Larry Jordan’s Tip of the Day 3

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Update on the Panasonic HPX-301 “Dancing black dots”

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This is the best example of the “Dancing black dots” I have managed to capture, it is best captured photographing the LCD screen with a full frame Nikon D3 set at 200 ISO. A screen capture does not do this justice. I set the Panasonic HPX-301 at 9dB as I knew it exacerbated the dot problem and just by chance zoomed into a computer keyboard to set focus and got distracted, this allowed me to film a tad more of this out of focus shot than I had intended but it captures the black dot problem in spectacular fashion.

pana-hpx301a-blueSince my last post I have not spoken with Panasonic UK to confirm this problem and a possible fix, but you will be the first to know when I get an official reply. Please remember this problem is not apparent in 8-10″ HD-SDI LCD monitor screens nor does it show up looking at it in the browser screens in Final Cut it is only when you view the footage on a full HD 42″ LCD screen that the problem becomes noticeable. The reason they are called the “dancing black dots” is because they dance around the screen.

PLEASE NOTE : Panasonic are aware of the problem and that other users have not seen this problem, this in my professional opinion means it should be fixable.

To view the picture in it’s original 13MP look here


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Samsung LED TV/Monitor Series 7 £1599

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samsung-ledThere can be only one thinnest, clearest, most elegant television. Easily, it’s Samsung’s LED 7000. Breathtakingly thin, it’s designed as one seamless piece of flawless crystal. On its LED screen, vivid details are captured in every frame. Picture edge-blur removed and full, robust colour restored to each pixel. Watch television programs, web content or your own, knowing you’re also being kind to the samsung-led-slimenvironment. It’s a remarkable feat of design, on or off.

For images that are stunningly true to life you need the 3 C’s: contrast, colour and clarity. LED 7000 has them. Its Mega Contrast Ratio feature brings out all the shades of grey as well the shades of amber, fuchsia and magenta. A Wide Colour Enhancer pro with LED gamut ensures every entire pixel is robust and vibrant. Plus our 100Hz Motion Plus technology removes edge-blur. Leaving your picture smooth and crisp. And your jaw, dropped.

Basic Spec…


Video Screen Size 40″
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Feature Game Mode Yes
Input & Output (Back) HDMI 4
Scart 1 (Mini jack)
This is possibly one of the most stunning HD TV/monitors on the market…not only does it look good but it’s 30mm thick. The picture quality is the best I have seen to date.

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Panasonic HPX-301 and the “Dancing black dots”

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As you know I am doing a review of the HPX-301 camcorder at the moment and it has been delayed because I have discovered an unusual phenomena when I lift the gain to 9dB…’dancing black dots’. These black dots are apparent in the purple and black parts of the colour chart. I am now going to press with this because a few owners are now reporting this on various forums so it has become public knowledge. I phoned Panasonic’s Rob Tarrant last week and he has informed Panasonic Japan. Before we all get hung up on speculation and 1/3″ chip theories, this may only happen in a few camcorders some users are reporting no noise problems, if that is the case Panasonic will have a fix for the rogues that have entered the marketplace. Personally I don’t think it is a noise issue, I think the action of adding 9dB is exacerbating what seems to be electronic breakthrough in other words I think this is caused by a substandard PCB component that is leaking interference into the picture. I hope to get some answers on Monday morning from Panasonic UK, I will keep you updated.

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Ripple Training…Free Tutorials

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ripple-v9Once again Ripple Training are giving us great FREE tutorials on Motion 3, Apples complex 3D graphics application for video editors. Motion 3 is very hard to understand and I for one would be lost without the help and tutorials from boy’s at Ripple Training.

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Larry Jordan’s Tip of the Day

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For all your video production needs in Scotland, get in touch with Small Video Productions

LED light…damage to your eyes !

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Do not stare at high brightness LEDs, because doing so may cause permanent damage to your eyes.

The optics of our eyes focus visible light onto the retina, which is the light sensitive part of our eyes, similar to the way a magnifying glass can focus an image of the sun onto a piece of paper. Just as the piece of paper might smolder and catch fire, a light that is brightly focused on your retina can cook and thus permanently damage your eye. Exposure to bright white and blue LEDs can also cause permanent damage to your eyes through photochemical action.      

Here is a link to an article about the particular hazards of blue  LEDs:

The key factors that determine whether or not a particular exposure to light from an LED causes permanent damage are the wavelength and intensity of the light, the length of the exposure occurs, and the distance from the light source to the eye. 

This danger is most pronounced with the use of the newer high output blue and white LEDs. These are intended to illuminate large areas, and for those designed for direct view applications, to be viewed at a significant distance. These LEDs can be identified by packaging or mountings that are designed to carry heat away from the junction. LEDs without these special thermal management features can also pose a danger when operated beyond their specified maximum current.

Infrared and ultraviolet LEDs can also be hazardous, and when using those, please consult the manufacturer’s data sheets or IEC 60825-1:2001 for guidance with respect to safety. You may find IEC 60825-1:2001 summarized on the web. The standard can be purchased from IEC’s web store

The IEC specification was written to apply to primarily to lasers , though it also applies to LEDs. A new standard, IEC TR 60825,  is in development that promises that includes a section that is intended to address LEDs directly. You might want to check the web for drafts or summaries of this standard in the future.

The standards mentioned above rely on measurements that can only be made with very expensive specialized equipment, though some manufacturers state the safety classification of their LEDs, under specified operating conditions, in their data sheets.  Take note of these comments on the data sheets for LEDs you may use. In the mean time, play it safe by not staring at any bright LEDs.

My thanks to Geoff Davies of Lucid Optical Services Ltd. (, for raising the issue of permanent eye damage, and providing the information contained in this section.

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Litepanels Micro Pro LED light

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litepanels2Litepanels has introduced the MicroPro on-camera light fixture, a new lamp that doubles the light output of the company’s previous Litepanels Micro. The MicroPro offers luminous, soft, directional lighting and is ideally suited for mounting on an ENG camera.

The MicroPro produces 1.5 hours of continuous output from six standard or rechargeable AA batteries (depending on make) or more than five hours using Li-Ion AA cells. Power can be supplied optionally through a convenient 5-12V input jack located on the back of the unit.

The compact new head measures 5.5in x 3.75in x 1.5in and weighs 10.5oz.

A daylight (5600 degree Kelvin) source, the MicroPro features an integrated filter holder to provide the ability to attach diffusers and color modifiers. Filters not being used at the time can be stored on the back of the fixture. The unit comes with three filters including daylight to tungsten conversion, CT0 warm and white diffusion.

The MicroPro includes a ball-head camera adapter and also has a threaded receiver that enables the fixture to be mounted on a light stand or camera arm.

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Larry’s Tip of the Day

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For all your video production needs in Scotland, get in touch with Small Video Productions

Sony 24months @ 0% offer ends 30th June 09

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sony-ex-3ab-copy24 months 0% finance is currently available on all Sony XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD Tapeless products and accessories, enabling you to acquire the most current Sony XDCAM technology now, and spread the cost over 24 affordable and predictable payments.

This limited period offer ends on the 30th June 2009.

Sony Specialist Dealers receive comprehensive support from Sony, including training, priority access to technology roadmaps and new product details, as well as special offers and promotions. So if you want access to the highest levels of expertise, service and value for money, please contact your local Sony Specialist.


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