JVC GY-HC550 Video Review coming soon

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Yes finally I can reveal we have the latest Connected Cam from JVC the GY-HC550 to produce a video review.

Any questions send them to hdwarrior@me.com and I will endeavour to answer them in the review.

Meantime I will get to know the camera and all it has to offer and hopefully start filming by the weekend.

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  1. Guy McLoughlin says:

    So it actually exists! I was losing hope…

    Can you check the AF ability of this new camera. I rely on AF a lot more with ENG cameras, so it would be good to know how the HC550 performs.

  2. How does a wireless Lan work in a small portable video camera like the JVC? Does it log into your cell phone hotspot to transmit or what?

  3. Svein Rune Skilnand says:

    Hi Philip.
    This is very interesting indeed as the HC500 is high on my list.

    My questions would be how the camera is in terms of optical quality and low light performance, given the variable aperture. Also how visible the screen is outdoors on a sunny or bright day.

    I am also interested in the ease of use and navigating through menus. Very much looking forward to the review.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Good idea.
    JVC cams deserve a complete review.

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