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SV eshot June1st15 (800)

Philip Johnston DoP 

I am available for directing, filming, editing my specialities are corporate, education, medical, health and safety, news and online advertising as well as technical reviews and interviews. You can contact me on or mobile 07896 966574.

We have a variety of cameras in-house from the 4K JVC GY LS300 film like camera to the 4K 25p GoPro HERO 4 action camera.

Norman Lamb live link

A live link from the Scottish Parliament with Norman Lamb MP using a Sony PXW-FS7.

Our Panasonic GH4 allows a flexibility and a shallow depth of field only achievable with our Sony FS7 camera for productions that need a certain filmic look but with far tighter budgets.


All our cameras have XLR sound inputs allowing us to hook up to a sound recordist if needed.

Hero 4

The last camera in our arsenal is the smallest of the lot…the GoPro Hero 4, this is the camera that goes anywhere… In the video above the camera is inside a cutting machine to show the process, the GOPro transmits WiFi to the iPhone allowing you to check the camera is positioned correctly.


We can also offer a truly portable prompting service.


This is Alison from the World Curling Federation editing an online story about curling for Sochi 2014. “Then and Now” going through 1950s archive of early curling was fascinating.


Voice overs are done in-house and can be done with live monitoring if needed.

We even have our own micro studio with permanent matt painted green screen, a Sony PXW-Z150 (4:2:2 10bit camcorder) iPad prompter with bluetooth control, white and deep black lastolite backdrops.

With 27 Video Reviews to date and presentation work for other video manufacturers, Ledgo (LED lighting) and Holdan (IBC interviews).

I am not shy when it comes to working in front of a camera, all of my reviews are off the cuff giving a more natural presentation.


I was asked by Richard Payne of Holdan to assist him during 3 half hour live internet shows at IBC 2013.

Thats the kit why not send me an email to for pricing and availability for myself to film, direct or edit.

Please note : None of the above kit is available for dry hire.

For all your video production needs in Scotland, get in touch with Small Video Productions

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  1. Paul parker says:

    Hi we met at BVE this year from Malta I have a question I just did a firmware update on my pmw 200 and my camera has stopped halfway through and won’t start up did you get any issues like these? Or heard any problems like these?

  2. MovieBuff says:

    There’s no “Contact Us” information on your website.

    Anyway, I’m a huge fan of your website. The Sony AX100 has a new 3.0 firmware update. XAVC S 4K 100Mbps
    Sony truly messed up on the X70. They should just give their customers a free firmware update.

  3. What about the $300 rebate when you purchase the PXW-X70 4K upgrade? !!

    Best wishes Barney and thanks for a great site

  4. Steve says:

    Off the wall question: Have you heard anything about a replacement for Canon’s aging XF300 / XF305? What do you think they’re going to do with that line?

  5. A puzzle! Last week i bought a Sony FS7. Love it. But when i switch between Cine and Custom in Base Settings, it gets stuck on S Log3. Resetting to factory settings gets it back to normal, but what am i doing wrong? Thanks Jonathan

  6. dave lilling says:

    gentlemen enjoyed the review on the new panasonic agdvx200, was a little concerned about the low light sensitivity on the camera, I am kind of caught in the middle, we do alot of seminars, and 1 room in particular its tougher in lower light, we are using the hcx 1000 which is not great in lower light, hopeful of getting back into more production we have a black magic 4k 2me switcher so like the 4 k option but a bit confused, thoughts

  7. Chris Arnold says:

    I just bought the PXW-X180 and am thrilled with the camera. However the SDHC Adapter for the SxS slot with an SDHC 32GB card that used to work in my EX is NOT accepted by the camera. Can you tell me what SxS adapter I can buy in combination with what SD card that WILL be accepted by the camera?
    Thank you so much,

    HDW : The £70 Sony MEAD-SD02 (MEADSD02) Memory Adaptor for using SD Card with XDCAM EX Products may work but it will only work at 35mbps not 50.

  8. Charles says:

    On a tight budget, what videocam(s) are best to shoot an interview in front of a green screen and have the videocam itself put in a pre-selected image (say of a city skyline) so the interview can be done live for a live online church service or presentation?

  9. Robin says:

    Just wonder about the Osmo.. did they ever up date the firmware .. you were saying before that it was having problems..


    HDW : It was updated on Christmas day so most of us missed it but having installed the new FW it seems a lot better.

  10. joel pelet says:

    One year ago you posted some information about an adaptor (MTF NEXa1 0.6) for the sony 28-135. It was just before the NAB. You told about a cost of £900.
    After some days the post disappeared.
    Do you have some news about that ?

  11. Sorry to hear that you are not well! I Hope you recover fast (and complete).
    All the best from the Netherlands!

  12. jose says:

    recently buyed the sony FS7, recorded on XAVC L (1920×1080 30P) but cannot download the footage in FCPX 10.1.3
    Any suggestions??

    HDW : Try FCPX 10.2.3

  13. Derek Mathieson says:

    Just like to say how extremely helplful the review of the Panasonic GH4 was. A friend from my local video club is planning to purchase one, and this has made up his mind… maybe mine as well.
    Thanks for an excellent review as ever

  14. John Rose says:

    Hi Philip,
    I’m so pleased to see that you’re up and running again and I wish you continued good health. Have you had a chance to test out the forthcoming Sony PXW-Z150 yet, as I greatly respect your opinion.
    Many thanks,
    John Rose

  15. Derek Mathieson says:


    Just to wish you a speedy recovery sorry to hear of your illness, get well soon…

  16. Nathan says:

    Thank you for keeping up the fight on Sony’s 4K upgrade to the PXW X70


  17. Phillip Dixon says:

    Hello Philip
    Do you have any suggestions please of a high quality software for burning DVDs on Mac. ?



    HDW : You can still download Adobe Encore if you have Premiere Pro cloud.

  18. Pak Bakht says:

    I’m looking for a live chat with an expert who can help me with my aj-px270 new camera. I have many question but I did not find someone who can help me. please help me.

  19. Gus AYM says:

    I am an aprentice in video. I just got a JVC GY-LS300 and the primary use for this camera is Weddings and Sweet 16s.
    I found difficulties to do the job when I am not using a tripod… that is most of the time..

    but also I would like to find a good lens that fit necessities for shooting.. a lens that can have at least 2.8 Zoom and auto focus…

    Could you recommend one. And tell me what do you suggest to shoot in movement at weddings or other events… ???

    HDW : The standard kit lens would be the 12-35mm f2.8 Panasonic lens (24-70mm-35mm)

  20. Ralf Brandt says:

    I’m using the Sony AXR100 at the moment and consider to get the HC-X1000. My worry is the weight. Could you give me some feedback on the subjective feeling of the weight when performing handheld shooting

  21. Derek Mathieson says:


    enjoyed the reviews of the GH5
    Can you tell me if my GH4 lenses will fit a GH5 please
    Many thanks

    Derek M

    HDW : Yes all micro 4/3 lenses will fit the GH5

  22. Toby says:

    Hi Phil. Love your video reviews. I’m a newbie when it comes to camera work. The upcoming sonyz90 seems to tick a lot of boxes. But I also think the gh5 looks amazing. My question is if one buys one brand of camera is one able to mix shots in the edit with another brand or are you stuck on a brand specific path? Hope that makes sense. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Toby

    HDW : I had a Sony a7s and a GH4 and needless to say I now have 2 GH5s, Sony and Panasonic are quite far apart skin tone wise.

  23. Hi Philip. Congratulations on your anniversary of HD Warrior.
    Love the Glasgow video reminds me of back home in Glasgow but wish you put Celtic park in the tape or even Ibrox. Hope your health is improving all the time old amigo. Harry

    HDW : Thanks Harry as you may know it’s very difficult to fly near stadiums as they encompass ristricted air space.

  24. Kevin See says:

    Hi Philip,
    Having found your website,while researching info on a JVC KY1900E camera I have just purchased,I see that you are a fan,and did a review on your own purchase.
    What I am looking for is a user manual for it,do you know if I could download one from the web?
    My other question is,it powers up bright white ok on the screen,but no image appears,even after leaving it on for more than 30 mins.Previous owner said it had a B/w image, when they powered it up,then packed it away for,I believe,a long time.
    Hope you can throw some light on this for me.

    HDW: Sorry don’t know of any manual for such an old camera plus if the B/W viewfinder is white I think it will be faulty but it might be the brightness or contrast on the VF turned up too high. These are controlled by wheels below the viewfinder just beside the eye piece.

  25. Gareth Angel says:

    Great review on the Panasonic X2000 Philip. I wonderedI if you or a colleague could tell me if the Weebill S Gimbal could support the X 2000.
    Could make a formidable combination!

    Kind regards Gareth Angel

  26. Hi guys love the blog, followed it for years but only recently started posting.

    Just spotted on the mobile version there is a old post pinned to the top of the page from 2012 so it could make new visitors think the site is inactive

    Keep up the otherwise faultless work!

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