BBCs Rillington Place with a serious continuity problem…or is it !

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One of the young actors in BBCs new dark drama Rillington Place has been dogged by negative tweets. In the second episode played by Nico Mirallegro, viewers seemingly found themselves put off by actor Mirallegro’s accent on the show which some said switched from Welsh to cockney and back again, I watched this episode and did not think anything of it.

If the BBC drama department had thought about their actions of the actor changing accents or made sure the viewers were in the full knowledge of the facts…Seemingly he broke into Welsh when he was “back home” in Wales which you would expect and back into cockney while in London “to blend in”. This may have been done in the 1950s but as far as I am aware not today which is why it seems very confusing to the general public.

The general public have been complaining about the switching of accents but the BBC had done it with good reason, personally I would have not bothered with this but I payed the photographer £6 for the use of the photograph, shot in Glasgow in April 2016…now thats confusing !

I would have kept him in Welsh saving all the confusion.

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The Panasonic HC-X1 Video Review

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So far so good, the Panasonic HC-X1 is a great camcorder although this is a pre production model with beta firmware it works really well.


My thanks to Sean for giving me a whirlwind tour of Greenock and some very scenic shots.


The main thing that stands out from the HC-X1 is the quality of the 24mm lens and how Panasonic have done a great job perfecting its auto focus one of the best in class to date.


It was a cold day out filming and I soon started to notice some strange visual effects in the overexposed cloud formations, back at base all was revealed. As an aside I had the Hahnel HL-D54 5500mA  Li-ion battery and it works fine on the HC-X1 but won’t charge on the Panasonic charger, you need to use a 3rd party charger like the IDX LC-VWP.

filmlike-3 filmlike-v

We did come across a minor problem with scene file CINELIKE V. As of this post it is to be avoided at all cost till a new firmware is available to sort this strange reddish blooming, now remember I had a pre production camera with beta firmware so this might be the only camera with this strange effect, personally I would still check it. FILMLIKE 3 was the best of the bunch. My thanks to Alister for pointing me towards this overexposure problem.


Graeme brought along his new purchase a 7″ Black Magic Video Assist 4k and I soon had it mounted on the handle of the HC-X1 and it looked the business.


Here is my video review uploaded in 4K…enjoy. I have uploaded a 4K version here…

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ADVERT…Winter Cash Back from H. Preston Media

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Great savings for the Sony FS7 and FS5 at H. Preston Media this month, click on the graphic above for more winter savings.

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First Major Camera Review for 9 Months the Panasonic HC-X1 (4K 50p)

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This will be my first major video review for 9 months since my stroke and what better way to start the ball rolling with Panasonic’s newest 4K 50p camcorder the HC-X1. My thanks to the team at Holdan for giving me this opportunity to review this camcorder.


This is a very interesting camcorder from Panasonic as it is made beside the AG-AX180 has all the same specifications less SDI and timecode-in plus a price tag of £1000 less than the AX180. Very few camcorders have 4K 50p remembering this will down convert on an HD timeline as 10bit 422 footage and reduce any grain in the process.

With all the same professional features like phantom powered XLRs, a 24mm wide 20x zoom (HD) and an exceptional viewfinder I am really looking forward to bring you my findings on this camera, plus the added bonus of using affordable SDXC cards.

Everything will be shot in 4K and my review will be uploaded in 4K YouTube, that way you get to see all the features from the camera, I will also upload an HD version as there are specific HD only features like the 100 fps slow mo feature. (HD only)

Record simultaneously into two different formats, Main (UHD/FHD) and Sub (FHD). Sub-recording files can be used for preview, off-line editing and online transmission. FHD (8 Mbps) sub-recording files can be transmitted via mobile networks.

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ADVERT…Black Friday Specials from Production Gear

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PRICE JUST DROPPED AGAIN !!! This is an offer you can’t refuse if you are doing 2 camera shoots vision mixed, taking your final output into the video assist will give you 10-bit 4:2:2 quality ProRes or DNxHD files on SD cards…from £705 down to £507…WOW.(£423 ex vat).

Video Assist 4K features a 7” high resolution screen, two high speed recorders for non-stop Ultra HD recording, XLR mic inputs, a built in speaker and more! The larger screen is 1920 x 1200, so you can see a full 16:9 image without the status bar covering the picture. Video Assist 4K features the latest high speed UHS-II SD card recorders and can record 1080 HD as well as Ultra HD up to 2160p30 on low cost, readily available SD cards! You also get two extremely low noise professional analog mini XLR connections so you can bypass low quality DSLR audio and connect professional microphones directly.


Click the black box below to take you to all the Black Friday offers…


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Jill Keane retires from the video industry after 40 years

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I have come across Jill in many guises mainly as a sales manager at Holdan. What a lovely knowledgeable lady she is and if Jill did not know the answer to a question she soon got the right person who did.

Jill started with National Panasonic as they were known in the early days and eventually got a sales managers job at Holdan just under 10 years ago.

Jill will be missed around Holdan especially at their new corporate headquarters with even more studio and demonstration space. Jill “I have been very happy at Holdan but the time has come to move on and spend well earned rest and time with my hubby”.



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Interesting addition for sound recordists from Tascam £181

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A backup recorder for radio mic systems or a simple audio recorder for weddings. Many a time in the past colleagues of mine would insert a mini disk into a grooms inside pocket with a small tie clip mic to record the vows, now Tascam have made life easy with this new digital DRC-10C audio recorder.

TASCAM’s DR-10C-series recorders connect to your lavaliere microphone to create a compact recording system that fits on a belt pack. Two versions are available: the DR-10CS for Sennheiser mics and DR-10CH for Shure microphones. Additionally, option kits are available for Sony/RAMSA (AK-DR10CR.) and Shure (AK-DR10CH)

The DR-10CS & CH recorders have both inputs and outputs, so they can either be used stand-alone or with a wireless transmitter. When used with a transmitter, the DR-10C acts as a backup to protect against wireless dropouts during recording. For lectures or worship services, the DR-10C can record the entire program before it gets to the front of house system. And for events like weddings and reality TV production, the DR-10C is a compact recording system for body mics.

The lightweight DR-10C runs for hours on a single AAA battery. It records to standard microSD media. Recording features include auto-gain and a low-cut filter for simple setup. Its dual recording feature records a safety track of your audio at a lower level, so in case of distortion you have a non-clipped backup. When multiple units are used, an infrared signal can synchronize settings between recorders.

Whether using it as a backup or as a primary recording system, there’s nothing else like the TASCAM DR-10CS and CH.

Tascam DR-10C – Instantly Back Up Your Wireless Audio Recordings from cinema5D on Vimeo.

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New MacBook Pro Touchbar Review from an editors point of view

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This is typical of Apple today, they bring out a new iPhone 7 with “NO” headphone jack and now the latest insult – a so called PRO laptop with “NO” USB or SD card reader.

Shocking…Apple are so far away from their users it beggars belief if they even care anymore. They bring out a new “PRO” laptop without any USB or SD card slots and expect PRO users to buy extra add ons to make it happen…its a joke; extra add ons that you could mistakenly leave in a hurry and a Christmas tree of cables all to make this laptop “NORMAL”. Casey Neistat nails it for me with his user review and his cheeky way of telling a story.

Apple, get a grip of yourselves. This MacBook Pro is a JOKE…The core users are up in arms because of your minimalistic nonsense and to expect PRO users to buy add ons to get at least a simple USB is downright irresponsible.

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Panasonic VariCam LT shines on a dark night

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London based production company Pundersons Gardens has completed the first production in Europe using the Panasonic VariCam LT’s recently introduced RAW recording capability and Convergent Design integration.

Provided and set up by leading rental provider VMI, the night shoot was a music promo video for UK grime artist Trim who recently signed James Blake’s 1-800 Dinosaur label, and was directed by Chris Read and shot by Pundersons Gardens co-founder Jeremy Valender. 

The production was shot entirely with vintage two anamorphic Cineovision lenses to give a filmic look, and makes use of the VariCam’s RAW recording capability and Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q RAW integration with the new HD Titan Extract firmware release. The integration was recently enabled as part of a September 2016 firmware update, announced at IBC 2016.

“We did some initial low light tests with a number of cameras, and I was shocked at how good the camera was. We shot using only the available light at night, and most of the time we spent blocking light out rather than trying to add more, because we just didn’t need it,” said Valender.

Shot entirely at 5000 ISO at native 4K, the 16:9 RAW output was then de-squeezed in post-production to create the 2.66:1 final version, with monitoring on set de-squeezed via the Odyssey 7Q. 

Connected to the VariCam LT via its built-in 3G-SDI terminals, the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q recorder/monitor used by Valender has a trigger recording functionality, allowing the external recorder and camera to automatically start recording simultaneously with matching timecodes.

“The low light performance was the primary reason for choosing the LT, and the 5000 ISO function was like shooting at 800 on any other camera as regards to noise. The other thing that surprised me was the amount of colour – especially with the low light, a lot of other cameras’ colours wash out a little bit, but the LT’s strong colour saturation gave us a lot to work with in post,” added Valender.

“The quality achieved by full 12 bit RAW capture from the Panasonic VariCam LT to RAW-enabled Odyssey 7Q recorders has not been available before at this budget level and this is something that we are very excited about for our high-end clients,” added Barry Bassett, VMI’s Managing Director.

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Comparison between the Sony UWP-D16/K42 and the RODE Newsshooter kit

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We compare the two radio mic systems from Sony and RODE on a video review with the RODE NTG-4. There is one killer feature on the RODE system that I will reveal during my video review. Please note as usual paid work comes first.

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