One Roving Cook Episode One

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One Roving Cook E1

Will be interesting to see what my readership think of this, unfortunately I have been left with a slight stammer since my stroke but we all take it in good taste and joke about it.

Tec Dougie2

I am using various cameras to produce this a JVC LS300 with radio miss plugged into Ch1 and 2. A wide 7mm shot from a GH4 and a high production shot from a GX8.

top cam

The best shot comes from the FZ1000 mounted on my ceiling and controlled by my iPad to the left of shot. Unfortunately it has brought a glaring omission to light in You Tube …the ability not being able to update a video as you can in Vimeo.

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Sony announce a new NXCAM camcorder, Camera remote and Switcher for IBC 2016

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Sony has today announced the launch of its latest NXCAM camcorder, the Full-HD handheld HXR-NX5R. Providing rich colour imagery and high sensitivity, the model features…

  • 3 x 1/2.8-type Full HD Exmor CMOS sensors and 40x Clear Image Zoom function
  • 3G-SDI terminal that supports Full HD 60p output
  • Digital signal processor (DSP)and advanced noise reduction
  • Price expected to be about £2800


Sony has also announced the release of its new compact multi-function remote commander, introduced to help enhance and expand the possibilities of multi-camera shoots and provide increased creative options, the RM-30BP lightweight remote can be handheld, placed on a table or attached to a tripod arm for operation. The RM-30BP can control most camera functions including…

RM30 tripod

  • Lens control: one push auto / manual focus, iris and zoom control
  • Camera control: recording / display functions, shutter speed, white balance – including six assignable buttons
  • Playback and multi camera control (up to 3 cameras)
  • Price expected to be about £830


And finally, Sony has unveiled its latest Multi Camera Live Producer. The MCX-500 includes a wide-range of functionality along with an easy-to-use interface, to give operators the flexibility to easily cover different types of productions. It is a 4 channel video switcher that offers users the option to select from 9 inputs, including 4x 3G-SDI, 2x HDMI and 2x CVBS. It also has an SDXC card recorder built in recording 8bit 4:2:0 pictures. All you need to record your production is an SD card, affordable and widely available with no need for an external recorder. As soon as the shoot wraps, you can provide the customer with a high quality AVCHD or XAVC S 50Mbps* recording to archive, re-broadcast or even re-edit into a highlights package on any leading non linear editing software.

  • Price expected to be about £2000

Note XAVC S with version 2 firmware.

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NEW at IBC the Dutti Dolly $1399

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DuttiDolly_Silver_a copy

There may be many different dollies on the market, but James Saldutti’s is a unique approach, created by Saldutti, a working Dolly Grip, who needed to be able to multi-task, move quickly and work low enough to get gear into places other dollies can’t go. DUTTI DOLLY also configures so that it can be carried much easier, saving a grip’s back – and costly time from break down to set up.

Sony 700

Cinematographer James Muro (for whom the dolly was created), takes it everywhere he goes. “It simply makes for an intuitive operating experience,” he explains. “Where there is not a lot of discussion, not a lot of laying track, not a lot of big equipment. With the Dutti Dolly I can be in and out of the location quickly and still have a massive amount of production value, just as if I had all the big gear.”


Another big fan, cinematographer Joaquin Sedillo, ASC. At one point he had a sequence in a real theater. “Rather than hoisting one or more regular dollies from the stage ‘pit’ onto the stage with chain motors, we threw down Dutti’s light-weight track and dolly. It was a huge time savings plus a great ease of execution.”

DUTTI DOLLY can get into extreme low angles or can carry a bazooka or tripod for other heights. The stability gives the operator the ability to whip pan and quick tilt. It rolls directly on the ground or can be mounted on stands or track and can be over or under slung. It can fit in places where conventional dollies cannot fit – airplane or bus aisles – or even church pews. DUTTY DOLLY is great for long takes, stunts or poor man’s process and more.


More details here

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Canon’s 5D Mk1V “Are Canon flogging a dead horse”

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Canon 5D v4

How many times are we going to get a minor update to this camera, here are the rumoured specifications…4K is good but 720p at 120fps is useless.

  • 30.4 MP Sensor
  • 7fps
  • Compact Flash/SD Card Slots
  • 4K at 25fps
  • 1080p up to 50fps
  • 720p up to 120fps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in GPS
  • 4:2:2
  • 8bit 500mbps MJPEG
  • USB 3
  • Front Cable Release Port
  • 3.2″ Touchscreen Functionality
  • New Locking Switch

Still 8bit…WHY ? If the Panasonic GH5 appears with 6-8K this will leave the Canon dead in the water.

Personally I think cameras like this should be left as photographic tools and strip out all the video features, mirrorless is the only way forward for video featured photographic cameras.

Canon back

The 5D has been crying out for a swivel viewfinder from day one and Canon insist in leaving it as is.

I think with all the video options we now have like the JVC LS300, Canon C100 Mk11, Sony’s FS5 its clear we are now covered for shallow depth of field camcorders.

The need for Canon to keep updating the 5D is in my opinion driven by the sales in the past and not by anything technically outstanding.

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Sony NP-FW50 batteries for SALE (£50 the pair)

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Email me with your offer at and I will send you my PayPal details. (EU only).

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Sony’s 4K PXW-Z150 paper review by Alister Chapman on XDCAM-USER

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Although it’s been on the market for a while now I have not yet had a chance to write a proper review of the PXW-Z150. I’ve played with it a few times and I’ve felt it offers good value (approx £3k/$4K). As it’s starting to gain some traction amongst corporate producers and those looking for a straight forward 4K camera with lot’s of bang for the buck I though it’s time to share my thoughts.

Cameras like the Z150 are often overlooked these days as they don’t have the “cool” factor that comes with the large sensor Super 35mm cameras that are all the rage, cameras like the PXW-FS5 or FS7.

Full HD

One more trick that the PXW-Z150 has is the ability to shoot continuously at up to 120fps (100fps when the camera is set to 50i area). The image is full HD but more highly compressed than the regular HD recordings, plus it’s interlaced, not progressive. In addition the inevitable faster shutter speeds mean that you do need plenty of light to get the very best results. I could definitely see a small drop in image quality when shooting at 100 or 120 fps, but the footage is perfectly useable and it is great to be able to slow down motion by 4 or 5 times. You do need to be a little careful if using the interlaced footage within a progressive production as very fast moving objects that travel through the frame may exhibit the combing artefact common in regular interlace material when show progressively. To get the full 5x slow down the camera needs to be set to 60i area to allow the selection of 120fps.


The PXW-Z150 is a compact jack of all trades camera that’s easy to work with, has a great zoom range and delivers a respectable looking image. The largeish 1″ sensor gives a greater degree of control over the depth of field than you will have with a camera with a 1/2″ or 1/3″ sensor.

To read the rest at XDCAM-USER…

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Olympus PRO micro 4/3 lenses…the best sharpest micro 4/3 lenses you can buy.

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The Olympus Pro micro4/3 lenses are a lot sharper and far better made than my Panasonic 12-35mm lens.


It shows big time on the 7-14mm f2.8 Olympus Pro lens, this beats the Panasonic 12-14mm f4 lens hands down in sheer quality of glass, they also weigh a lot more.


Both pictures taken with the Pansonic GH4 at the lens wide open f2.8, even at 12mm which has the equivalent 35mm FOV of a 24mm lens.



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One Roving Cook coming to a You Tube Channel near you.

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One Roving Cook v2

This is an idea I have had in my head for over five years now, teaching people how to cook from scratch using everyday ingredients bought from local supermarkets. There are a lot people who want to cook but think it’s too hard, especially those living alone and who may never have had the chance to learn.

I have two passions, filming and cooking and with my production skills I am combining both passions to produce a unique taste of Scotland, archiving the best locally produced family meals with a bit of humour added along the way.

How many times do you read a recipe book to discover you either don’t know what certain ingredients are or you can’t source them, this is where “One Roving Cook” delivers, all my recipes are simple and locally sourced in shops we all shop in.

Why “Roving”, simple I will take you to different kitchens throughout the series to meet and enjoy different characters and flavours from all round local Scottish family kitchens.

It will have a mixture of meals from healthy to the not so healthy.

I am not a professional cook as you all know but have been cooking the family meals for well over 25 years and have picked up a few ideas along the way, I got a great recipe from Doreen a professional catering cook while filming a child’s bar mitzvah many years ago.


As you can see it’s not a professional kitchen and it will be shot with three cameras, the main one being a JVC LS300 with a 12-40mm f2.8 Olympus PRO lens, a Panasonic GH4 with a 7-14mm f2.8 Olympus PRO lens for static wide shot and a static remote controlled Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 with a 24-400mm f2.8-4 Leica zoom lens from the roof, all shooting 1080 50p.

LS300 v2

I would like to thank JVC at this point for giving me such a great deal on the LS300 and for helping part sponsor this program. I am still looking for sponsors from kitchen utensils to a major food retail outlet,  If you can point me in the right direction I would be most appreciated email me at

Would you like to invite me into your kitchen email me with your recipe. I will show you the pilot when we have produced one, hopefully this week.

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CAME TV Optimus 3-axis gimbal $1388

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Here is a brief overview of the new features/accessories added to the new CAME TV Optimus:

  • Battery unit now attached to the gimbal rather than the hand grip.
  • Wireless joystick remote is now added to the package.
  • Dual handle.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • Device can be mounted and adjusted tool-less onto a double grip gimbal, jib or suction mount.
  • Additional battery included in the package.
  • 360 degree rotation on all axis.
  • Full inverted mode is now possible.

For more info on the CAME TV Optimus, follow the link. It is now available on B&H for $1388.00.

New CAME OPTIMUS Gimbal – Upgrade to The CAME SINGLE from cinema5D on Vimeo.

Sourced from CINEMA 5D

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Sony’s new AXS-R7 Recorder…full specs now avaliable

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Sonys RAW recorder

As many suspected, Sony’s new AXS-R7 Recorder does a lot more than 4K RAW, full resolution 120p recording, and 30 second caching. Why else would it be larger than its older brother, the R5?

I would rather direct you to this web site than pretend its my own work as I am truly not into this spec of camera or recorder, no point writing a blog if you are not honest with your readership.

Read the rest on Film & Digital Times here…


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