Two new cameras…”My thoughts”

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You now have a further 2 cameras to choose from, the Canon EOS C300 and the Scarlet-X from RED. Scarlet for me has been the biggest let down not for anything other than their promise over 2 years ago that this would be a sub $5K camera and it’s now closer to $10K almost twice the price.

I did not know what to expect from Canon but recent reports have this camera now at $20K rather than the $16K which is now dearer than the current price of a Sony F3.

You have got to hand it to Canon it looks sexy and after seeing some of the short films Canon commissioned the EOS C300 certainly performs well.

One chap emailed me telling me that he had just ordered his Scarlet and that he hopes to have it within a YEAR…sorry but that timescale for a camera delivery is quite frankly unacceptable, who knows what will be available in less than a years time. I have since been informed we are talking a lead time of about 2 months for delivery.

“Ordered one today…hope it will be delivered within 12 months. Price for Scarlet-X with Canon AL Mount is $9750. PL is $1500 more Body ONLY!

Both Sony and Panasonic must be wiping their brows that Canon did not bring out a sub $6K camcorder so the AF101 and the FS100 are safe for now, Canon in my opinion missed a trick by not satisfying the majority of their cinematic community who all own EF glass and are looking to migrate from 5D2s to a camera that would take their EF glass.

They did give the DSLR crowd one hope by showing the EOS C DSLR, probably a 1DX with the badge replaced, this may satisfy the sub £6K Canon crowd as long as it’s more “video” and less photographic. This camera is still in it’s infancy so don’t go thinking it’s due anytime before the summer of 2012.

Two major surprises from the Canon camera…8bit and no 1080 50p, the 8bit is rather dissapointing for a camera of this magnitude as for the lack of 1080 50p it’s down to the fact that people will be using this in 24 and 25p mode for that cinematic look.

The “movie” glass will be superb and the prime lenses with the 24mm and 50mm at T2 (f2.0) will be very coveted by the cinematic community, no pricing as yet but I suspect will be nearer the PL prices.

Once again a small form factor that will not appeal to DPs that are used to working with ARRI cameras, shoulder mounts etc. Japan seems inherant on producing film like cameras that are not much bigger than a DSLR rather than spreading the load on a body that would have less finnicky switches and not look so stupid using bigger zoom lenses.

Canon could have made the C300 more user friendly with the EF lens by incorperating their auto focus capabilities, not for AF but for pull focus but then did they email me for advice !

Avid made a major blunder coming in on the 3rd of November to announce Media Composer 6 let alone the cost of £1799, present AVID users will get an upgrade for about £300 so if nothing else the AVID community will be happy.

Canon hope to start shipping late January 2012 while RED hope to ship Scarlet on November/December 2011.

More importantly will they sell, the Canon C300 looks the part, performs fantastic and will certainly have it’s followers, it may not hit the top ten best selling list but every rental house will take at least 2 cameras to start the ball rolling. The Scarlet on the other hand is the first on the ladder of owning a RED camera which has a steady following of cameramen/women and with a lead time of about a month as from last night (3 rd November) it will be interesting to here how users get on with their purchases.

I read this from Philip Bloom this morning and was rather surprised by his comments about his RED EPIC.. “I love my Epic but have had hideous reliability issues with it. Will RED carry on with having BETA firmware in the Scarlet or will they make it more stable. At the lower price point they are going to ship more so it will need to be. I expect the C300 will be super reliable straight out of the starting block”

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“EOS C300” 1st live picture £10,000 for non PL version ?

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  • Single 8.3 megapixel 2160×3840 Super-35 CMOS sensor (4K resolution) with Digic DV III processor
  • Canon XF codec (50Mbps 4:2:2 1080p30 MPEG2 MXF) records to two Compact Flash card slots
  • Canon Log gamma, SDI, compact body, Custom Presets and menus similar to Canon XF series
  • Exposure and focus control are completely manual — there is no AE or AF on either camera
  • Sold as a system, incl. LCD monitor / XLR audio unit, side grip, top handle, batt. & charger
  • Availability: Jan. 2012; Price: appx. $16,000 USD (for C300) and $20,000 USD (C300 PL)

The rest of the Cinema EOS system includes Canon’s own high-end cinema zoom lenses… first their two zooms, the PL-mount versions of which were previously announced and exhibited earlier this year back in April at NAB2010. All resolve to 4K:

  • Canon Zoom Lens CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 L S (wide zoom, EF version)
  • Canon Zoom Lens CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 L SP (wide zoom, PL version)
  • Canon Zoom Lens CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L S (telephoto zoom, EF version)
  • Canon Zoom Lens CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP (telephoto zoom, PL version)

And three yet-to-be-released primes, all resolve to 4K but all are EF-mount only:

  • Canon Prime Lens CTZ-029 (24mm)
  • Canon Prime Lens CTZ-030 (50mm)
  • Canon Prime Lens CTZ-031 (85mm)
This is Canons dig at the Sony F3 and by all accounts it will have a major impact on the F3 sales but for us mere mortals this £10,000 camera is directed at broadcast cinematography like dramas etc.
HDW…It’s a wee bit of a letdown that Canon did not entertain the £5K market with a cut down version we were told there might be 2 versions but I was not expecting a £10K plus a dearer version.
My thanks to engadget for their fantastic coverage.

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Planet 5D sending us a pic from the Canon event

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Canon’s idea of a 4K camcorder in 2010

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OMG !… I forgot about this prototype two years ago at Canon Expo…Please tell me Canon have not gone onto develop this juke box come hairdryer. This will be the best comedy show since Charlie Chaplin if this menace has been reincarnated.


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Canon Rumors have the name 100% correct

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Craig Blair of Canon Rumors was NOT sent an invitation by Canon to attend the official launch of Canon’s new large sensor event but Craig has moles everywhere and has just posted this exiting news…

Possibly some early specs of the new Canon S35 camcorder :

  • Name: Canon EOS 300C
  • EF and PL Versions
  • Dual CF Card Slots
  • Built in ND
  • Super35 Sensor
  • HDMI and HDSDI out
  • Hot shoe mounted monitor w/ 2 XLR ins
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Also is able to record out of SDI

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AVID Media Composer 6 starting at £1799

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While you are waiting for the Canon announcement here is some interesting info from AVID, Media Composer 6 is an all new built from the ground upwards 64bit edit system.

AVID could have stolen a fair number of Final Cut Pro editors but the general consensus is that it’s far too dear standing at £1799 which is a shame, £799 or less would have tempted a few us over to the purple side but when you consider FCPX is getting a major upgrade in January and at £199 is still a better option than AVID at £1799.

Just in case AVID are unaware we are going through a recession and everyone is tightening their belts, clients are not spending full dollar so it’s sheer madness to think we are going to spend £1799 on software we don’t need.

AVID is a “once upon a time” software in other words once upon a time AVID was the first name in NL editing but lost the plot a few years back and was largely overtaken by FCP and Premiere Pro…how sad !

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All the latest Canon & RED info as it happens

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All the info live from Los Angeles starts from 10pm tonight UK time. I will be glued to the keyboard bringing you all the exiting information from both Canon and RED…the event of 2011 tonight from 10pm.

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The Canon question “Why is this important”

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Around 9pm tonight we will be getting the first pictures of the new Canon large sensor camcorder more importantly the first specifications and pricing in fact Chris Hurd from DV Info Net has had an email from Canon…

“We are pleased to have you attend this historic Canon event on November 3, 2011. The exclusive unveiling and exhibit at Paramount Studios will showcase Canon’s commitment to play a larger role in the film and television production community.”

Why is this news so momentous, so far all we have is teasing from Canon themselves…here is my take on this news.

Canon have been a major player in the DSLR race with the 5D Mk11 being the first camera to have HD video built alongside the photographic part of the camera setting a new benchmark in video/photography.

Until the announcement of the 1DX this year Canon have done little to amend the inherent problems that dog the DSLR from being a truly professional filming tool but even the 1DX has built in flaws that were explained by a Canon rep as being a part of the pro video input in other words “we are just about to launch a large sensor camcorder and would prefer if the 1DX was not a competitor”.

Why is this even newsworthy…Canon have a knack of looking at a marketplace and introducing camcorders that don’t need add on’s to make them broadcast friendly. They also want people to buy lots of Canon glass as they have had the best two years of all time because of the DSLR phase.

Canon also recognise that cameramen/women do not care for expensive add on’s like NanoFlashes etc in order to “make the grade” with the likes of the BBC etc thats why Sony missed the boat big time with the PMW-F3 making it 35Mbs claiming to speak to the “right people” when they clearly got it so wrong.

Thats why this Canon announcement is so important, professionals may at last have a large sensor camcorder that will be fit for purpose straight out of the box and the other most important point is the EF lens.

The Canon community have been waiting for an electronic solution for almost a year without success or delivery for the Panasonic and Sony large sensor camcorders, MTF are bringing out 3 adapters later in November for the AF101, FS100 and PMW-F3 but only to control the iris.

Many users have been disappointed with 8bit 4:2:0 processing which can cause banding in certain circumstances, I predict the Canon will come out of the box with 10bit 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 processing once again giving the competition a major headache.

What about that all important sensor…I think the Super 35mm sensor is just fine on my Sony FS100 but some people are predicting a 4K sensor which would be fantastic as long as you have the choice to still shoot 2K as for the majority of us 2K is as much as we need without a major rethink in the editing department.

My prediction : Firstly we will see a minimum spec camera as follows : 10bit, 4:2:2, CF cards, 50Mbs, EF mount, Super 35mm sensor, HD SDI, Hi Res viewfinder…beyond this we might get a second camera with 4:4:4, 12bit, 100Mbs, PL mount with EF adapter, 4K sensor. Pricing £6500 and £12,000.

This will have Sony and Panasonic in a major panic as they will be forced to show their hand on any new development for a PMW-F5 or an AF201, RED are also announcing Scarlet specs and pricing this evening but if Canon pull out the trump card as I predict then RED will have a lot less customers banging on their doors.

It’s all about “GLASS” the majority of Canon users have Canon glass now remember Canon may not introduce a specific EF mount camcorder but they will have an adapter for EF glass similar to Sony’s LA-EA1 that allows the Alpha lenses to be fully functional with the E mount seen on the FS100.

If Canon have been clever they will have designed their EF adapter to be controlled externally with a pull focus unit…only my thoughts.

You can be sure we will have all the specs and pictures as soon as Canon post them later on today.

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Scarlet announcement clashes with Canon

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This is a strange one, RED are to announce the up and coming Scarlet camera about 3 hours after Canons announcement. It may be a tactical move by RED to ingest the Canon specs before announcing their own specs…who knows.

Discussing this with “He who should not be named” said that RED should bring their news 1 day forward as it will be lost with Canon’s news, I agree as RED have nothing to gain by taking this to the wire.

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Canon’s best kept secret to be revealed on the 3rd November

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The rumours are flying in thick and fast as to what Canon are going to announce tomorrow it seems that we are going to be treated to 2 camcorders a semi Pro version and a Pro version.

Rumours have it that both cameras share the ability to accept the full range of EOS lenses while the Pro version will also accept prime lenses.

We are talking 2-4K in line with a poke at RED and pricing from $15K down to $10K or lower for the semi Pro version all total speculation.

If Canon finally enter the large sensor marketplace I think they will put less effort into making the “prefect” DSLR because it will have a knock on effect on video sales which is why it was interesting that they down graded the recent 1DX DSLR with a non clean HDMI output.

If proof were needed Chris Hurd from DV Info Net is attending the special event, if you take on board that Chris lives in Texas and Hollywood is 1245 miles away it takes one special announcement to get someone to travel a 22 hour journey so you can take it from me this is a big time large sensor camcorder or two from Canon.


Please remember there is also a 7 hour time delay so if the news is not broadcast till 3pm as Chris seems to think it will be 10-11pm in the UK before news filters through.

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