Panasonic HC-X1500 First Impressions from Chris Attkins

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Chris was all set to buy the new Sony Z90 but the camcorder became unavailable during ordering (A blessing). As Chris always does he phoned me to ask my opinion on his predicament and I told him about Panasonics new line of 4K 50p camcorders homing in on the HC-X2000.

It was the size that tickled Chris as he admits he is getting older and does not want to lug about a heavy camcorder.

Chris was an ex senior cameraman at Scottish Television and ran a successful video production company called Flashback Video during 1980. The company finished up during the year 2000.

Chris and his wife Jan work as a team, Jan loves the size of the new Panasonic HC-X1500 and looks forward to filming a lot more events on Arran.

The camcorders only arrived on Friday and by the end of Saturday Chris had his first impressions video produced.

The cameras get a glowing report and Chris was very impressed with the steady shot and the autofocus. Here are his first impressions…

Here is a link for the manual for the X1500 and the X2000

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  1. Bob McGowan says:

    Very interesting review. I’m warming to all Panasonic hardware since purchasing the EVA1, especially now since I have all the compatible batteries.
    The zoom range looks excellent and for a compact b-roll camera I think this will tick many boxes.

  2. Ms Jane Bowles says:

    A very interesting review. I have succumbed over the years in buying a number of cameras you and Chris have reviewed and have never been disappointed. It is high time I replaced my very well used X70 for one on these, thank you.

  3. Charles Manson says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve just received an HC-X1500 and XLR handle – my first impression of the audio (with and without handle) is that it’s hissy; in comparison to my other camcorder – a JVC GY-HM170 – it’s really loud. Have you found this as well?

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