JVC GY-HC550 Video Review Part 1

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I had a brainwave and decided to produce Part one of my video review as so many readers were looking forward to seeing footage from the JVC GY-HC550.

I will go over some issues in part two I had with the 550 and get some fresh 4K 50p 422 ProRes HQ footage in about two weeks from now.

Please get in touch via the comments page if you would like me to include any extra features to be covered in Part two.

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  1. Rob says:

    Please cover live streaming and how that works, please?

  2. Mike Dettmer says:

    Your sound is awful, can;t hear you and the music is so loud, completely misbalanced.
    Review is your best either!

    Like to know how reliable/easy to use the ssd for recording. Battery life.
    Any breathing with auto focus.
    Will manual focus stay fixed on object if lens is manually zoomed open then slowly closed electronically, ie zoomed in.

    HDW : Cant understand your sound comments, I don’t as a rule talk over background music during the 5m review except once and I was quite audible. Unlike most YouTube videos my sound peaks at -6 on both music and voice. I think this may be your computer speakers at fault. I agree its not one of my best reviews but very little time and very bad weather did not help.

  3. Thanks for the video, I ‘d like to see some 4K footage from this camera if possible.

  4. Thanks for the video review, I ‘d like to see some 4K footage from this camera if possible. thank you!

  5. Dimi says:

    Thank you very much for Part 1 from your review. I noticed your footage with iPhone 11 Pro at 03:13, and wonder if you could compare it to JVC GY-HC550, both in UHD, in day light and in your studio, to see the difference (if any) in the skin tones. Thank you.

  6. ADISKIN007 says:

    Greetings to you Philip.
    Very puzzled by shots with geese. Maybe this is the VIMEO codec so terribly lost information on the feathers of birds, strange, but suddenly it’s the fault of the new camera? I was able to test the pre-production SONY NX 100 camera in Russia, here https://youtu.be/3j6YEkBla4Q at 1:37:46 too is geese, but the pen’s drawing is much higher. But it was almost 5 years ago on a simple camera SONY NX 100.
    Regards Adis

  7. Marco says:

    can you please do street low light test.Thanks

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