New look HD Warrior January 2013

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Here is a sneak peek at our new web site come January 2013, due to increasing costs and my time we are very pleased to announce the following companies sponsoring HD Warrior… Production Gear, Miller Tripods, Holdan and H Preston Media.

This tie up also gives us a cracking opportunity for reviewing gear so you can expect a lot more video and blog reviews in the first half of 2013.

Another new feature will be “Productions ongoing” this will give you a chance to tell us what you are filming, kit used etc. Remember HD Warrior is very much a graphical site so make sure someone is taking pictures while your on location etc.

We have also got an extra revolutionary feature coming in January but there is a lot of testing still to be done, we will certainly be the only blog in the UK with this new feature…more in January.

The physical size of the page will go from 800 px to 1200 px giving me the ability to produce bigger pictures.

PS. Spot the deliberate wrong price on the Sony F5, this caused a stir when the Sony team spotted this at BVE.

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Japan release the PMW-F5/55 pricing by mistake !

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Some poor wee Japanese person is going to get his or her marching orders after releasing the new Sony PMW-F5/55 by mistake. Although the press release does have yesterdays date on it I spoke to Sony at BVE on Tuesday and these figures were not going to be announced till the end of November.

The F5 is about what I was expecting as is the F55, though your going to need a ton of work to justify the cost of the 55 remembering all the extras your going to need to make it happen…plus some decent glass !

So what camera are you going to choose…the cheaper F5 is a massive £10K cheaper but the F55 has that all important global shutter which makes it far more useful for moving shots….

Sony “The traditional CMOS image sensor uses a ‘rolling’ shutter that can result in images with unwanted distortions like motion skew and flash banding. That can be annoying, especially when shooting visual effects or 3D. Anything but typical, the F55 incorporates electronic global shutter. Rolling shutter distortions aren’t minimised, they’re completely eliminated.”

The other big difference is that the F55 internal recording formats are HD, 2K, 4K while the F5 is HD and 2K only so the F55 is far more versatile and future proof.

Pricing sourced from XDCAM USER.

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Canon C300 XLR solution

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During my trip to BVE, I had a look at the new Canon C100 to discover the handle with XLRs and built in mic was the same connection as used by the C300 that fits into hole no. 2.

Due to a stupid design flaw the C100 handle cable is about 70mm short when mounted onto a C300 as can be seen above.

If Canon could add the extra 70mm or a 3rd party produce a small extension cable…C300 owners could do away with the useless monitor on top of the C300, giving us a far neater XLR solution and have a built in mic for general usage.

Please note if Canon do produce this for the C300 can I get one for giving you the idea in the first place !


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BVE North 2012 from Manchester

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Just arrived back from Manchester from BVE North, by all accounts the show was well attended, everyone had lots to see and some new camcorders as well.

Kris Hill from JVC lent me a GY-HM600 for the show and once again it performed like a dream, I genuinely think this is the best 1/3″ camcorder on the market today, I used a Minima LED camera light but that was only to lift shadows off faces, the 600 did not need the light and I forgot it was set to -6Dbs.

Me interviewing David Young from Sony about the very impressive PMW-F55 camcorder, Sony were not expecting to get a 55 for the show so we were all delighted when one turned up. The F55 will be an ARRI killer if Sony get the marketing right, I was told Sony will have pricing for both the F5 and F55 at the end of November.

Canon had the biggest C500 on their stand…made from ice, the ice sculptor was an amazing chap and did the camera proud, as usual Canon always turn up to the bigger shows with a new idea and a new stand. I had a look at the C100 and then got a brain wave…more about that tomorrow.

Holdan had a lot of new toys on offer from a reporters LED lighting kit to the new Panasonic AC90 that I dismissed when it first came out as a bit domestic but a second glance tells you that its far from domestic.

I have produced a show special talking to some of the major players at BVE North and hope to have it edited by the weekend but I am afraid paying work comes first so I won’t be able to start the edit till Friday.

I must thank Kris Hill from JVC for giving me the use of a GY-HM600 for the day it was perfect for this type of run and gun work.

All photographs were taken by my wife Susan (Apart from the Panasonic AC90 pic) with a Canon EOS 600D and a 17-55 f.2.8 lens. Unlike most photographers I do not copyright my work so if you want to use any of the pictures above all you have to do is make sure you link them to HD Warrior.

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BVE North starts tomorrow

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I am now glad I didn’t go to this show last year as we have a lot of new cameras to look at this year. Starting with the new Sony F5, this on paper is a cracking super 35mm camcorder with full HD 1080 50p onto the new XAVC codec, I hope there will be some sample footage to look at.

Sony will also be sporting the new PMW-150 AVCHD camcorder which I hope to get a look at to see how it compares to the Panasonic AC160 and the new JVC GY-HM600.

Talking of JVC I hope to get a peek at the new GY-HM650 which I have been told I will get one for review fairly soon. Panasonic may have the updated AF101A camcorder with its 10bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI output and the new 1080 50p frame rate.

I will be visiting the Holdan stand to get an interview with Richard about their new baby the Black Magic Cinema Camera which has been getting a ton of great reviews. Last but not least I will be visiting the Canon stand to get a good look at the C100 as I think its size has a lot going for it.

Very exiting stuff this will be a whirlwind show for me tomorrow but if you read the blog come up and say hello, always glad to meet my readers.

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BBC from bad to worse

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Just when the BBC thought things could not get any worse newly appointed acting director-general of the BBC, Tim Davie, abruptly ends an interview with Sky News’s Dermot Murnaghan at lunchtime today, interviewer Murnaghan said ” I bet he wouldn’t do that to the BBC”.

This is shocking behaviour from a man who is acting head of one of the biggest and most respected organisations in the world and while we are here if I were to appear on Sky News fronting the BBC the least I would do is wear a tie.

In my opinion Mr Davie will live to regret this behaviour and will be marked down as a serious contender for the official position in the BBC.

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“BBC in all time low”

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George Entwistle resigned tonight from the top post in the BBC, Mr Entwistle took up the post of Director General on 17 September, and his sudden resignation makes him the shortest-ever serving BBC Director General.

In my opinion he was a decent chap in the wrong job, you don’t have to meet the man to make a thumbnail sketch that he was ported into a position that he was uncomfortable with.

The BBC needs someone who will kick ass, someone who will make substantial changes that will make the organisation less cliquey and more responsible to the tax payers.

You can’t even interview someone from the BBC to talk about camera technology without passing it over two committees first, that’s how paranoid they have become.

Someone like Lord Alan Sugar would be the very man for the job, he can see through people in seconds and stands no-nonsense.

No matter who was at the top of the BBC tree over the last few weeks they would have resigned due to the Jimmy Saville scandel and laterly the very poor decision that led to name an innocent man as a child abuser.

The BBC are in turmoil because of a few bad decisions and I personally think the people responsible for those decisions should also follow Mr Entwhistle…out the door !


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H Preston Media “OPEN DAY” 22nd November 2012 (10am-5pm)

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Come and see the new Black Magic Cinema Camera at the H Preston Media “Open Day” at Malvern on Thursday 22nd November 2012 (10am till 5pm).

John “We will have lots of new gear on show especially the long awaited Black Magic Design Cinema Camera, we also have a great deal for freelancers who are moving up to XDCAM, we have a minimum part exchange of £2000 towards a Sony PMW-350 and at 0% interest.” We also have LED lights, Kata bags, an extensive range of Rode microphones, Tripods, and loads of accessories all under the one roof.”

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Over 56% of readers are from America

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I have not paid much attention to Google Analytics recently but when you are embarking on advertising it becomes more important for potential advertisers. I have had a lot of interest from companies wanting to advertise on HD Warrior which is fantastic, this will allow us to grow and give you a better experiance with a wider page and updated graphics.

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JVC GY-HM600 Now Shipping £2,895 plus vat

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JVC Professional Products Company is now shipping the GY-HM600, its next-generation handheld ProHD camera. Introduced earlier this year at the 2012 NAB Show, the newHD camera features a built-in 23X zoom lens and delivers superior low-light performance with excellent sensitivity (F11 at 2000 lux).

With a 1.22-megapixel color viewfinder and color 3.5in LCD, the GY-HM600 is versatile enough to handle tripod-based shots and run-and-gun situations. It is equipped with three, 1/3in 12-bit CMOS sensors, each with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The built-in Fujinon HD lens features a wide focal range of 29mm-667mm (35mm equivalent) and has manual focus, zoom and iris rings, along with three ND filters. Other features include autofocus with face detection and an optical image stabilizer.

The JVC GY-HM600 features a 23X zoom lens and low-light performance of F11 at 2000 lux, JVC have assured us that all new GY-HM600s have now been checked and the 23x lens problem has been fixed.

The lightweight camera records HD or SD footage in multiple file formats, including native XDCAM EX (.MP4), Final Cut Pro (.MOV) and AVCHD, to nonproprietary SDHC or SDXC media cards. In addition to relay mode for uninterrupted recording, the GY-HM600 allows simultaneous recording to both memory cards for instant backup or client copy. Plus, the Pre Rec (retro cache) feature continuously records and stores up to 20 seconds of footage in cache memory to help prevent missed shots of breaking events.

Equipped with a LANC-based remote connector and compatible with JVC’s ProHD Compact Studio 7in monitor, the GY-HM600 can be used for an affordable studio system. The camera also includes a time code synchronization input as well as HD-SDI and HDMI outputs. A built-in stereo microphone is ideal for capturing natural sound, but the GY-HM600 also includes two XLR inputs with phantom power, shotgun mic holder, headphone jack and additional input for a wireless mic receiver.

An updated firmware is being prepared by JVC Japan to fix the 1080 25p bug which only records in interlace at the moment.

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