Nigel Coopers NEW DVD available direct from HD Warrior

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Nigel Coopers new DVD, “How to light & Shoot Interviews for TV & Video” is now available direct from HD Warrior if you want a copy send us your details and I will send you a PayPal request for the £19.99. Note : You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.

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datavideo iPad Prompter for the Panasonic AF101

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I got an email from a Podiatrist in Hull last week teeing up times and dates to do a spot of filming and reminding me that she would prefer to use a prompter. Although I had such a beast from ProPrompter their iPad HD it is totally unsuitable for use with the Panasonic AF101, what a pain.

Fortunately my recent visit to BVE in London I had been looking at suitable prompters for the AF101, Holdan had the datavideo iPad Prompter and after studying it for a while I could see the full potential of using it with the 101.

Updated design feature : Delivered this morning from Holdan’s I started to assemble it to discover you get one standard 1/4″ screw which in my books is far to flimsy and does not fasten the camera nor in my case a quick release plate firmly enough to the prompter frame so after some measurements and an older Manfrotto QR plate I drilled a larger hole in the frame to allow a 3/8″ tripod screw and hey presto you have a belt and braces QR plate held on with two screws.

The great feature about the AF101 is it’s size, it is so well balanced on the Miller Tripod because it’s not a shoulder mount bruit. I tried the Nokton 25mm lens and the Canon 50mm f1.2 lens both work a treat.

Software : You can download various prompter APPs from the APPLE APP STORE but two that work best is i-Prompt Pro (FREE) and Teleprompt +. iPrompt Pro allows you to use the wired remote that comes with the datavideo prompter kit, you can download the APP called dv Prompter that datavideo recomend but I find the remote does not function nearly as well as iPrompt Pro which looks to be a clone of the datavideo version.

Teleprompt + for iPad is £5.99 and allows you to use your iPhone as a remote control for speed, pause and tabbing, I must admit the wired remote used with iPrompt is by far the most reliable for prompting.

UPDATE : Just spoke to the software developers at iPrompt and they inform me that an updated version of both iPrompt and datavideo which is the same software which gets rid of a bug that causes a jitter in the scrollong speed mode. The update should be with us via the Apple web site in about 5 days.


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New web site for FCP users

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If we are going to see FCP-8 this is the web site that will have the first sniffing. It was very stupid of Apple to wax on about iMovie soon to be available for iPad 2 and not even mention Final Cut.

Once again Apple prove to their loyal FCP users that we are not even worth a mention even by the so called father of FCP, Randy Ubllios, who could have given us some hope of seeing FCP-8 at NAB 2011.

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New Miller Compass 25 Tripod with accessory bloc (March promotion)

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I had two reasons to go to BVE in London one to work and one to get myself a new tripod. I looked at most of the affordable tripods at the show but I was looking for something a wee bit better as I felt that some of my productions lacked a less than lustre pan and tilt.

I have been a Manfrotto fan for many a year and the 504HD was certainly the best head they have produced for a long time but the 504HD is not a true fluid head and the legs are not the best. I had a Vinten a few years ago but stupidly sold it to my good friend Alister. The Manfrotto gives you a set of heads that are interchangeable so if you are doing a 2 camera shoot you only have one quick release plate to worry about.

Anyway that aside I was now in the market for a new tripod and the one that took my fancy was the Miller Compass 25 a brand new model into the UK and was on show at BVE for the first time.

The single item that nailed the tripod sale for me was the addition of an accessory mounting bloc, free to everyone who buys this tripod during March 2011…fantastic, now I have a place to mount my Cineroid EVF.

My trip to BVE was a great success and with the delivery of my new Miller Compass 25 tripod today, icing on the cake, your second most important purchase beyond the camera itself is a tripod and I am glad to be investing in a family business like Miller just as good if not better than it’s German equivalent.

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New 8mm lens for Sony VG-10

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Delta company, the sole distributor of Samyang Optics for Poland and Europe, wishes to inform about the release of the manual Samyang 8mm f/3.5 FISH-EYE CS VG10 lens. The new lens comes with the bayonet mount and has been designed especially for Sony NEX-VG10 digital camcorder.

Due to its unique construction, the bayonet mount has been adjusted to ensure possibly wide field of vision without producing the vignetting effect. Just like in other lenses manufactured for filming purposes, aperture can be easily and smoothly adjusted.

New Samyang 8mm f/3.5 FISH-EYE CS VG10 lens will be officially introduced during the forthcoming Focus on Imaging fairs held in Birmingham. Exact date of the release as well as the product’s retail price will be given later.

We are also about to introduce Samyang lens with Sony E mount for NEX system cameras.
Further information will be provided soon.

NEWS from

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Final Cut Pro 8 “Demonstrating at NAB 2011”

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This could easily be the new box for Final Cut Pro 8 but it’s a mock up. It has been reported that FCP-8 is due for release soon after NAB 2011 and will be demonstrated to the world during NAB this year. The user interface has been given an overhaul “not before time” and as we all know it will utilise the new high speed bus called Thunderbolt. Rumours tell us this version will be a flying machine but I will not get to excited yet…Mr Jobs tells us that this version will be “Awesome” which is Steve’s stock word for all Apple products.

You can tell I am a wee bit cynical but Apple have kept us in the dark for well over 2 years now and it’s a joke when you consider that Adobe are firing on all 64 bit cylinders and incorporate Blu-Ray authoring, which is still doubtful with Apple once again !

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500GB LaCie drive running at 700MB/s weighing 1.5lbs ?

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There will be many products released soon that feature Thunderbolt, but LaCie has got in there first. Take a look at the tiny “Little Big Disk” 500GB of SSD.

Don’t you love days where you are just amazed at all the new technology that gets announced? Hot on the heels of Apple’s announcement of Thunderbolt ports on the new line of MacBook Pros, Lacie has announced the Little Big Disk which houses two 250GB solid state drives.

Let’s just pause for a minute here. That is half a terabyte in a hand sized drive that weighs 1.5lbs, will run at 700MB/s and does not require a power supply? Am I dreaming?

No, so we will reproduce some of the LaCie info here, but make sure you checkout the details including some transfer stats on the website.

Thunderbolt technology supports daisy-chaining up to six computer peripherals. Devices such as the LaCie Little Big Disk will include two ports to join a daisy chain with compatible peripherals such as hard drives, monitors, cameras, etc.

A single cable attached to one of the ports provides two channels of up to 10Gb/s in both directions. This means that video and data can be pushed both ways without compromising the bandwidth. On a single line, an editor can digitize HD from a video source while playing high resolution images on a display.

Adding the Thunderbolt technology to a mobile drive brings the power and transfer rates previously reserved for fibre channel rackmount storage to the palm of your hand. The Little Big Disk featuring Thunderbolt technology weighs approximately 1.5 lbs. Further, the bus-powered interface gives users another layer of portability since they can travel without a power cable.

A journalist can easily carry the Little Big Disk with his camera and laptop when covering a remote story. Rather than waiting to cut a package at the station or in a mobile van, the journalist can quickly download his footage and edit in the field. Thanks to the Little Big Disk’s mobility and Thunderbolt technology performance, the time to get a package on air will be considerably reduced.

To complement the fast transfer rates offered by the Thunderbolt technology, the Little Big Disk features two 250GB Intel 510® Series Solid-State Drives (SSD). SSDs have no moving parts, making for reduced data access rates, higher levels of vibration resistance, and lower power consumption. Further, SSDs support multiple streams of uncompressed video and multichannel audio due to their superior performance and enhanced durability. The two solid-state drives are preconfigured as a Striped RAID Set for enhanced performance.

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BVE 2011 filmed with the Panasonic AF101

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Filming a 2 camera web shoot

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It was an interesting afternoon filming at “The Loft” a smashing pub in the west end of Glasgow. My son Scott had set up an interview with Dan Brennan (above) a Russian translator who by chance translates for quite a few famous Russian footballers. His tails were very interesting.

This was my setup, one roving Sony MC50 and one static Sony 550 on the tripod, same camera with a domestic badge and a new Rode Videomic Pro sitting just out of shot, though the roving camera caught the mic on occasions, it added to the “liveness” of the situation. As usual I film 1080 50i because you don’t have any options with the MC50/550 but I will convert the footage into 720 50P Apple Pro Rez during the edit.

Times are changing fast and Scott is pioneering video within the football blogging fraternity this is his second interview in two weeks and as long as his costs are kept to a minimum then he will surpass his fellow bloggers by miles by the end of 2011.

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Glidetrack GT Hybrid Slider System

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Today was fun day number two at the Brown household, yes today was a trip back to the home of Glidetrack and to meet my good friend Alistair Brown who did a retrograde to my Glidetrack HD turning it into a GT with go faster stripes !

I had fallen out of favour well over a year ago with my Glidetrack slider not because it wasn’t working properly, far from it, mainly because I now owned a camcorder that was far from suitable to use with the slider, a Sony PMW-350K.

It was recommissioned from a dusty existence when I needed the odd product shot for my reviews using the Canon 5D2 which on the whole was just the job but I felt the slider was not as smooth as I felt it should be so I called Alistair at Glidetrack who told me to get hold of a tin of silicon spray from Three in One. Although it was better it still felt a tad grungy, not as smooth as I thought it should be.

Alistair told me that a new carriage was near completion, one that was a lot smoother due to a special roller system so today I picked up my slider and I kid you not it’s 20x better than my old slider with virtually no resistance on the track at all…fantastic.

The new “HYBRID CARRIAGE” is a must especially if you plan to use the Panasonic AF101 speaking off Alistair asked me to bring down my AF101 to see if another product he sells would fit onto not only the 101 viewfinder but the Cineroid EVF as well.

Look at that sexy red eyecushion on my Cineroid and better still it makes for a far nicer feel when your eye rests on the microfiber rather than the rubber eyecup itself, I was like a wee boy just after opening his presents at Christmas time, a splendifferous new sliding carriage and a new sexy red eyecushion for my Cineroid…Whoopee !

This has been one of my better days and thanks to Alastair I look forward to using my Glidetrack GT in anger very soon along with my red viewfinder eyecushion, please remember the GLIDETRACK slider is made in Scotland which is a part of the UK and I do support well made home produced products and you should to.

I will be doing a review of the Glidetrack GT slider very soon showing you all the new innovative extras that come with the new Hybrid slider.

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