BBC Scotland NOT DOING THEIR JOB during the 2nd wave of this Pandemic

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This should not be a decision for the BBC to take. After the BBC admitting daily viewing figures of 280,000 on BBC One Scotland the people of Scotland deserve to see and hear what our elected leader has to report whenever she decides to speak to them. If anything is a good reason for daily briefings it’s a pandemic! It is not a political issue as the First Minister has repeatedly made clear, despite the efforts of others including many so-called journalists.

There is no doubt this poor decision has been constructed by the top brass in BBC London, again.

The Scottish Government Covid-19 Briefings have been and still are an essential tool in dealing with this public health crisis, used to convey important information to the people of Scotland. To deny that is to put the country at a serious risk.

We have no control over broadcasting rights and no national media and not everyone has access to internet. The BBC are causing an issue where the only one should be that of public health.

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  1. Pretty crucial for us South of the border as well! As you guys have frequently set the bar for what Boris could/should have been doing more so probably than the entire labour & lib opposition

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