Enter the AF101 in the flesh

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Here is the camera I have been blogging about since IBC during September 2010. One word…FANTASTIC…Panasonic have done a great job on this camcorder, I have shot some footage with various lenses from the Lumix, Canon and the Nokton. So far I am still in love with my Nokton it produces some great HD shallow depth of field pictures.

I did a piece to camera and played back the footage on my 50″ Panasonic 3D TV and the pictures are nothing short of stunning, the Nokton lens has to be one of your standard lenses in your AF101 lens kit, it produces better video footage at f0.95 than it does on a G2 at the same f stop.

So far I have found one niggle…the position and type of white balance switch, it’s a push button rather than the conventional micro toggle switch. I was filming my wife and noticed that she was slightly over exposed so I put my hand back to adjust the exposure wheel and hit the WB button. Future AF cameras please use a toggle switch.

I hunted for the quality settings in the menu but looking at the manual discovered the quality is dependent on what you are filming with eg. I was using 720 50p therefore defaults to top quality mode which is PH 21Mbps.

A DSLR quirk is the camera does not activate if you use a non Lumix lens unless you do the following first…

Scroll down till you find the OTHER FUNCTIONS, then you will find the words…

LENS CHECK, in this menu turn the “Lens Check” to off, then your camcorder will ignore the fact that the lens has no electronic functions. I hope to let you see some 1st play footage tomorrow evening.

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Apple make Laptops obsolescent…what’s new !

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Take a good look at these power connectors and hope you are not working with the round version above. I gave my son my older G4 Power Book and today his power supply has packed in…can I get a new one let alone a second hand one. Apple should be ashamed of themselves by changing the power plug from the round version to the square four pin version leaving all the round pin users to drown in it’s obsolescence.

They are so proud of their “unique” look all the way through to the 24.5v power connector which lights up when plugged in, yet they care not a jot when they decide to re design such a crucial part of the design. My advice is buy a spare 5 pin power lead while you can if you intend using your MAC long after the power supply has been re designed !

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Chrosziel’s New Accessories for the Panasonic 3DA1

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Chrosziel has a prepared the new 3DA1Kit (456-203DA1KIT) for the new S3D Camcorder Panasonic AG-3DA1 (seen here), consisting of a LightWeight Support (401-415) with 15mm rods, the MatteBox 456 Academy Double and the Retaining Ring (410-65) shaped to tightly fit the camera’s twin lens.

Those who already have the LightWeight Support for the Panasonic HVX200 can continue using it. It also fits on the Sony PMW-F3 (version shown in 2010) and the Canon XF300/305.

The MatteBox 456 Academy is equipped with two rotating filter stages with multiformat filterholders (510-01) for 5×5″ and 4×5.56″. When using the 5×5″ filters, both stages rotate without restriction.
All 2/3″ TV and Cine MatteBoxes with 142.5 mm connection can be used on the AG-3DA1 with the retaining ring 410-24 also shaped to fit the twin lens.

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RED EPIC camera is stolen in Meribel, France.

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From Jim Jannard “The unthinkable has just happened. Mark’s chalet was broken into while they were sleeping and EPIC 0006 was stolen along with cash. Mark is at the Police Station right now in Meribel, France.
The family is safe and no one was hurt.

This is a tight community. We need your help. Keep your eyes and ears open for any news, tips or details about an EPIC floating around. An EPIC is a hard thing to circulate since there is only one in the world.
Please contact anyone at RED if you hear of anything.

Of course Mark is heartbroken. So are we.”

This is an historic camera and is obviously seen so by Jim Jannard as he is offering a $100,000 reward for the return of the camera, media and the conviction of the thieves. You can find details about that here. This is NOT a ransom payment!!

Mark L Pederson’s email is  mark@offhollywoodny.com

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Happy New Year from HD Warrior

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Sony F3 v Canon 5D2 “The writing is on the wall”

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I guess someone was bound to do such a comparison but sadly for Canon it shows up it’s major flaws quite dramatically to the extent that “Canonites” …those who revere the 5D2 are rather taken aback by how bad their camera really is under “normal” circumstances. This is an article produced by Mike Seymour who is not out deliberately to bad mouth the Canon.

Mike “As part of our Red Centre Podcast coverage we want to share this clip with you that compares the Canon 5D Mk II and the new Sony F3. In this test, both cameras were attached to the same tripod locked together – and then panned over the same technical background. The results show the F3 recording a considerably better rolling shutter and the benefit of the F3 not line skipping. The 5D – while having a very high resolution sensor – reduces this image to 1920×1080 in a very abrupt way. So while the larger sensor gives the cinematographer a shallower depth of field, – the poorer technical down res-ing produces some really unwelcome artifacts.”

Of course, the 5D does manage to produce good shots every day around the world. Our intend here is is to highlight the technical issues and allow the cinematographer to shoot knowing the issues and the risks. Click here for a 100meg HD mov sample

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H Preston Open Day at Malvern…Day Two, last day to beat the VAT increase !

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Remember if you are looking for something to while away some spare time why not pop over to H Preston Media’s Open Day today. This is the last day for bargains and to beat the 20% VAT increase due 1st January 2011. Bring and buy your present camcorder and see how much John will give you for it. All you need is the SAT NAV post code WR14 1EP or if you prefer an address : H Preston Media, 103 Worcester Road, Malvern, Worcestershire.

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CVP…Only 2 days to beat the 20% VAT

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The UK’s VAT rate increases from 17.5% to 20% on 4th January 2011:

With only 2 days left to take advantage of the current lower rate take a close look at our freshly updated website where you’ll find hundreds of quality ex-demo and used equipment bargains as well as great pricing on all new equipment…


With Sony’s prices increasing by about 4% on January 1st and Panasonic levying a whopping 6% increase on 9th January now really is the best time to get your new kit for 2011.

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101CREW is now live

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This is my “Lenses” page of 101CREW which is now live…so make sure you visit www.101crew.co.uk and have a wee browse at your leisure. This will take a lot of pressure off HD Warrior as it was turning into a one man Panasonic advert !

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What does the Future hold ?

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So what does the future in video production hold for 2011, firstly without the need for a crystal ball the vat is going up from 17.5% to 20%, now I for one think this will make vat a lot easier to calculate and lets be honest those of you who are vat registered don’t care as you can claim it back.

The future seems to be Large Sensor, Shallow Depth of Field (SDoF) as nothing is taking the video world by storm like the new SDoF cameras from Panasonic and Sony.

SONY…We do know about the Sony NXCAM Super 35mm semi pro camcorder, this needs a serious bit of design work done to it before the summer as the above design is terrible, not to mention top heavy. I do not think Sony have done themselves any favours by showing this bread bin design least of all some early specs 24 fps for USA and 25 fps for UK.

Panasonic…They have just brought out the AF101 a 4.3″ sensor taking micro Four Third (mFT) lenses. My prediction for 2011 is not a new model but some faster lenses developed especially for the AF101 camcorder. Up till now we have seen mFT lenses that have been produced for the domestic DSLR market and there will be a growing market place for faster mFT lenses to satisfy the professional AF101 user.

We will also see a lot of third party AF101 add on’s like matte boxes, hand held rigs and even a new range of cheaper Prime lenses that wont break the bank.

Canon…This must be the year of the 4:2:2, 50Mbs FilmLike camcorder from Canon it’s the last piece of the shallow depth of field (SDoF) jigsaw still waiting to happen. Canon took the broadcast market by storm during 2010 with the XF305 and with their knowledge of the DSLR and Pro Video surly we must see a Super 35mm Canon camcorder that takes 35mm Canon mount lenses.

JVC…Looking back at JVCs track record does not inspire a FilmLike camcorder but stranger things have happened. JVC need a large sensor camcorder sooner rather than later if they are to keep up with Sony & Panasonic. They are a very capable company if a wee bit like Cinderella, last to attend the ball.

There is no doubt the world of video has gone large sensor-SDoF and everyone wants to join the party, Panasonic have been very astute with the pricing of the AF101 at just under £4000, pre sales from Preston’s and CVP alone are very encouraging and the third party sales for adapters testifies the growing band of video producers looking for that holy grail SDoF look in a smaller package fit for purpose.

Back to Sony…Sony have just brought out the new F3, due for January 2011 shipping, but not as popular as the AF101 if sales are anything to go by plus the need for expensive prime lenses, 35Mbs SxS, 4:2:0 and the £12K asking price. The Sony is a great camcorder and Philip Bloom is testing one as I blog but the lack of 3rd party adapters is a major turn off though MTF are in the process of producing a Nikon adapter for early 2011.

Lastly we cant predict the future without a mention of RED DIGITAL CINEMA, who are producing an Epic light and so I am aware a Scarlet. I do think RED have an upward struggle to compete with Sony and Panasonic and the fact that Jim also mentioned a significant price increase to Scarlet, a camera thats not in major production yet and has a fixed 8x lens !

The clear winner of the SDoF large sensor camera during early 2011 is by far the Panasonic AF101, it ticks all the boxes, a mountain of 3rd party adapters and lenses and the price of £4K has set this camera into 2011 with it’s head held high and a fantastic sales curve that can only get bigger.

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