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I am updating the shop with items you can buy direct from us at HD Warrior. I also hope to stock some exclusive items relating to the Panasonic GH4.


The dedicated Cambo GH4 loupe will be available later this year







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  1. houman dehghani says:

    How can i buy the DVD for the C300? I live in Australia.

  2. Kris Zimbelman says:

    You had stated that you would test the JVC GY HM 600 camcorder against the Sony EX1 and publish the results. When do you anticipate doing this? Thanks for all of your efforts.

  3. Hi Phillip, thanks so much for your post regarding the C100 LCD. I just used it today for an outdoor commercial shoot and had a lot of trouble making adjustments due to glare. I found the hoodman 3″loupe and 4″riser, but not the flexible sheath used in your photographs. I am not sure if it no longer is included with the item. Any suggestions?

  4. Héctor Ortiz says:

    Greetings, I write Hector, Puerto Rico have read your comments on the Sony PXW-X70 Camara and I liked a lot and a lot of interest to amateur digital video. Now what would be the appropriate setting for the above camera to eliminate the amount of noise in the image and serious cula the setting that you would put the camera in all its components. Thank Advance

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