NAB SPECIAL…Panasonic P2 ‘E’ cards are one third the price !

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Panasonics new P2 ‘E’ card By Philip Johnston
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ThisRecognized as the industry’s leading solid-state recording solution, Panasonic’s P2 solid-state memory cards ensure highly reliable, video, audio, and metadata recording in any environment, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration.

Incorporating a newly-developed technology, E-Series P2 cards transfer recorded content at even higher speeds (up to 1.2Gbps) than current longer life models.   Built with an aluminum die cast casing, P2 cards provide superior durability compared to plastic-based memory cards.

The new E-Series P2 cards are designed to provide highly reliable content recording over a number of years. When recorded once daily, at full capacity (100%), the cards are reusable for up to five years; when used at half capacity (50%), the cards will continue to record for up to 10 years.   A notification is given (in the camcorder’s LCD/viewfinder or the card reader’s display) as the card approaches the end of its life cycle. Details of the card’s capacity and life can also be displayed and tracked on a computer via the P2 formatter software (available for download on ).  

P2 cards allow professional users to benefit from a fast, easy, file-based workflow and exceptional reliability. Since P2 acquisition requires no media consumption like tape or optical disc, it results in tremendous savings in media costs. The P2 card can be connected instantly to laptop and desktop PCs and is supported by major non-linear editing systems. For connection to laptops with ExpressCard slots or desktop computers, professionals can utilize compatible third party PC card-to-ExpressCard adapters or the Panasonic’s AJ-PCD35E P2 solid-state memory card drive.

The E-Series card is compatible with Panasonic’s full line of P2 camcorders, recorders and workflow tools. The P2 cards can store content in the complete range of P2-supported frame rates and formats, from high definition to standard definition and from DVCPRO to AVC-Intra 100.  

The 16GB and 32GB E-Series P2 cards will be available this May at a suggested list price of 299€ and 450€ respectively. The 64GB E-Series P2 card will be available in August at a suggested list price of 720€. The E-Series will be offered alongside Panasonic’s standard extended lifetime 16GB, 32GB and 64GB P2 cards (A-Series).

“We are committed to the best and fastest media in the solid state industry,” said PBITS Director Jaume Rey. “The new E series P2 cards are offered in addition to our current P2 card range and both product lines will be available to the European marketplace simultaneously. “The new cards highly cost effective but despite this, there is no compromise when it comes to speed as they are able to deliver 1.2 GB of bit rate when used with the PCD35 P2 drive. Above all, the new P2 card line up demonstrates our commitment to solid state memory PCMCIA”

This is great news, I kid you not these new ‘E’ series P2 cards are ONE THIRD the price of the older P2 cards so a 32GB card at £1000 yesterday will now cost £333…Order your HPX301 they are about rocket in sales.

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NAB NEWS 09-Panasonic HS450

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pana-hs4501The HS450E switcher is designed to provide versatile, economical, 10-Bit 4:2:2 HD or SD live switching for mid-size studio or mobile production systems worldwide. 

It supports 1080/50i,1080/24Psf, 1080/23.98Psf, 720/50p HD formats and 576/50i in SD, and accepts optional boards for additional up-conversion, down-conversion and scaling of many video formats. The switcher is also equipped with a dual, redundant power supply.

The HS450E’s built-in, dual-output MultiViewer allows users to see four, six, or 10 images on each of two high-resolution displays. Up to 16 image can viewed on a single screen, and a total of 20 can be configured for display on two screens. This eliminates the need for multiple HD source, preview, aux, and key monitors, saving significant cost and space, and enabling a more flexible production workflow. The adjustable MultiViewer outputs can also be used to provide multi-image large screen display for entertainment, education, and worship.

For enhanced creativity, the HS450E features high-quality chroma, linear, and luminance keyers that provide clean, broadcast-quality composited images for applications including as virtual sets, news, and weather. Other advanced functions include dedicated hardware for two PiPs, two downstream keyers (DSK), 3-D effects for upstream keys, remote pan-tilt camera control with pre-set memories, multiple Aux busses with mix transitions to Aux1, shot memories and more. Users can select a wide range of video transitions, including high-quality 3D digital effects such as page turn and rotation. 

The HS450E is equipped with a built-in, switchable 10-bit frame synchronizer for each of its 16 inputs, ensuring reliable, glitch-free switching even with non-synchronous sources such as remote camera feeds. Reference (black burst) signal outputs and Genlock input are provided to enable synchronization with external systems.  

The compact, two-rack-sized HS450E can be expanded to support up to 20 inputs and 10 outputs using optional I/O boards. A maximum of 32 crosspoints may be programmed, to enable full access to all inputs and internal sources. The switcher can also control a Panasonic pan/tilt system with up to five cameras via an RS-422A port. Another RS-422A port enables communication with editing systems and other third-party devices. Additional standard features include camera tally outputs, an LCD display and OSD (on-screen display) for viewing switcher settings, GPI input, an Ethernet interface for connection to a PC, an SD card slot for storage of graphics and system set-up information, and six dedicated user-programmable buttons.

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NAB NEWS 09-Panasonic HMC-41

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pana-hmc41The HMC41E is an AVCHD format based camcorder that uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 high profile encoding, which provides a near doubling of bandwidth efficiency and improved video performance over the older MPEG-2 compression formats (e.g. HDV, DVD, etc.). AVCHD high definition recordings look clean and crisp, even during fast motion, reducing the image degradation or dropout associated with older HDV recordings. 
The HMC41E features a full resolution 3-megapixel, 1/4.1-inch 3MOS imager that produces stunning 1920×1080 HD images with high sensitivity. The camera captures still images with 10.6-megapixel resolution directly onto the SD card as a JPEG image. The handheld offers a 12X optical zoom (includes 2X, 5X, 10X) and professional image functions like Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) that helps compensate for wide variations in lighting, and a Cine-Like Gamma mode which gives recordings a more film-like aesthetic. 
The HD camcorder records in all four professional AVCCAM recording modes, including the high-quality PH mode (average 21 Mbps/Max 24Mbps), the HA mode (approx.17 Mbps), the HG mode (approx.13 Mbps) and the extended recording HE mode (approx. 6 Mbps). It supports 1080/50i(in all mode) and 1080/25P,720/50P,720/25P(in PH mode only). 
Using just one 32GB SDHC memory card, a user can record three hours of full resolution 1920×1080 video and audio in PH mode, four hours at HA mode and 5.3 hours at HG mode. In the HE mode, the camera can record up to 12 hours of 1440×1080 HD content – all on a single 32GB SDHC card. 
The HMC41E comes standard with HDMI output, USB 2.0 (miniB-type devices), composite output (AV multi/ch1, ch2), analog component (mini-D), detachable XLR audio input and audio REC level adjustment dials. Users also have the choice of expanding the camera’s audio capability with 2-channel input, mic/line switchable and +48V options that are available for purchase separately. The camera’s 2.7-inch LCD monitor offers simple touch-panel operation and access to various solid-state recording functions such as pre-record, interval recording, shot marker and metadata capture. 
In addition, this lightweight handheld offers invaluable professional features including waveform monitor display, focus assists such as focus bar display and enlarged display, time date stamp, user assignable focus ring,   auto focus with face detection, zebra display, synchro-scan shutter function, three programmable user buttons, time code/UB recording, remote control terminal (for zoom, focus, aperture, REC start/stop controls). 
AVCCAM content recorded on the SD card can be played back directly on a growing number of low cost consumer devices including solid-state HD players, Blu-ray players,   game machines, laptop computers, and widescreen plasma displays with SD card slots. For editing or playback, professionals can transfer content from the SD Card to Mac or PC computers or by connecting the camera directly via its USB 2.0 interface. 
AVCHD is supported by a wide range of editing options including Apple Final Cut Pro 6.0.5, , Adobe Premier Pro CS4 , EDIUS Pro 5, EDIUS Neo 2, . In addition, a free transcoder, available for download at , will convert AVCHD files to DVCPRO HD P2 and downconverted DV files for use with most existing professional editing packages.

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NAB NEWS 09-Panasonic HMR-10

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The HMR10E professional AVCCAM recorder provides the flexibility of low cost, SD memory card based recording and full 1080 and 720 resolution capture in a small, portable unit. The new AVCCAM recorder uses AVCHD (MPEG-4/AVC High-Profile) compression and is ideal for applications in video production, sports coaching, healthcare, law enforcement, remote operation/ surveillance, and much more. Equipped with an HD-SDI input and output, the HMR10E AVCCAM recorder is also suitable for back-up recording from any HD-SDI-enabled camera or for use in studio or event production. The 0.45 kg unit features a lightweight, ergonomic design suited for handheld use (3.7in x 4.8in x 1.7in) and also has four threaded holes for flexible mounting. 

The HMR10E records stunning full HD 1920×1080 resolution images in three recording modes – the highest quality PH mode* (average 21 Mbps/max. 24 Mbps), HA mode (approx.17 Mbps) and HG mode (approx.13 Mbps). The HE mode (approx. 6 Mbps) records at 1440×1080. The HMR10 records in HD formats including 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 720/60p and 720/50p. With input from the AG-HCK10 camera head, the HMR10 will also record 1080/30p, 1080/25p and 1080/24p.

With the HMR10E, users can capitalise on the compact size, cost advantages, solid state reliability and the widespread availability and low cost of SD and SDHC memory cards. Using just one 32GB SDHC memory card, a user can record three hours of full resolution 1920×1080 video and audio in PH mode, four hours at HA mode and 5.3 hours at HG mode. In the HE mode, the camera can record up to 12 hours of 1440×1080 HD content – all on a single 32GB SDHC card. SDHC cards containing AVCCAM recordings can be played directly in a growing number of affordable Panasonic Blu-ray players, plasma displays, Sony PlayStation 3® ** game machines, PCs and other devices.

In addition to HD-SDI input/output and an external mic input (stereo), the HMR10E comes standard with interface connections including the HDMI out and USB 2.0, and is compatible with TC/UB recording. Professional audio features include a built-in stereo speaker and headphone mini jack. Compact and lightweight, the handheld unit has a built-in 3.5-inch color LCD monitor that displays content in thumbnail images for quick viewing. (The HCK10E camera head can be remotely controlled while images are checked on the LCD monitor.) The HMR10E operates on battery or 7.3V DC power, and has four threaded holes for mounting applications.

For editing or playback, professionals can instantly transfer content from the SD card to Mac or PC computers with an SD/SDHC card reader or by connecting the HMR10 recorder directly via its USB 2.0 interface.

The ultra-compact HCK10E camera head nicknamed POVCAM is equipped with three newly-developed 1/4”  2 megapixels HD resolution 3-MOS imagers to deliver high-quality image quality. Weighing a little over 0.23 kg, the HCK10E camera head is ultra-slim (2.1in x 2.2in x 4.8in) and features a 12x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) and Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS), a dynamic range expansion tool that simultaneously compresses highlight information and boosts shadow detail in real time. DRS, mic settings, iris, focus, zoom control and power are supplied from the HMR10E recorder. 

Other features include a built-in microphone, 1/4″ 20 socket for mounting and 43mm lens filter size.  Cables connecting the camera to the recorder will be available in lengths up to 10 meters and are removable at each end for added flexibility. A 3-meter cable is standard.

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NAB News-Panasonic 3D conceptual camcorder

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pana-3dBlayne Murphy, Panasonic “Each component of Panasonic’s innovative 3D Full HD production system has unique features. The twin-lens P2 camera recorder enables the capturing of natural and high-quality live 3D images. Thanks to the non-mechanical solid-state construction of the P2 system, the camera recorder will be compact enough to allow more flexible 3D shooting, thereby maximizing the creativity of the filmmakers by eliminating the stress factor from the use of the equipment.”

Just when I thought Panasonic camcorders could not get any uglier, the worst bit is the 4:3 LCD which has propagated itself along a great line of recent Panasonic camcorders…they really need to address this as we are living in a 16:9 world now, I have not filmed 4:3 for over 2 years now !

The 3D camcorder above thank goodness is conceptual so if they want my advice…NO MORE SQUARE BOX CAMCORDERS PLEASE WITH 4:3 LCDs !!!

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Philip Blooms review of the JVC GY-HM100

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Review of JVC GY HM 100 By Philip Bloom
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p-bloomMade for  

Independent review of the new baby tapeless Pro camcorder from JVC.

Video shot guerilla style around London. 

Music is by Davito called “Disconnect”. Thanks to them for the kind permission to use this track. Check them out at

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Crumple POP tutorial

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Getting started with Crumple Pop

A 2 minute tutorial using Crumple Pop in Final Cut Pro 6

Crumple Pop Tutorial By Philip Johnston
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Digital Juice Fonts collection version 3

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NAB 2009 starts Saturday 18th April 09

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National Association of Broadcasters or NAB for short starts today at Las Vegas, Nevada with the video equipment exhibition starting on Monday. 

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Crumple Pop

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CrumplePop Example Video from Gabriel Cheifetz on Vimeo.


Crumple Pop is one of those strange programs that comes along and once you get your head around what the hell it’s trying to tell you…you buy it.

I was looking for  something a wee bit grungy for my tum tabs in Final Cut Pro 6 for the videos on HD Warrior reviews and now I have it, which in my case really fits the bill…gaffer tape with ink pen…I love it.  Pre NAB special of $35 (Will be $65)

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