YoloBox, Encoder, Switcher, Monitor and Recorder £852

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With encoder, switcher, monitor and record built in one, YoloBox is a studio and play device which allows you to do Full HD Live Stream, Multi-camera Production, Picture in Picture, Watermarks and many more.

For £852 you get a lot for your money the closest competitor is the Atomos Showgun 7 at £1,186 from WEX. If you just want a switcher, encoder the BlackMagic ATEM mini Pro at £654 may be an answer but you still need a recorder and a screen.

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  1. I have been using the Shogun 7 straight out into OBS via BMD mini recorder it works pretty well but this looks cool

    major minuses for the Shogun 7 are the audio controls and fact that all cameras have to be exactly the same format

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