Kata’s new HDSLR kit bag “Resource-61 PL”

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Could this be the answer to Radio Mic Future Proofing $1,495

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The new Mojo Pro Audio digital wireless body pack introduces breakthrough features and performance for ENG/EFP, studio, live production and house of worship applications. It incorporates fully-digital stereo transmission for simultaneous operation of two microphones and also offers a single receiver channel. Ultra high-fidelity sound quality is guaranteed through uncompressed 48 kHz/24 bit operation, a dynamic range in excess of 140dB and a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 100 dB. User-friendly features include full wireless remote control of the transmitter, including real-time audio sweetening, worldwide license-free frequencies, and automatic RF frequency hopping. The system’s range can be conveniently extended with Mojo Repeaters.

For more information on Mojo, please visit www.MojoProAudio.com

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Problems with users of the SONY MRC-1 CF recording unit

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I received an email from a fellow professional who bought into Sony’s Z7/MRC1 system this is what he had to say…

“Hi Philip, i have recently purchased 2 Transcend CF Memory Cards, 32 GIG,400 speed, pleased with the price, but having nothing but grief when using them with my Sony Z7 Camcorders and the MRC 1 Memory recording unit.

When the cards arrived i duly formated them in the MRC 1 Unit and used the cards to record a dance show as well as recording onto tape.
When the MRC 1 Unit was attached by firewire cable to my PC and attempted to download the CF Card to my Hard Drive there was constant problems with the PC eventually being HUNG and going nowhere.The footage was on the card and could be played back in camera but attached to my PC there was nothing but problems.

I done another test using Sonys Own Brand 8 GIG CF Cards supplied with the Z7s and they worked  perfect,no problems and no hung PC.
Tried the Transcend Cards again and the queer stuff hit the fan with one of the MRC 1 Units now not working and requiring to be sent back today to Sony for repair,under warranty,thankfully.
I have contacted both Memory Bits and Transcend who suggested various formating options etc but with no luck in getting these cards to DOWNLOAD in the MRC1 Unit.
They have to be removed from the unit and connected by CF Card reader and even then you can have problems.Possibly a failing MRC1 Unit is the cause of this problem!!!.
The Sony 8 GIG Cards work to perfection but the Transcend Cards do not.

Can i ask if any of your readers have had any problems with CF Cards other than Sony Brand Cards. I am suspicious that they have somehow knackered the MRC1 Unit or the unit was failing and this is the root of the hastle..
How they could do this i just dont know but things can go seriously pear shaped when using them. On one attempt to download from the MRC1 Unit to my PC the card was corrupted and the footage a garbled mess like serious drop out on DVTape, and all this from just trying to download to my PC.

On Saturday Night one Z7 Camcorder was hung and would not switch off until the MRC1 Unit was disconnected and then operated normally,thank God.
Checked the footage recorded to the card and it was a garbled drop out mess,fortunately the Mini DV footage was perfect.
It was this MRC1 Unit that went back to Sony today. I thought it was simplicity to select a CF Card  x300 speed or faster and then just plug and play like it says on the box but in practice the Queer Stuff can hit the fan,big time for reasons that are beyond me.

If you can offer any advice I would be grateful. I have had no problems with the MRC1 Units until i used another brand CF Card other than Sonys Own.Must admit my confidence in memory card recording like SDHC And Cf Cards has taken a bit of a blow. I was seriously considering buying a Sony AX 2000 Camcorder recording onto SDHC Cards but have put that on hold for now out of fear that you could spend a long day filming a wedding on HD and then come home to find out the SDHC Card has been corrupted by simply connecting to your PC at home. Obviously great care must be taken when downloading your work to Hard Drives etc but this Malarky can be quite scarry stuff. How i miss the days of SVHS, never a problem.”

After searching the internet I discover CF recording problems all over the place along with corrupt footage using the Sony MRC1, it seems to be an unreliable unit and is possibly a reason why it’s the only unit in Sony’s range to use CF cards.

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SONY PMW-350 “Blunder may be affecting sales”

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I have a good friend who want’s to buy a Sony PMW-350L, NanoFlash, Sony PVM 740 OLED monitor etc, etc. Before he commits to purchase the camcorder he got me to check if the 350 outputs HD-SDI and composite video at the same time…NO ! Now this is not an issue for me because I don’t have a Super Bright Transvideo wireless  video monitor costing £3000. My friend John uses this piece of kit a lot as some directors enjoy wirefree monitoring.

Sony bring out a splendid camcorder in the 350 and by all accounts looks like you will get HD-SDI 4:2:2 out of the back socket and 525 SD out of the side VIDEO OUT but NO….instead you get HD-SDI 4:2:2 and HDMI but no composite out of the VIDEO OUT. At this time of writing Sony have not got back to me but be assured I will have an answer from them this week.

You would think a firmware update would solve this oversight.

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The new SONY PVM-740 field monitor “Video Review on it’s way”

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Please note the picture you are viewing is a digital photograph straight off the screen. It’s not a Photoshop job !

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iPad with ProPrompter “Another good reason to invest in an iPad”

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If you needed a reason to purchase an iPad then let me assist you…long before the iPad was delivered I saw the potential via ProPrompters web site in having the iPad as a teleprompter. It makes the whole process wire free as you control the iPad from an iTouch or an iPhone.

Fantastic is all I can say…once you have established a Bluetooth connection between the iPad and the iTouch you are off and running. The speed is controlled with swiping your finger down or up the screen…simple. You can edit your scripts, add cue points, what more can I say.

The only down point to this set-up is the Bluetooth connection does not always connect but I am sure this will be addressed by ProPrompter in a further update to this 4.5 star Apple APP.

IMPORTANT NOTE : As of this article ProPrompter HDi does not fit onto an ENG camera as shown…I have made my own bracket allowing the use of ProPrompter HDi and the iPad…The iPad is heavier than you realise so as yet ProPrompter do not recommend this type of fixing, thay are working on their own solution and you can be assured we will have one when it arrives and will update these pictures.

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iPad arrived yesterday (Thursday) and is fantastic !)

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Apple’s iPad has had a lot of bad press not least from me when they decided to set Europe back by a month but that’s water under the bridge, this is one mega cool device and I have found three uses already for use in the video world.

The first is using an APP called “Air Display” this is a bit tricky to setup at first but once you read the instructions and open the APP when instructed it installs without a hitch. This APP allows you to have a second or in my case a third display and best of all a fully interactive display.

Take Final Ct Pro 7 the biggest bug bear is the audio mixer, even with a second screen there is no where to put it, enter “Air Display” I have had this working on a Mac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro all intel it wont work on pre intel machines.

This not only allows you to display a second/third screen but you can adjust the faders in real time…how cool is that. I have a further two video examples but that’s for another blog.

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Buffer Overflow problem in Sony NX5 Solved… Firmware V 2.00

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NOTE : You will need a PC in order to carry out this Firmware update.

LINK HERE   http://support.pro.sony.eu//software/detail.aspx?u=biz&id=BPE-SS-03H5&lang=E&model=HXR-NX5E

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Canon post Firmware Update 2.0.7 for 5D Mk11

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You can get the new firmware here : http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eosd/firm-e/eos5dmk2/firmware.html

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1st VIDEO an edit suite for your iPod Touch/iPhone

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The name of this interesting App is 1st Video; it was designed by startup company Veicorder Technology Inc.. It was realeased yesterday and costs $9.99 at the App Store.
I had the opportunity to review Vericorder Technology’s apps at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas. As matter of fact, I downloaded their Showcase app and produced a few field reports on the RTDNA conference and the Showcase app itself. I was, indeed, impressed with Showcase, which can produce video slideshows using the iPhone’s still picture camera and microphone.
With 1st Video, you can shoot and edit video and audio right on your iPhone. Your video can be posted or shared on blogs, YouTube, and even newsrooms; all of this using the 3G network or an internet connection.

For on-the-spot freelance news coverage is beyond great. 1st Video’s President and CEO, Gary Symons, told me that they are developing a system that will allow freelance reporters to subscribe their services to a computer intereface allowing major news networks to pinpoint through GPS the freelancer’s location. What does it mean? It means that in breaking news situations or stories in remote locations demanding immediate attention, a freelance reporter can be located and hired on the spot, and reports can be filed using a data network.
For instance, if there’s a flash flood in Iowa and network reporters can’t make to the scene for any reason, a registered freelance reporter in the affected area can be found with the help of GPS, and hired to produce a news report about the flood using her/his iPhone.
I purchased yesterday 1st Video – Consumer Edition and gave it try. The interface was easy to use, the real-time response was impressive, and the tools provided by the app to edit video and audio were more than I thought was possible in an iPhone. I put together a simple piece of video and exported it to YouTube directly from my iPhone. Here’s the final result:

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