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So true in lots of cases…This bears no relation to the GH5 !

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Lumix GH5 Image Stabilisation Problem in Video Mode (Updated 27 March)

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The Lumix GH5 came today with inbuilt problems…The Image Stabilisation in video mode is not working properly. The picture jumps up and down as the camera is moved in hand held mode.

The GH5 works fine without Image Stabilisation which is the mode I prefer to use. The XLR unit is very quiet indeed and goes up to 96kHz 24bit via the menu.

MAKING A POINT… The first shot is hand held with IS turned on as I say in the VO while the second shot is on a tripod with IS turned off also stated in the VO.

Note : The jittery Image Stabilisation only happens in Video Mode.

You should see the hand in a box if you are in 5 Axis mode.

Panasonic have been informed and I am not the only person to have seen this problem. I am sure a firmware update will appear ASAP. I would agree with the statement “Its the price you pay for an early adopter” but this is a 5th generation camera and a major feature was the IS so you would think you would get it right !

Looks like the GH5 is not the only camera with Image Stabilizer problems.

NOTE : This may only be a problem with a small batch of GH5’s, I am still investigating.

The plot thickens…Just had a phone call from Bill who got his GH5 yesterday and tried the older 12-35 f2.8 lens with no stabilisation problems.

Note 2. My friend Stewart has the same problem.

NOTE : This only happens in Video Mode the Image Stabilisation is fine in Photo mode.

UPDATE : This problem seems to have settled down and I am no longer using the Lumix 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 lens with the GH5.

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15mm f2.4 IRIX lens micro review in a video situation

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I was given the opportunity to review one of the new the Blackstone 15mm f2.4 IRIX Nikon mount lens on my JVC GY-LS300.

Here is my micro review…

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Hubert Napierała is the winner of a Sony FS7 Mk11 in a documentary competition

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Hubert was chosen by acclaimed cinematographer Philip Bloom for his 60-second documentary about Michal and his dog Mia, who joins him on scenic motorbike ride through Poland. He has been awarded a brand new PXW- FS7M2K, the ultimate documentary filmmaking camera. The competition, announced back in January, was designed to bring creative documentary storytelling to the forefront of filmmaking.

Entrants to the competition were asked to upload a one-minute documentary clip to YouTube that showcased their storytelling skills. The eligible videos that received the most YouTube likes between the 1st and 12th of March were shortlisted, before a winner was picked by renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom.

Philip Bloom

Entries were judged based on the individual’s ability to convey a memorable story in just 60 seconds. The documentary topics were wonderfully varied, from an underwater close up of a man that dives with whales, to an explosive bread baking demonstration, to an interview with a yo-yoing expert.

Hubert Napierała, a student from Poland, told a story of happiness and friendship in his one-minute documentary, as he followed Michal and dog Mia on one of their much loved motor bike adventures through woodland roads and Polish towns. The film used memorable colour and contrast that added to the warm and comforting story of the two friends. The runner up was announced as Juan Carlos Fita Planells, for his documentary ‘Red Gold’ which cinematically portrayed the story of Saffron farming.

Mia the biker dog is a beautifully made one-minute documentary with terrific visuals, clever editing, and incredibly likeable characters who drew me in. A truly worthy winner,” said Philip Bloom, freelance cinematographer and competition judge. “While there were a lot of great entries to choose from, I selected Red Gold as the runner up as it told an informative and interesting story within a limited time frame, which made me want to find out more.”

“Creating a 60-second documentary clip with no budget, was challenging but I loved the experience. My family and lots of local people helped with the shoot, and I couldn’t have told such a strong story without them,” said Hubert Napierała, competition winner. “My greatest thanks go to Phillip Bloom, to Sony, and to all the participants. The bar was incredibly high, and this has been a humbling experience to be a part of. I’m honoured to have been chosen as the winner.”

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Advert…GH5 is now in stock at H. Preston Media for Friday delivery

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Lumix GH5 now in stock for Friday delivery with full 5 year warranty and 0% interest free credit from H. Preston Media. Telephone John on 01684 575486.

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Lumix GH5 Pull Focus…WOW

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Here is a video demonstration of the LumixGH5’s ability to pull focus.

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ES Broadcast’s hire division first to offer Canon’s new UHD DIGISUPER 27 studio lens

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This latest acquisition of UHD lenses further cements ES Broadcast’s commitment to supporting UHD live production. The company already has one of the largest hire fleets of Sony HDC-4300 4K camera channels in the world.

Warren Taggart, Managing Director of ES Broadcast’s hire division, said that the UJ27 would meet growing customer demand: “Studios and outside broadcast companies have been requesting a smaller UHD box lens for some time now.

“Building on the success of Canon’s original HD DIGISUPER 27 lens, I am sure the new UJ27 will be very popular indeed. The ease of use and reliability of Canon’s products will no doubt ensure trouble-free shooting for our UHD customers.”

“Our UHD DIGISUPER lenses are designed for any studio or field workflow so with the UJ27, users will be able to capture the best quality content possible in any situation,” said James Burwood, Product Manager, Professional Imaging, Canon UK & Ireland. “And with Canon’s in-house lens servicing, ES Broadcast can be sure that its lenses will remain in the best condition to continue capturing the highest quality images for its customers into the future.”

The UHD DIGISUPER (UJ27x6.5B) is a 27x telephoto broadcast zoom lens with a 6.5-360mm focal range using the built-in 2x extender. The lens will be available to hire from ES Broadcast in April. Interested parties should call +44 (0)1923 811 520, or email

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WARNING : 9 month old Manfrotto 055 leg assembly sheers for no good reason

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I know how I use my tripods and these are not abused, so how come I get a leg falling off for no good reason ?

9 months ago I bought this Manfrotto 055 tripod from Calumet and yesterday the leg fell off while being transported on a job.

As you can see the metal has just sheered for no good reason. I look after my kit and am a great fan of Manfrotto so its a hard blow when one of the legs falls off to find out the metal on the clamp has sheered for no good reason.

Has anyone else suffered from this, I was lucky there was no camera on the tripod when this happened but it does not give me confidence to use this tripod in the future.

I have kept the part in case Manfrotto want to inspect it.

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Viral Video from Idustrial Revolution on Fx Factory… $39 introduction price till 23rd March

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Get your message across by adding dynamic boxed text and side panel annotations. Fully customisable for font, colour, background, position and animations. Sets for 16:9 and square formats included. Perfect for use when sharing video on social and mobile media.

The set consists of titles, transitions and effects that when put together produce a professional, stylish and, engaging result. No keyframing is needed, just stack them up.

Choose from the built-in colour palettes or use your own custom colour schemes. Subtitle templates included for viewers when sound is off on mobile devices.

Go viral and get your videos noticed online!

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The Scorpion dual light set from Blind Spot Gear

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Blind Spot Gear was born on November 2013 by Alan, James and Billy aged only 24, 24 and 26. They were fed up with the lack of innovation in an over priced film industry that seemed only to look back, desperately clinging on to a world long gone. They decided the best way to remedy this less than perfect situation was to design, manufacture and sell our own lighting systems.

Billy “By 2014, We had designed, and then constructed a prototype for, the light we had dreamed of having on location. We built 10 samples and then travelled door-to-door looking for feedback and gauging interest. As a result of this experience, we made a few tweaks then turned to Kickstarter. Thirty days later, we had £45,000 ($72,000) in our bank account, three tickets to the far East and an optimism that would not be dimmed.

That optimism was, indeed, a blessing, considering that all three of us then had to share the same bedroom for over 3 months and live off $10 a day.”

Billy sent me a demo kit of the Scorpion dual lighting kit which came into its own when filming in a kitchen this week.

As you can see from the shot above the lights were perfect for giving the wok a kick as can be seen in the still frame below.

Each LED light comes with its own clamp that you can attach to anything as in this case, but to preserve the metal handle I used a lens cloth.

The LED lights are very powerful and have variable dimmers.

These wee LED lights are spot on for lifting a subject as you can see from the video below.

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