YouTube taking the P when it comes to Gmail accounts

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When you have a Mac the last thing you need is another email account till you use YouTube.

My only Gmail account has now been embedded into my upload via FCPX and makes things very confusing. I have 2 YouTube accounts one for HD Warrior and one for One Roving Cook. Needless to say the email account YouTube has decided when things changed to Google plus was my One Roving Cook account, not appropriate for HD Warrior.

It makes auto uploading out of FCPX a nightmare so I have to upload manually. Why do organisations like Google assume I wanted my Gmail account as my default for YouTube. I have now created a Gmail account for HD Warrior just in case someone at Google or YouTube can get me out of this mess.

As for YouTube itself it’s far too complicated, changing the banner artwork is a nightmare. Even help videos about YouTube can and usually are out of date. One of the better YouTube tutorial channels is by David Walsh.

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