Canon R6 Reviewed with footage from Johnnie Behiri

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Finally we get an honest review and some long awaited footage from one of these new Canon cameras, the R6.

When you consider Canon started the ball rolling with the Canon 5D Mk2 early in 2009 they have not taken this path to anywhere near its final conclusion.

I have said it about the Canon R5, why would you be the world leader in photography and lenses to produce a camera with video features that no serious film producer can use.

The overheating problem in both these cameras has put the new Canon “R” cameras at the bottom of the video ladder.

You can read Johnnie’s honest review here

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  1. Andy Taplin says:

    These are perfect ‘B‘ video cameras, which is what they we’re designed for- for shooting cutaways and bits of slo- mo, difficult angles etc – not to be used as a main camera for documentaries. The market, including many professionals, has failed to grasp this simple fact. Use the right tool for the job.

    HDW : Canon do not mention anywhere in their info about a “B” camera, a camera that runs for 20 minutes (A or B) and needs a further 20 minutes to cool down is pointless.

  2. Tim says:

    They were designed for photo journalists and wedding photographers. Imagine shooting the Olympics on a Canon camera with these issues? That‘s why Associated Press signed onto Sony instead.

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