JVC GY-HC550 Review update

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Sorry its been a while since my last blog, the GY-HC550 is back at JVC and I should be editing it.

My 27″ iMac has been playing up this week with lots of beach balls so much so it’s depressing switching it on.

The weather in Glasgow last week has as usual been abysmal, limiting my exterior shots. I set up 2 interviews one with my cousin and his new 2 week old puppies and one with DOP Ron Seeth.

Ron is a DOP on BBC Scotlands “River City” has a passion for local radio and produces a weekly nostalgia show from a room in his house.

One of the few moments without rain testing the 20x servo zoom lens.

I will perceiver with my iMac but have to take time off tomorrow…for my birthday.

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  1. Petter says:

    Looking forward to your complete review.

    And happy birthday Philip! 🙂

    HDW : Thank you

  2. Fournier says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Jim McNair says:

    Happy birthday Philip.

    Will there be an update on the wireless radio mics you first showed on 28th May?

  4. Mike Dettmer says:

    First, Happy Birthday, second, what a waste of time!

    You are supposed to review the camera, as a potential customer I want to know all about it! All you are offering at the moment is excuses, yes it rained, it’s Scotland, what do you expect, and cameras do have to be used in the rain. I think you are getting too old for this now Phillip, time to retire and pass this on to a spritely 72 yr old, ME!

  5. Dimi says:

    Happy birthday Philip! Very much look forward to your complete review.

  6. Paul Wood says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, Phillip!

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