“Handi 5Dmk2″ a manual in your iPhone

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As you can see the Canon 5D Mk11 is becoming the de-facto indie HD film like camera thanks in no small part to Philip Bloom DOP, with that in mind and the amount of switches, presets and menus the camera has to offer you need the “Handi 5Dmk2″ APP from the Apple store. I am in no doubt that a 7D version is on it’s way.

This is a great wee APP and well worth the £1.19, basically it’s a hand book in your iPhone, very handy when your memory fails you out on a job.


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World Exclusive…Sony PMW-350K XDCAM 2/3″ Shoulder mount SxS camcorder £13K

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Sony-PMW-350K-v5You heard it here 1st …Last April I predicted an EX-7 and good old Sony have been listening to me and are about to announce the PMW-350K/L and the amazing news is the fact that it is a 2/3″ chipset with two SxS card slots.

We have also been told that we are getting a 32GIG SxS card for £200 this is similar to the P2E card…ice cream without the strawberries.

Sony know this is going to affect sales of the PDW-700 but it’s also going to affect sales from Panasonic, Ikegami, JVC and to a lesser extent Canon, but they also know how many of us have embraced the EX format and by bringing out a 2/3″ camcorder will enhance the EX range from event producers right up to broadcast. I have no idea wether we are going to see 50mbs but you can be assured this will be the camcorder of 2009.

Sorry I got my fractions wrong it should read 2/3″


More news as we get it…

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Canon 7D firmware upgrade v 1.0.9

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You can get the new firmware here…  http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eosd/firm-e/eos7d/firmware.html

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The New Sony EX-1R

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The new Sony EX-1R


Remember the EX-1R does not have an interchangeable lens.

Strangely we seem to be getting a revamp of the EX-1 rather than the EX-5. Specs are rumoured to be…

SD recording

HDMI output

A new viewfinder

Cache recording

One push mode for slow and quick recording like the EX3

Quicker start up, better ergonomics.

SD will supposedly be .AVI files

Possibly record’s 4:3

Camera holding improvement

One push mode change for S&Q

Quicker Start Switches

Jog Dial improvements and firmware version up by users

NB. Will the new EX-1R allow the MxR adapters this would be a serious blow if Sony have been stupid enough to exclude this archive “feature”.

I still don’t understand Sony’s logic in naming this camcorder the EX-1R, if it is better than the EX-3 and by all accounts it should be streets ahead then are we for the 1st time in history going to see EX-3s being sold for EX-1Rs. Where does this leave the EX-3 you aren’t going to seriously tell me we are going to see an EX-3R. As we all know the EX-1 & 3 are the same camcorder with some enhancements on the EX-3 so to call a further enhanced EX1/3 an EX-1R is silly and very confusing.

I do realise that I may have played a part in this by predicting the EX-5 with this chipset back in July and further back on the 1st of April announcing the EX-7 so maybe I stole Sony’s numbers !

Philip Bloom was the 1st blog to mention the EX-1R.

Sony will be announcing the full specs on Tuesday 20th October 2009

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AJA “14th week” Still looking for drivers

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Canon 5DMk11…BBC/IMG Snooker intro Glasgow 2009

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Sunday Night Snooker Opener, Grand Prix 2009 from Idustrial Revolution on Vimeo.

All shot on the Canon 5DmkII, this opener was at the top of the show for the BBC’s sunday night coverage of the Grand Prix Snooker 2009.

Cameraman Colin Nuttall got some amazing low light behind the scenes action. Edited in FCP by Peter Wiggins after being converted using some custom Compressor droplets.

Full credit to IMG & the BBC for getting never seen before images onto the screen for snooker fans.

Lenses used
Canon 50mm F1.2 L 
Canon 300mm F2.8 L
Canon 24-105mm F4 L

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Mulitcam Editing HD footage with FCP-6/7

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My preferred way of ingesting HD footage is via the AJA io HD this keeps it simple and converts it to Apple ProRez. The other benefit of using a IO box is the ability to view you HD material on an Full HD LCD monitor.

If you ingest SxS footage via the Sony US10 card reader it will bring all your footage in as clips and you will end up with XDCAM EX footage, not ProRez.

For Multicam editing HD footage you need the easiest codec your MacPro can handle and that is Apple ProRez. IO boxes like the AJA or Matrox MXO2 convert all your footage to ProRez although the Matrox box does give you other flavours of codec to choose as well.

Say you film a stage show and it lasts 90 minutes that’s 45 minutes each half, you want two continuous 45min camera feeds, that’s four 16Gig SxS cards or 4 SDHC cards with MxR adapters. Once you get back to base and you are ready to edit your footage take the HD SDI out of an EX-30 or EX-1/3 into yout IO box. The video and audio travel down the same HD SDI lead. NOTE. For the 1st time in 25 years I bought HD SDI cable made up as you need to be sure your cable is as good as your pictures deserve.


This also allows you to view your recorded footage as it’s being ingested, it may seem a longer way to input your footage but giving your Mac pristine ProRez footage will allow you at least 2 camera angles via SATA drives with no stuttering. Stuttering, dropped frames happens when your SATA drive tries to feed too much data at the one time and can’t keep up.

You would need to store your footage onto a XServe, RAID or SCSI (Pronounced Scuzzi) drive in order to squeeze more data throughput if you want to edit 3-4 camera angles or you can simply convert your footage to SD if your end result isn’t HD.

A tip if you do not have a start point like a flash gun or clapper board, look at each 45min clip in the viewer and find the same bit of action which could be 5mins into the footage. Look for a leg being lifted in both shots and mark the IN points in both clips then choose MULTICAM and bring it onto the timeline, then you can simply drag the clip back to the start of the show and you are in perfect sync.

Remember to mark your main camera as ANGLE ONE and camera 2 as ANGLE TWO it will usually pick angle one as the sound source but that can be changed if needed.

So there you have it my major tip for HD Multiclip editing is…

1. Bring all footage in as Apple ProRez

2. If you are using SATA drives then only use 2 cameras

3. If your outputting onto SD DVD then you can use 4 cameras as long as you down-convert to SD

The lads up at Ripple training have great in-depth editing with multicam tutorials to download.


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AJA io HD with Final Cut Pro-7 a word of warning !

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AJA-FCP-7Yesterday evening I got an email from George Griswold from Video Now in Louisiana telling me he had been working with FCP-7 and the AJA io HD for over a month now.      www.videonow.info

I had a long think about this statement and came to the conclusion that George had upgraded Final Cut Studio rather than a fresh install. By upgrading his machine had retained the AJA settings and V6.0.3 firmware.

I was excited maybe if I installed the AJA firmware I too would get a working FCP-7 and AJA io HD. I downloaded the software from AJAs site and hey presto I also had FCP-7 working finally with my AJA.

This would be a good workaround till the new drivers appear so I did some preliminary tests to make sure the AJA was talking to my HD recorders and did some HM100 tests for someone else, everything was going smoothly…till…I tried to import a project from FCP-6 to FCP-7 and it crashed to the desktop. I repeated this 3 times and decided to re-install my FCP-6 SATA drive.

I can only assume that Mr Griswold has not had the need to import a project yet…how stable it is, time will tell but sadly I am back using FCP-6 on my second SATA drive.

After finding this out I thought it only fair to Email AJA with my findings…

“I’m pretty sure Engineering is aware of this issue but I will forward your findings to them just in case.
Regardless, I’m sorry for the delay but not too much longer.

Thank you for your patience.”

Best regards

AJA Video Technical Support

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iTabletPro concept with touch control for FCP/LogicPro

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iTabletPro-web-V3I hear from the grapevine good old Steve Jobbs is looking for a good excuse to launch a tablet, there is no better excuse than to add touch and gestures and to be able to control Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro. You could even use it with Photoshop as a graphics tablet…pen included. Mr Jobbs now I have given you that great idea can I have one rather than royalties !  PS. The chap who produced this wonderful concept iTabletPro may also lay claim to a free tablet.

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Multicam works with JVC HM100 MPEG 2 file using FCP-6

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Multicam HM100

I put my hand up and admit I was wrong, the MPEG 2 file that comes from the JVC HM100 does indeed work with multicam…on the timeline…1920 x 1080 50i…2 cameras…no rendering ! The down side to this is if you add even a one second crossfade to the video track you will be waiting 2 minutes for each ONE second to render !Multicam HM100 timeline

As you can see from my test there is not even a green line let alone a red line above the timeline. As a further test I tried 4 HD camera angles but that was asking a but much from the system and it stuttered.

This was edited on FInal Cut Pro 6, ingested from the SDHC card inserted into a n SD card reader and plays back from the card itself.

I had to test this for Terry who was going to suggest the JVC HM100s and FCP as a multicam workflow for a colleague.

Remember if you bring the SDHC file in via the card reader it will bring it in as separate files unless you filmed one continues take as you would if you are going to use it with multicam.

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