35mm conversion = 28mm – 616mm)

3. Synchro scan

4. SDHC (4-32GB) and SDXC cards (48-2TB)

5. Dual system 50 or 59.94 Hz

6. Interval recording

7. Variable frame rate plus over and under cranking

8. Linear PCM 2ch sound or Dolby Digital

9. SDI and HDMI out

10. 2 XLR 3 pin connectors for sound I/P

11. 2 card slots allow simultaneous recording

The 160 is packed with features from the manual aperture 22x lens to the ability to record dual memory cards at the same time all for the sum of £3000 plus vat.

I hope to get one next week and put it through it’s paces including a look at the camcorders low light capabilities.


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H Preston Media gets a face lift

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Have a look here…


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FCPUG meeting in Glasgow “In pictures”

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MacVideo GURU himself Rick Young.

A good evening had by all especially this lucky chap Mr Crawford Brown who won an AJA Express worth over £1400.

Alister Brown…Mr Glidetrack himself giving us some background into making and upgrading sliders.

Matt Davis (Director/Editor) had a hard task trying to convince hardened FCP users that Adobe Premiere Pro might be a better path to take.

The Rick and Phil show…coming to a small screen near you soon on MacVideo, thanks to Matt for this picture.


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IBC 2011 Part TWO

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