Making an add for Kinder in Spain 2020

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Laura Hogg “It was filmed in el Escorial in the north of Madrid.
Leo and the other 3 actors were tested for covid 3 days before the shoot. Leo had a back up actor as well who was tested for covid days before.”

“As soon as we arrived at the location a medical team were testing all the crew members and actors before they started. I was also tested on the 1st day.
On arrival Leo was given a kiddy covid pack with gloves, two masks and a bottle of hand sanitiser.”

The Director of Photography was Pablo Hernandez AEC

Young Leo the star of the new Kinder adverts with fellow actors Ana Garcia and David Mora.

Laura “It’s crazy how the advert only last for around 25 seconds yet we shot for 3 days solid! All very professional with buffet catering breakfast, snacks lunch…covid test team on site testing us all everyday.

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  1. Joxe says:

    … I can´t understand the interest of this “news”…

    HDW : Proving companies are still getting on with things during a world wide pandemic and the lengths they are having to go to make sure everyone is safe.

  2. Joxe says:

    Ah, ok, I understand.

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