Panasonic release a new 16 page PDF of the AF101 camcorder

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With just 10 days till first deliveries, cross fingers, Panasonic have stepped up a gear to deliver a new 16 page PDF of their new AF101 or as they call it the AF100 series.

You can see the PDF by clicking here  SP-AGAF100-1

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Micro Four Thirds lenses for the Panasonic AF101

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When you purchase your Panasonic AF101 it will not come with a lens, therefore it’s important to purchase one before or at the time but beware to save disappointment pre order your lens in advance to make sure it’s in stock for your camera.

I have been looking at the range of micro Four Third lenses from Panasonic, Olympus and Voigtlander. The Voigtlander NOKTON f0.95 is my favourite standard lens as it’s micro Four Thirds and has a wonderful shallow depth of field (bokeh) at just over £800 it’s quite expensive but in my opinion worth every penny.

Panasonic have a wide range of micro Four Third lenses but the only down side is they mainly start at f3.5 which is not as fast as we would like them to be. That said they are very good lenses and in most cases won’t disappoint. Looking down the field and can I add thats not the full range, we start with the wide angle, standard and lastly various zoom lenses.

I think out of all the wide lenses I would plum for the 7-14mm f4, not as fast as I would prefer but by all accounts a very useful sharp lens, the purists amongst you would probably go for the 8mm f3.5 as it is a prime lens and technically should be slightly sharper than the 7-14mm lens.

A good al-rounder would be the 14-140mm f4.5-5.8, this lens gives you semi wide angle, standard and telephoto. As an alternative the 45mm f2.8 would be a cracking interview lens and at f2.8 is quite a bit faster that the competition.

So there you have it a large selection of Panasonic micro Four Third lenses to choose from but remember you also have Olympus mFT lenses and with a Lumix adaptor you can use Four Third lenses of which there is a far bigger choice and a lot faster.

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Looking at the lens mount of the Panasonic AF101

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People are still confused as to what type of lenses fit the Panasonic AF101 and I have also gone through this self same process…if you read some of Panasonic’s information on this camera you are led to believe you are dealing with a Four Thirds when in fact we have a Four Third type MOS sensor.

What’s happening is that people are seeing the Four Thirds from the sensor itself and assuming the camcorder takes Four Third lenses. Panasonic have their own way of describing the lens mount…

In order to offer the ability to change lenses, the Micro Four-thirds mount, jointly developed by Panasonic and Olympus has been adopted in the AG-AF101. The mounts designed to cover a 4/3 type sensor are Four-thirds (FTS) and Micro Four-thirds (mFTS). In order to achieve a compact camera body and be able to accept the greatest range of lenses, the AG-AF101 uses the Micro Four-thirds mount. The electronic signals are identical between the two mounts, so with the suitable Panasonic adaptor, the auto focus and auto iris functions on Four-thirds lenses can be used with the AG-AF101.

The Flange back distance of mFTS is extremely short at approximately 20mm, meaning that nearly every lens, including those designed for 35mm still cameras can be used with an adaptor.

So there you have it if you want a lens that will fit straight onto your AF101 then it needs to be a micro Four Third lens. Tomorrow we will look at the choice of micro Four Thirds lenses.

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Panasonic AF101 “Looking good Houston”

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This is a very interesting photograph taken at the H Preston Open Day at Hampton on Tuesday the 7th of December 2010, it shows a simple shot of various customers watching a demonstration of the Panasonic AF101 but it also reveals in stunning detail the quality of the picture coming off the LCD television via the AF101.

The camera has a prime lens fitted which will certainly produce sharp shots but it’s also a testimony that this camera produces a very sharp, punchy picture with one 500W LED light reflected off a back wall, the general consensus on the open day was the AF101 produced a great picture.

I have some more information from Panasonic about the AF101 it reads as follows…

Through 24p recording on the AG-DVX100, variable frame rate recording with the Varicams and AG- HVX201, Panasonic has continually been the first to provide new technologies for professional video creation.

A 4/3 type image sensor, originally developed for use in digital still cameras is used in the AG-AF101 to record video. This camera represents the next generation of video cameras, and through the use of a large image sensor and interchangeable lenses, will greatly expand the creative options available to each user.

A newly developed 4/3 type MOS Image sensor is used in this camera. Normally, the aspect ratio for still images is 4:3 or 3:2 (some cameras are 1:1), while the aspect ratio for HD video is 16:9. In the case of the AG-AF101, the 16:9 aspect effective video area is positioned on the image sensor surface, and the total effective number of pixels on the image sensor is 12.4 million.

The size of a 4/3 type sensor is defined as 17.3mm x 13mm, similar to the size of 35mm film (22mm x 16mm). The 2/3 type sensors commonly used in high-end video cameras measure 8.8mm x 6.6mm, making 4/3 type sensors about four times larger than 2/3 type sensors. A large sensor allows for achievement of shallow depth of field, increasing creative choices for the shooter, as well as the possibility to use brighter lenses.

There are even larger sensors, such as those used on 35mm still cameras (full frame), but these however cause numerous problems when shooting video: 1. Since the sensors are developed primarily for still photo use, they have a very high

pixel count (ex. 20 million), and when in video mode, must process sixty images per second. This leads to an increase in the operating frequency, and makes it necessary to either reduce the recorded frames per second or record for short periods only to avoid internal overheating.

2. For shooters used to working with 35mm film, the depth of field when shooting with 35mm still (full frame) cameras is too shallow, resulting in the blur being too strong.

3. Prime and Master Prime lenses designed for 35mm or Super35 film do not cover the full image area of a 35mm still image (full frame).

4/3 type image sensors do not carry any of the above problems, and because the flange back (the distance between the lens mount and sensor) is short, allowing for the use of nearly any available lens (details later in this document.).

On the AG-AF101, a 17.8mm x 10mm 16:9 section is used from the 4/3 type sensor to create an HD signal. The actual sensor is slightly larger than the four thirds standard of 17.3mm x 13mm, which is used to its full extent for the most possible effective pixels. There are many applications and websites available that will reproduce the angle of view and depth of field when the effective sensor size and lens characteristics are entered.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the Panasonic micro 4/3″ mount itself as there is still some confusion about what fits straight onto the camcorder.

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Paul Joy “Premiere Pro CS5 v Final Cut-7”

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So last week I posted a video saying that there’s no way to do trim edits in Premiere using the keyboard, it turns out I was wrong. Here’s how you do it.

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Creative Video “Review the Panasonic AF101”

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This must be interesting viewing for the Sony Broadcast boys…watching Phil Myres (Ex Sony) talking about the new Panasonic AF101, Phil joined Creative Video a few weeks ago and by the looks of things has been thrown into the deep end …well done Mr Myres not a bad first attempt.

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Here is a glimpse of the new 101CREW web site I am designing along with my webmaster Graeme. It is in it’s first draft but I think it looks rather sexy, I hope to cover all aspects of buying into the AF101 from battery power to pull focus to matte boxes. If you have any ideas yourself send me an email and I will be happy to include your input.

I think we have decided on a blog type interface and this may have advertising unlike HD Warrior, the site is being part sponsored by H Preston Media who will stock the majority of accessories mentioned on the web site. I already have a DP from New Zealand who has an AF102 on order, the camera has at least three numbers around the world from 100 (USA) 101 (Europe) and 102 (Australia & New Zealand).

I am looking for more DPs to tell me their stories, footage etc using the AF101, the type of glass used, workflows and what “meccano” you have attached to the body. So if you think you fit the bill give me an email at…

UPDATE … Sorry my web designer Graeme has been typed of his fingers and just managed to upload a holding page at

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Panasonic Open Day Tomorrow…H Preston Media, Hampton

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Click here for details…

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Sky Sports Promo “Camera Combat”

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101CREW a new website for Panasonic AF101 owners coming January 2011

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Here is a great idea, a website dedicated to Panasonic AF101 owners and it’s produced by none other than me. You will get hints, tips, tutorials and videos all about the AF101, not only that we will have some cracking special offers on various accessories and other kit with the collaboration of H Preston Media.

You don’t have to be a customer of H Preston Media to enjoy this new web site but customers get a monthly 101CREW Eshot issue one is just out with issue 2 coming mid December discussing “Lenses for the AF101″.

It’s all about keeping the customer informed and updated with the latest information and it will be interesting to see what uses our fellow DPs have for the AF101. In the January Eshot we will have a look round the camera itself as I am expecting to see an AF101 by the end of December…cross fingers.

We will also be able to announce the USA company making the wireless Canon mount and have pictures and all the information to go with it.

Exciting times indeed a whole new industry is about to be unleashed into the video production marketplace and along with H Preston Media we will be the first to report on the UKs 1st production model of the new Panasonic AF101.

This must be the 1st camcorder in history to generate such a buzz not only on the internet but people clambering to be one of the first adopters.

Finally we have an alternative to the very popular HDSLR and with all the added bonus of XLRs, sound metering and controls, moire free buildings …”the positives just keep coming”.

Remember if you want to see the AF101 in the flesh then get to H Preston Media’s showroom in Hampton, Twickenham, West London on Tuesday the 7th of December for 4pm where you can get a hands on with the new camcorder.

Details here

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