Day One with the JVC GY-HC550

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Spent the morning with the JVC HC550 at a local bird sanctuary.

You get 3 flavours of 4K 50p, Apple ProRes 422 HQ or Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 422 LT since firmware V.0110. Recording in 4K 50p you have to use the SSD drive there is no backup onto SDXC at 4K 50p.

I made such a basic error last night ingesting 4K footage with a USB-C cable that had USB 1 at the end and could not understand why my 1 minute of footage was taking 2m 37s to ingest till I woke up this morning and had a eureka moment to make sure my USB-C cable was indeed USB 2.

I assumed all USB-C cables were the same as USB-C is so new it must be USB 2 compliant…sadly they are not.

There you go I was lucky with the Scottish weather this morning to get a couple of hours filming in HD.
Tomorrow it will be the turn of 4K 50p assuming no rain off.

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